Why Trump Is Coming Back, The Free Press Doesn't Exist, and Clothes Are Wearing Us

I've been writing too much for your mailbox, so I'm trying something different. This is a mail collecting four articles, with links that you have access to. Tell me if this format works (or doesn't).

Why Trump Deserves To Come Back

This would have blown my mind just two years ago, but Joe Biden is somehow worse than Donald Trump. Biden has gotten more people killed from COVID, come closer to starting World War III, impoverished more Americans, and starved more people abroad.

I know it sounds crazy because Trump looks as evil as he is, while Biden looks like a normal human being. But just look at what he’s done. (Read More)

The Myth Of A Free Press

Journalism is called the fourth estate, along with the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners. It’s important to understand it as an estate no more trustworthy than priests or politicians, and as distinct from the expression of people. There is no free press at all. It’s actually very expensive.

What we call a free press is actually a series of digital fiefdoms owned by billionaires, employing millionaires, deceiving the rest of the population. (Read More)

How Clothes Started Wearing Us

Marx spends a ridiculous time on cloth, but it’s actually a good point. Nothing shows the parasitic nature of Capital better than the clothes on our backs and the back-breaking labor that got them there. We think we’re wearing the clothes, but that ain’t right. The clothes are wearing us—and the planet—out. (Read More)

So that's all for now. There's actually a backlog of like 12 stories which I'll release slowly to get you caught up. If you hung around this long my wife and I got bicycles because the petrol queues are 2km long now. She can't turn or even go straight very well but we're working on it.