America Is One Big Pity Party: Everybody Blames Foreigners

It was racist when Trump blamed Mexicans, but then Democrats blamed Russia for him. It’s the same shit, different targets. It’s a one-party state that way. It’s one big pity party, and they’re always blaming foreigners.

Republicans are the white guys at the party who will bother everyone for drugs, do a bunch of drugs, OD, and then snitch on the colored dealer. Drugs are not even a problem to be addressed by blame, but putting it on the poor person schlepping it across the militarized border for you? That’s low.

Meanwhile, Democrats don’t even get invited to the party and blame Russia for that mean Facebook post. As if Democrats don’t actually suck on their own. Now Biden is blaming America’s tanking economy on a ‘Putin tax’, while he’s the fucking President of America. It’s a delusional shitshow.

Neither party nor Americans take responsibility for their own country’s problems. Republicans blame everything on Mexicans and migrants while Democrats blame Russians. They’re united around blaming Muslims and China. In a turn that would make Goebbels blush, they’ve somehow made a virtue of this, becoming the global defender of Chinese Muslims by of course sanctioning them. The audacity of these bigots is astounding.

Both parties and sadly most of the American people blame foreigners. Pesky Iran put its country between American bases, aggressive China put its ships in the South China Sea. Ungrateful India dares to buy Russian oil for its people, and dumb Africans don’t realize they’re being manipulated by importing food to eat. Americans never think that they might be the problem and that the best thing they could do for the world is to just fuck off and stop meddling.

Even for problems at home, they blame foreigners. Immigrations are always bringing these problems for Republicans, whereas Russia is inceptioning Americans into being assholes according to Democrats. At no point does this nation of children take responsibility, and their political parties indulge them quite happily. As long as Americans are fighting foreigners and each other, they’re ignoring the oligarchs that actually run the place.

And they’re literally making a killing.