How The White Empire Is Going White Dwarf

2024 solar eclipse by Timothy A. Clary / Getty Images.

This is a long, extended metaphor comparing the sunsetting of American (re: White) Empire to the sunsetting of, well, the sun. Our sun, like America, is a violent superpower that will at some point implode. Before that point, however, it will expand in a toxic bubble of firepower; precisely what's happening to America now.

The White Dwarf

Our sun, like any star, actually gets brighter as it's dying. The balance between fusion (pushing out) and gravity (pushing in) means that more and more hydrogen gets cronched in the center even as there's less and less of it. The sun gets brighter precisely as it's burning out. In about 5 billion years, the inner core will run out of hydrogen and suck in H from the outer core, allowing it a penultimate gasp of growth. This great greedy gobble will toss Venus and probably Earth in the oven, though life life here would have been already been air-fried 4 billion years before. At this point, the Sun will be a red giant, and have the deserted Earth for dessert.

After another 2 billion years, this red giant will run out of H for reals, but switch it for the celestial equivalent of fentanyl, helium. The sun will then contract down once again start giving off 10x as much energy. Better to burn out than to fade away, as the poets say. This last high will last about 500 million years, until the same cannibalization process plays out again. Gravity will suck in any last helium from its outer layers, and the sun will expand again, roasting everything in its plume. The Earth, then, will surely be subsumed.

When there's finally no more H and no more He, that'll be the end of our fiery deity. The sun that drifted together from solar dust will return whence it came. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. All that will be left is a hot and cooling ball of carbon at the center of what used to be it all. A white dwarf.

The White Empire

In the same way, America is doomed to implode, but not before it incinerates all its satellites. I call America the White Empire because, to the people on the boot end of Europeans and their colonies, what's the difference? The White Empire began by sucking resources from the solar rich to the solar poor peninsula of Europe. This was the first point of fusion, swirling slaves, molasses, and rum into a Satanic alchemy of avarice. Europeans incarnated their greed as corporations and let those djinns run riot over entire continents, sucking energy back to the imperial core. This fusion of 'renewable' energy was highly potent and it burned brighter every year. They called this the 'age of discovery' but it was just destruction deferred.

This first wave of colonization went on and on for hundreds of years and yet it somehow wasn't enough. As much as ships drew in resources from the rest of the world and radiated manufactured goods out, it was never, ever enough, even as populations within the imperial core remained generally impoverished. The spoilt grandchildren of one Queen began fighting over the spoils and nearly spoiled it all in World War I. That violent explosion ended with Germany being run out of resources and deep into debt, into an energy deficit. Soon enough they responded like any dying star, by cannibalizing the vicinity.

Germans got the bright idea of colonizing Europe. Hitler saw that all the good global resources were gone and thought he'd grab what he could where he could, while it was possible. Nazism is presented as some unique evil but it wasn't, much worse had been happening to colored people for centuries and, indeed, continues to this day. All that happened in World War II was that White Empire burned hot enough to fuse the outer imperial core itself, with Germany pulling in nations like France, Czechoslovakia, etc. Better to burn out than to fade away, you know the refrain.

America won World War II in the sense that it conquered Europe (beware of Americans saying they 'liberated' anything), assimilated the Nazis, and continued Hitler's main priority of fighting communists and Slavs. In truth WWII continued for decades after from Korea to South America to the Cold War, but they stopped calling it 'war' because it was not amongst white people. And so the dying star of White Empire expanded again, becoming a red giant devouring the world, paradoxically by fighting actual 'reds'. The colonial project of America continued the general colonial project, pulling in even more resources from the Middle East, from debt-enslaved Africa, from constantly couped South America, from all over the world. White Empire briefly enveloped the entire Earth, and has sucked away the Earth's climate in the process.

And so here America is, with no more easy resources to burn. They've already consumed their own continent and are fracking their last vein of fossil fuels. The only solution is to start enough hot wars to fuse 'heavier' elements, to get that old spark of World War back again, for one more violent expansion before the slow burn into irrelevance. So now America has consumed Germany again, and is trying to drag Japan out of pacifism. They're getting the old genocidal band back together, because they're on a mission from Satan. America has blown up Germany's pipeline and economy and made the Japanese PM bow before the people that nuked them. They'll let 'Israel' bring on the actual apocalypse with red heifers and child sacrifice before giving up an inch of imperial ambitions. Anything, anything for a few more moments in the sun.

So as it dies, Empire is burning brighter than before. American Empire is outgassing to incinerate its satellites in Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific. It has sucked in all available firepower to Ukraine, while cutting its vassals off from cheap energy and leaving them to shrivel on the vine. America is making its 'allies' look like diplomatic degenerates to defend their most violent vassal, 'Israel'. It's forcing aircraft carriers like Australia to cut themselves off from their main trading partner (China) and pay for their own occupation. The Empire is dying from the provinces first, as empires go. As Tyson Yunkaporta says, “Civilisations are cultures that create cities, communities that consume everything around them and then themselves.”

Via Zerohedge

The cannibalization of Europe (and Japan and South Korea, if they allow it) gives America a last burst of gas, but they're simply running out of steam at home. America has been printing fake money to paper over real problems since at least 2008 and funny money can only delay serious tragedy so long. America's resources are increasingly consumed on dead people abroad, old people at home, and old debts. They're the definition of an old and dying star. There's this vain idea that, as a reserve currency, America can just keep printing resources forever, but everything runs out of reserves at some point. Even stars. When it finally implodes and burns out all that will be left is a shit stain of carbon in the fossil record, and hopefully not too much radioactivity, inshallah.

White Heat

White Empires, white dwarfs, it is—as my historical thesis goes—same shit different day. Metaphors work not just because they're easy for humans to understand, they're also the signs Allah leaves along the way. The apocalyptic faiths are all surely right in the end, the sun does consume us in fire and the world ends well before then. You can 'know' this scientifically and yet people still don't believe. In eschatological as well as geological timescales, the end of the world is not a speculation, it's a certainty. And on our immediate political timescale, the end of this world is an extremely high probability. I honestly thought it would take decades, but Americans are speed-running collapse, like they do everything. America could actually implode in a relatively chill way like the Soviets, but that's not how they be. America was the evil empire and God knows they're going down ugly.

What we're seeing now is not America making itself great again, but its great undoing. Paradoxically—like a dying star—that means it burns even brighter as it bleeds. America is cannibalizing allies, genociding innocents, and violently impaling itself against enemies. They rage, rage, against the dying of the White, they do not go gentle into that good night. Its rich will keep getting richer till the very end, but without doing anything productive. They simply don't have the energy. And so it ends, inshallah without ending everything. As Oasis said, “Someday you will find me caught beneath the landslide, In a champagne supernova, a champagne supernova in the sky.”