How Biden Is Doing Trump's Homework
Same shit, different day (January 20, 2017)

At some point, an America President will shut down the southern border, ban social media, and openly wage genocide and/or start World War III. And it won't be Trump that starts it. Biden has already done Trump's homework.

Biden has already laid the legislative groundwork for a President shutting down the border and banning media he doesn't like. He has already done the wetwork of starving millions of civilians to death in Palestine and starting a land war in Eurasia. Trump doesn't have to start anything. He can just finish it.

In the same way, Biden just picked up Trump's homework and cribbed from it. Biden has continued Trump's 'cold' wars with China and Iran, and added Russia to the mix. Biden has continued caging people at America's illegitimate southern border and continued deporting them from stolen land. Whereas Trump merely yelled media and social media, Biden has pushed legislation to ban entire platforms. And whereas Trump merely looked like he'd start World War III, Biden has effectively done it in Ukraine.

American Presidents historically just hand-off homework to each other, and the big assignment is fucking up the world as much as possible. Americans like to act like Trump is some unique evil and he's not. He's just an honest American, like Hitler was the last honest European. Trump is honestly evil, whereas Biden is just a sanctimonious sack of shit, doing the same things except more organized. He's laying the groundwork for a fascist Trump Presidency quite capably and in 2025 you'll see them shake hands.


As the (racist) Hannah Arendt said about pre-Nazi Germany, Trump's positions are “actually the attitudes and convictions of the bourgeoisie cleansed of hypocrisy.”

American liberals hypocritically say they just need a 'better' immigration policy, and certainly not that America's existence and borders are inherently racist. Democrats are proudly xenophobic towards China and Russia, but insist that only rural racism is actually racist. And even so-called American leftists will say that the American war machines just needs to be used better, and not that it inherently grinds bones to make its bread. Trump takes all this hypocrisy and just says 'fuck it.' He's openly, gleefully racist and takes open pleasure in blowing up shit. And this is a relief for many people. As Arendt said.

Since the bourgeoisie claimed to be the guardian of Western traditions and confounded all moral issues by parading publicly virtues which it not only did not possess in private and business life, but actually held in contempt, it seemed revolutionary to admit cruelty, disregard of human values, and general amorality, because this at least destroyed the duplicity upon which the existing society seemed to rest.

Democrats obviously hold all moral values in complete contempt, why not just admit it? Biden is openly starving millions of people to death right now in Palestine, dropping aid that damages hospitals, while 'Israel' massacres the people that gather to collect it. Biden crows about defending democracy in an Ukraine that has suspended elections, banned opposition parties and press, and is forcibly conscripting men off the street to fight America's proxy wars. Cruelty, disregard of human values, and general amorality are on public parade and the hypocrisy is sickening.

At home, Biden has actually killed more people from COVID-19 neglect than Trump, punted on pandemic relief in favor of distant warmongering, cut food assistance that Trump increased, and caused poverty and food insecurity to dramatically increase. What are people supposed to vote for here? Someone that looks like they give a shit, but obviously doesn't? Biden is trying to run on failures of his regime (like abortion) because he has no actual success. He's asking to 'finish the job' of what? Genocide and generally fucking stuff up? Democrats have no positive case for Biden, just vestigial disgust at Trump. And that's not enough, nor should it be. The lesser evil is positively genocidal. That's not lesser, it's just evil!

As Chris Hedges writes,

Fear — fear of the return of Trump and Christian fascism — is the only card the Democrats have left to play. This will work in urban, liberal enclaves where college educated technocrats, part of the globalized knowledge economy, are busy scolding and demonizing the working class for their ingratitude. 

The Democrats have foolishly written off these “deplorables” as a lost political cause. This precariat, the mantra goes, is victimized not by a predatory system built to enrich the billionaire class, but by their ignorance and individual failures. Dismissing the disenfranchised absolves the Democrats from advocating the legislation to protect and create decent-paying jobs.

Fear has no hold in deindustrialized urban landscapes and the neglected wastelands of rural America, where families struggle without sustainable work, an opioid crisis, food deserts, personal bankruptcies, evictions, crippling debt and profound despair. 

They want what Trump wants. Vengeance. Who can blame them? 

