Hamas In Action (Day 221)


Just a man with a plan running up on bunch of tanks. Al Qassam Brigades, via RNN

Call me Indiana Jones, cause a lot of Nazis tanks are getting blown up in this episode. This is footage of Bizarro Nazis getting blown up, which I find therapeutic, but I'm a bit traumatized. Aren't you? This is a video of Hamas doing something about the injustice we all see, this is the bloody heart of Resistance.

This is just one day's worth of combat footage, and there's a lot. Hamas will execute 21 operations in a day, targeting hundreds of IOF soldiers and dozens of vehicles. 'Israel' is winning the war against children and hospitals but losing to men that actually fight back. Look for yourself.

A Brief Strategic Introduction

Before getting to brass tactics, we'll do a little Strategy 101. I'm not qualified so I'll let Basil Al-Araj—“The Educated Martyr”—explain it, from the grave, unfortunately. He was martyred in 2017 at age 33, but he saw this coming.

Since there is talk of a ground operation, several points must be considered:

❶ The Palestinian resistance consists of guerrilla formations whose strategies follow the logic of guerrilla warfare or hybrid warfare, which Arabs and Muslims have become masters of through our experiences in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Gaza. War is never based on the logic of conventional wars and the defense of fixed points and borders; on the contrary, you draw the enemy into an ambush. You do not stick to a fixed position to defend it; instead, you perform maneuvers, movement, withdrawal, and attack from the flanks and the rear. So, never measure it against conventional wars.

❷ The enemy will spread photos and videos of their invasion into Gaza, occupation of residential buildings, or presence in public areas and well-known landmarks. This is part of the psychological warfare in guerrilla wars; you allow your enemy to move as they wish so that they fall into your trap and you strike them. You determine the location and timing of the battle. So, you may see photos from Al-Katiba Square, Al-Saraya, Al-Rimal, or Omar Al-Mukhtar Street, but do not let this weaken your resolve. The battle is judged by its overall results, and this is merely a show.

❸ Never spread the occupation's propaganda, and do not contribute to instilling a sense of defeat. This must be focused on, for soon, we will start talking about a massive invasion in Beit Lahia and Al-Nusseirat, for example. Never spread panic; be supportive of the resistance and do not spread any news broadcast by the occupation (forget about the ethics and impartiality of journalism; just as the zionist journalist is a fighter, so are you).

❹ The enemy may broadcast images of prisoners, most likely civilians, but the goal is to suggest the rapid collapse of the resistance. Do not believe them.

❺ The enemy will carry out tactical, qualitative operations to assassinate some symbols [of resistance], and all of this is part of psychological warfare. Those who have died and those who will die will never affect the resistance's system and cohesion because the structure and formations of the resistance are not centralized but horizontal and widespread. Their goal is to influence the resistance's support base and the families of the resistance fighters, as they are the only ones who can affect the men of the resistance.

Our direct human and material losses will be much greater than the enemy's, which is natural in guerrilla wars that rely on willpower, the human element, and the extent of patience and endurance. We are far more capable of bearing the costs, so there is no need to compare or be alarmed by the magnitude of the numbers.

Today's wars are no longer just wars and clashes between armies but rather are struggles between societies. Let us be like a solid structure and play a game of biting fingers with the enemy, our society against their society.

Finally, every Palestinian (in the broad sense, meaning anyone who sees Palestine as a part of their struggle, regardless of their secondary identities), every Palestinian is on the front lines of the battle for Palestine, so be careful not to fail in your duty.

That last point is for anyone reading this. Whether you 'join' the Resistance is up to you, even the Prophet Muhammad just delivered a message, but I think good and evil are quite clear in this battle. It's definitely the guys in tracky bottoms blowing up tanks with their bare hands, to save their children.

The remarkable thing about this current battle is that the Resistance is literally underground. 'Israel' publishes maps of land they've taken, but this is irrelevant. The guerrillas are in the metro underneath. 'Israel' is always encircled. There will be books written about this, this sort of massive tunnel warfare is very significant in military history. Tunnels like this destroy decades of counter-insurgency thinking. 'Israel' literally does not know what to do. They keep trying to walk into tunnels and get blown to bits. The IOF can still massacre civilians, but militarily speaking they're outflanked, all the time. They can raze the earth but they cannot hold it for shit.

