Dubious Caesar: The Stabbing Of Joe Biden

CNN Panelists After The Debate, by Jean-Léon Gérôme

Joe Biden has been getting old in public for 81 years, this was not news. It's literally olds. The political and news castes made this a story in 2024, in an attempt to overthrow him. You could see the conventional logic turn overnight, like someone couped the radio and TV stations. The talking heads went from 'Joe Biden is my friend and how dare you question him' to 'Joe Biden is my friend and must be defenestrated.' Elites are now calling for an 'open' convention, pointedly after it's impossible for ordinary Americans to vote. What we witnessed in the earliest debate in American history was the latest ruse in the longest running theatrical production in the world. American elections.

Dubious Caesar

June 27th, 2024 was a night of pure political theatre, writ large. That's when the production of Dubious Caesar took the boards of the Globalization Theatre, broadcast by CNN. As Shakespeare wrote in his much better original:

CAESAR: Et tu, Brutè! Then fall, Caesar. [Dies]
CINNA: Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is dead! Run hence, proclaim, cry it about the streets.
CASSIUS: Some to the common pulpits, and cry out 'Liberty, freedom, and enfranchisement!'
BRUTUS: People and senators, be not affrighted; Fly not; stand stiff: ambition's debt is paid.
CASCA: Go to the pulpit, Brutus.
DECIUS BRUTUS: And Cassius too.
BRUTUS: Where's Publius?
CINNA: Here, quite confounded with this mutiny.

In a case of this tragedy repeating as farce, the callow CNN panel decried an 'aggressive panic' among Democratic strategists and elites, and this panic was coordinated across all American news networks and newspapers. The corrupt news caste—openly reading chummy messages from corrupt consultant caste—finally said what anyone with eyes could see for months if not years now. The emperor has no clue.

June 27th was the night of the long whines and they all publicly dipped their hands in blood. As Brutus said in Shakespeare's play:

Stoop, Romans, stoop,
And let us bathe our hands in Caesar’s blood
Up to the elbows and besmear our swords.
Then walk we forth, even to the marketplace,
And, waving our red weapons o’er our heads,
Let’s all cry “Peace, freedom, and liberty!”

Succession is this decrepit century's Shakespeare, and in that teleplay (which I call King Lear Jet), the literal Roman Roy said, “on the big calls, you dip everyone’s hands in blood.” And that—on the night of the long whines—is precisely what was done. From CNN to PBS to MSNBC, long observable reality was suddenly observed. From the NYT to the WSJ, knives appeared from behind every columnist. As Marc Antony said in the play, “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.”

Of course, the craven and corrupt American media caste didn't have the courage of those conspirators. They ran pieces like, “Joe Biden Is My Friend, But We Need To Take Him Out Back And Shoot Him,” by Thomas Friedman, fresh off comparing Arabs to animals that needed to be exterminated. These awful people said that Joe Biden is a good man even though he's literally one of the worst people on earth. He's one of them, what can you expect.

Everything from Joe Biden's inquisition against Anita Hill to mass incarceration to every war he served up (but never served in) has been pure evil, but what got him in the end was being unable to lie convincingly. Deception is the only actual American value, in a country obsessed with appearances above all. Thus the second-worst people in America (their journalists) come for the worst (their politicians), bringing character recommendations in one hand and character assassination in the other. As Shakespeare said, they came, “waving our red weapons o'er our heads,” crying out, “Peace, freedom and liberty!” This treacherous media caste are truly wolves in sheep's clothing, AKA suits.

At some point in the dim collective awareness of the corporations that actually run America, it dawned on them they could not Weekend At Bernie's'’ Dyin' Joe Biden through the convention. The Presidency ages a man and Biden—already the oldest President—was visibly decomposing in office. He was wandering off at the Genocide-7 meeting, forcing palace eunuchs like Emmanuel Macron to pretend like they, too, are interested in random clouds. At staged events he had to be escorted off-stage by his actual wife or his work-wife Obama, the generic democrat gone geriatric too soon.

Biden had degenerated into his core self, a Lincoln-era Democrat, trotting out lies about colored people (Hamas) raping white women to justify a good old-fashioned Injun massacre. The American elites were fine with the message, but it was increasingly obvious that the messenger couldn't sell it much longer. From George W. Bush to Donald Trump, the bar for US Presidents has been getting lower and lower, but you can't put it under the ground, where Biden was obviously heading. So they made a call to take the old Blue Dog out back and shoot him. And, as Roman Roy said, they dipped everyone's hands in blood.

Rather than using the primary system which would involve, shudder, voters, they pushed Biden's corpse through that process until they—the political and media castes—could stage an event they controlled, on their own timeline. So they called the earliest debate in American history, with someone inceptioning the idea into Biden along with his Metamucil. Like Caesar, invited to his assassination among the Doric columns, Biden was invited to his own assassination among the moronic columnists. And so now they can try to appoint a feasible talking head like Gavin Newsom instead of sticking with a fetid, embalmed one like Biden. They are now decrying the obvious rigor mortis of Joe Biden, but how much rigorous analysis did they deploy against his many obvious war crimes before? None. They just want a better spokesman for the unspeakable.

This is all palace intrigue while an international genocide is going on. This is all intra-elite squabbling within the White Empire while it collapses from all around. As discussed, the Imperial Army has already lost the ability to take the field, the Navy has lost the ability to secure the seas, and the Air Force has turned into a farce over Palestine. All they've got is manchildren debating optics while murdering real children in front of the whole world. I have nothing but contempt for any of this media class, crying over spilt milquetoast politicians. As Michael Corleone said in Godfather 2, “Senator we're both part of the same hypocrisy.” So it goes for the media mob, dipping their hands in blood as if their teeth are not already dripping with it.

As Biden could have said, if he could say anything:

MERCUTIO (played by Joe Biden): No, 'tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church-door; but 'tis enough,'twill serve: ask for me to-morrow, and you shall find me a grave man. I am peppered, I warrant, for this world. A plague o'both your houses! 'Zounds, a dog, a rat, a mouse, a cat, to scratch a man to death! a braggart, a rogue, a villain, that fights by the book of arithmetic! Why the devil came you between us? I was hurt under your arm.

ROMEO (played by Jake Tapper): I thought all for the best.

MERCUTIO: Help me into some house, Benvolio [played by Barack Obama], Or I shall faint. A plague o' both your houses! They have made worms' meat of me: I have it, And soundly too: your houses!

A pox on all their media houses, their houses of representatives, their white houses. Mercutio's curse has already come true for America. The historical fact is a plague (COVID-19) already killed the American Empire, likely Swiss-cheesed the brain of its last non-barbarian emperor, and is merely a sign of the times that are ending overall. The signal is taking a while to reach the brains of its empty talking heads, but the precipitating events of American collapse have already happened. The throne has already fallen and the last few decades have just been pieces falling on the little people. Biden is actually a true representative of the White Empire which is visibly dying in front of us.

Joe Biden has been getting old for 81 years and this sudden 'news' has been common knowledge for anyone that can count. His main alternative in Trump is 78 and the fake leftist alternative Bernie Sanders is even older at 82. This is real late-stage empire shit, like Brezhnev, Andropov, and Chernenko who all died in office before taking the whole USSR with them. Mark my words and flush these turds, Joe Biden won't live much longer, and neither will the United States of America. I'd say good riddance were there not so much wickedness left in them. Instead I'll say how it all feels. “So long.”