Biden deserves to lose, and Trump doesn't deserve to win. The truth is America doesn't deserve to exist and the whole illusion that they have a democracy worth defending deserves to burn.

A General Rant

This is all that's left of the American political landscape in 2024. Fear and loathing. They have a choice between someone who can't talk and someone who shouldn't. They have a choice between banning Muslims and bombing them. A choice between colored people participating in white supremacy or just having white people finish it. What are the actual choices here? It's like a choosing between kicked in the left nut or the right nut. Who gives a fuck?

The fact is that Biden and Trump are just two wrinkly old nuts in the same sack. Biden's main innovation has been diversifying the corrupt ruling class, getting colored people to participate in Whiteness, a fluid category that wouldn't have included him (as an Irishman) just a century ago. Now Black people can support genocide in the UN and brown people can lie about it at the Pentagon. Who wants to be included in this shit? Trump makes whiteness 'white' again, but they're both doing wrong.

As I've said, Biden deserves to lose (to be hung, actually) and Trump doesn't deserve to win. You could say America doesn't deserve this, but oh yes, it does. Americans are just Nazis that won. The colonial state has no more right to exist than 'Israel'. It has no more right to enforce a southern border than 'Israel' has to colonize the West Bank. Indeed, America's continued existence is a continued historical wrong. Given that it's too far away for any of the aggrieved parties to subdue effectively, it's only fitting that it implodes.

The Point

America is imploding, irretrievably, as I've covered in my three part collapse series, culminating in Collapse³. Even if they manage to extract themselves from the colonial trap of 'Israel', their own country is collapsing, as is the carrying climate of the planet. All American Presidents seem able to do is accelerate the problem, putting out the flames with your choice of gasoline or jet fuel. I certainly didn't see it coming, but Biden has been worse than Trump on every metric except lying to liberals, and yet I'm sure that a second Trump term will surprise us all with a new low.

The failure of Trump's first term was really that he didn't expect to succeed. Like a dog that caught a car, he didn't know what the fuck to do with it, but now he does. Now he has a 1,000 page PDF to actually implement and even the Democrats are doing his homework for him. These are just a few examples of Biden has helped out his successor, in concrete legislative terms (though most of the legislation hasn't passed).

The Democrats have written a bill (the TikTok ban) that gives the President power to ban any 'foreign' “website, desktop application, mobile application, or augmented or immersive technology application… that is determined by the President to present a significant threat to the national security of the United States.” These are wide-ranging powers that can be used by a future President Trump, and the Democrats are just teeing it up for him.

The Democrats have also written an immigration 'compromise' that would give Trump what he wanted in 2018, the ability to shut down the human right to claim asylum. The bill says, “The Secretary shall issue a summary removal order and summarily remove an alien to the country of which the alien is a subject, national, or citizen (or, in the case of an alien having no nationality, the country of the alien’s last habitual residence.” This power applies just as much to a Secretary appointed by Trump. Trump doesn't even have to write his own Draconian immigration bill, the Democrats did it for him.

Finally, for our purposes, if Trump wants to commit genocide or starve millions of children to death or start World War III, what can Democrats tell him? They have been committing genocide in open view of the whole world. As the poet Refaat Alareer said in his last tweet before 'Israel' assassinated him and murdered his family members, “The Democratic Party and Biden are responsible for the Gaza genocide perpetrated by Israel.” What line hasn't been be crossed by Ismerica? Bombing hospitals, bombing bakeries, bombing ambulances, torturing UN aid workers, starving and dehydrated entire civilian populations to death? All done, over and over again. These are all precedents set by this President, not some hypothetical evils Trump might do. And now they're also there for the taking.

Democrats have dug their own grave and the grave of American Democracy™. The fact is, it's an empty coffin, but they insist on pretending to the very end. I'd say they've dug their grave and deserve to lie in it, if they weren't taking so many millions of souls with them. Unlike the USSR, which collapsed quite peacefully and democratically, the USA seems determined to take many people and much planet down with it as possible. 2025 will see a smooth transition of power for an even more comprehensive flattening of the powerless.

There are no choices here, just circumstances. While Biden is the visibly decaying face of late Empire, Trump is the visibly raging one. They're just two sides of the same imperial coin that can't even buy you a soda anymore. It just steals your money and spits out the body parts of foolish vassals and innocent children, and no change at all.