Hamas (Al-Qassam)

This is just one video from the Martyr Izz El-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, from I think 24 hours of combat. In it they blow up multiple tanks, detonate a tunnel entrance, and capture a robot dog. And this is just one of dozens of operations that day.

What they're using at the beginning of this video is a Shuath explosive, basically a hand-place, hand-detonated mine. The fighter has to get within kissing distance of the tank, set the mine, and then run. It's insane and you can see it in action. These are massively dangerous weapons, Al-Qassam loses a lot of good men. Two characters I knew and loved (trenchcoat man and singing-in-the-rain man) got killed using Al-Yassin's. These men are literally running up on tanks and dismantling them with their bare hands. It's unbelievably brave.

Look how insanely close they get. They've literally got the tank by the balls

As you can see here, our hero's hand is actually on the tank, and there's a soldier right in front of him. He has to place this mine, set the fuse, and avoid being immediately lit up with massively superior firepower. As you can see, this is a game of inches. We're talking balls of steel here, though the IOF is remarkably incompetent. They don't cover their 6 at all. Just look at the back of the tank. Our hero has literally got the tank by the balls.

As these guys are running back to the tunnel—and before the fuse goes—a third mujahideen comes out the tunnel with an Al-Yassin. The mujahideen are not just fighting with bravery, they're fighting with intelligence and well-disciplined coordination. The Al-Yassin is a one-shot guy, but you'll see these guys hit much more difficult shots than this. As our cameraman jumps into the tunnel, you can hear the explosions.

The most common weapon use by Al-Qassam is the Al-Yassin 'shell'. It's a shoulder-held RPG of indigenous manufacture. It's like a Nazi-era Panzerfaust and it's still deadly in man-vs-tank battles, though obviously dangerous to the man. Al-Qassam uses this weapon because it peels Merkava tanks like pomegranates.

From Al-Qassam RPGs to Qassam rockets to handmade Ghoul sniper rifles, Hamas has a functional industrial base underground. Which is bonkers. But the greatest technological advance of all is the tunnels. It completely changes the battlefield. Hamas is literally playing 3D chess while the IOF are playing checkers.

As I mentioned, the IOF doesn't know what the fuck to do about these tunnels. They're not like hospitals that they can find on Google Maps and bomb. They're not like aid workers who send the IOF their coordinates only to get blown up. Fighting an underground guerrilla army that is literally underground completely short-circuits decades of counter-insurgency doctrine. Until the Empire adapts and strikes back, they're just sitting ducks, and it's hunting season. As you can see, they've tried sending robots down the tunnels but that doesn't go well. They've got nothing.

While 'Israel' can decimate the civilian population, they cannot meaningfully degrade Hamas. Hamas is actually stronger than ever. Their fighters are underground and recruits are everywhere. I'm Hamas, and according to 'Israel', the UN is Hamas, college students are Hamas, Joe Biden is Hamas, you're Hamas, everybody is Hamas. As Hamas's Sami Abu Zuhri said recently, in Tunisia,

This battle succeeded in setting the occupation on the path to its end, and its repercussions have contributed to reshaping global opinion in favor of the Palestinian people, with the intifada in universities worldwide being clear evidence of this.

Hamas and the resistance factions are immune to the pressures and military escalation of the occupation and cannot accept its conditions. Rather, in the end, the occupation will succumb to their conditions.

The resistance is doing well and is continuing the battle until its conditions are met.

As much as this information is buried, it's not that buried. This footage is all over Arabic satellite TV, and Telegram (where I get it) and now it's even seeping through to you. Imperial propaganda is very good at deceiving its own population but this is not militarily useful. Keeping westerners ignorant is good for war profiteers, but bad for winning wars.

This is just one video, from one organization, on one front. If you want I can do another from the same day, Hezbollah taking out a spy balloon by taking out the balloon operators. Hezbollah has underground tunnels but it doesn't have to use them. Hezbollah has significant stand-off weaponry, of remarkable precision. They literally drone strike this guy right in the balls.

This is at least a six-front war across an Axis of Resistance that now stretches across the world and—most pertinently—under 'Israel's' feet in the shifting sands of Gaza. As the Palestinian commies (the PLFP) say, “We will bury you in the sands of Gaza.” As the Quran says, “You did not kill them; it was God who killed them; and when you [Prophet] threw [sand] at them it was not you, but God who threw.” As the fighters always say, Allahu Akbar.