With Friends Like This, Ukraine Doesn’t Need Enemies

Ukraine being led down the ‘primrose path’

I have to ask one important question about all the ‘support’ for Ukraine. Where the fuck is everybody? Everybody puts flags in their bios and the latest weapons in the newspaper, but nobody shows up on the battlefield. Ukraine gets training but no troops. They gets arms dealers but no armies. They get war while their ‘supporters’ get the profiteering. They bleed while their ‘supporters’ read about it, and ask for more, please. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

The Cowardly White Empire

American and NATO (same thing) are fundamentally too cowardly to show up. They’ll pull McDonald’s out of Moscow, take the Chelsea Football Club away from a Russian oligarch, and blow up Germany’s gas pipeline, but they won’t actually confront Russia. Faced with the chance to finally ‘pick on someone their own size’, the White Empire is simply too cowardly. All they really know is bullying poor people with no air cover. They don’t know what to do against a modern military at all. So they just push Ukraine in front of them, with all of their ‘support’. It’s a cowardly farce.

Ukraine is completely fucked. They have already lost multiple armies. Their original army, the Soviet-era leftovers NATO gave them, and now a western Frankenstein of wildly incompatible systems, calibers, and cultures. They’re already lost massive amount of men, seen at least 20% of their population flee, and they’re missing chunks of land. Now they’re fighting an offensive war on their own territory, with no air cover and woefully inadequate artillery. They look like one of the poor countries NATO attacks, not a NATO army.

To understand how fucked Ukraine is, take my house as an example. I’m getting some repairs done because the monsoon rotted some woodwork to death. Imagine if the workers dropped off their lumber, drills, and scaffolding parts, gave me a manual in Telugu and left one dude there as an ‘adviser’? How helpful would that be? Maybe I could figure it out but I would struggle and it would take forever. Now imagine I’m doing this during the monsoon, and it’s raining heavy artillery. That’s how fucked Ukraine is.

Arms Without Bodies

What would actually help Ukraine is some help. Actual boots on the ground, planes that come with pilots, people to operate these weapons systems, you know, actual armies. Fully integrated armies that are ready for combined arms fighting. Instead Ukraine has to operate and maintain this equipment themselves. And they manufacture almost none of it, they have to go begging for every nut and bolt and different caliber of artillery. Their experienced people are dead and the new guys are trying to figure out what the buttons mean.

Take F16s, for example, these fighter jets require training (in English), constant maintenance (with highly experienced crew), spare parts, pristine landing strips, and of course a whole military to integrate into. That means air defenses, artillery, intelligence, all integrated technologically and culturally into a coherent unit. Just giving Ukraine the plane and a few months training makes some people a hefty commission, but it won’t change the course of the war. It’s just a flying coffin.

Same thing for all these vaunted Abrams and Leopard tanks. Maybe these are very good tanks, but without artillery support and air cover, they’re just physical objects that get blown up. When they hit mines they stop and Russian helicopters just pick them off. When they try to retreat, the Russians shoot mines behind them. It’s a killing field, not because of the quality of the tanks, but because Russia has overwhelming air superiority. That’s the power of having an integrated army rather than just arms.

As I read on Telegram via Starshe Eddy (@VysokyGovorit) on the problématique of the NATO mission to train the Ukrainian fighters:

Instead of relief from other armies, however, arms is all Ukraine gets. A bunch of arms without bodies. They get a bunch of random weapons from all over, a few months of training, manuals in another language, and spare parts if they’re lucky. Arms dealers make a killing and Ukrainian soldiers get expensive coffins. Then the western media rinses out the blood in the news cycle and it repeats. HIMARs, Patriot Missiles, Leopard Tanks, F16s. Somebody makes a million dollars whenever these wunderwaffen are fired, but it doesn’t change the course of the war. Weapons don’t win wars, armies do, and Ukraine is woefully under-armied.

NATO Later

What Ukraine needs from NATO is actual NATO membership, which is the one thing NATO will not give. NATO will give Ukraine plenty of rope to hang themselves, a bunch of people to cower in bunkers and ‘advise’ them, but they will not send grunts shoulder-to-shoulder to fight, and they will not include Ukraine in its security guarantee. Which is what Ukraine actually needs. The brutal fact is that NATO is not committed to Ukraine. Ukraine is NATO’s ‘side-bitch’. NATO will take her shopping, but that’s it. Ukraine can get million dollar tanks and missiles but NATO will not ‘put a ring on it’. Ukraine is a side-bitch, who gets all the gifts at the munitions mall but no actual security.

All of these ‘gifts’ completely miss the point of the type of ‘security’ NATO provides. NATO weapons are not actually that good. They’re broadly untested except against Arab weddings and Toyota Hiluxes, which is not what Ukraine is facing here. As Laurie Buckhout — former chief of US Army electronic warfare — said “Our biggest problem is we have not fought in a comms-degraded environment for decades, so we don’t know how to do it. We lack not only tactics, techniques and procedures but the training to fight in a comms-degraded environment.” As the author Andrei Martyanov added, “In fact, the United States military hadn’t fought any adversary which could provide a serious fire response on the ground, in the air and on the water since WWII.” (Via)

As Simplicius The Thinker says about the Ukrainian situation today:

I saw many claims from Western ex-military personnel on social media who claim that NATO armies would never use such tactics, and that the first thing they’re taught is to never bunch up, etc, etc. The problem here is: no one in NATO has ever had to navigate such a highly contested environment, not only from the standpoint of not having air dominance/superiority/support, but even having to actually work through minefields like these in a contested environment with large maneuver formations. Name me a single battle or conflict where a NATO force had to work through such scenarios as what AFU was up against yesterday?

This is all to say that, a ‘textbook’ method of “properly” negotiating such conditions simply does not exist. There is no “proper” way to do it because no one has ever successfully done it before. A single roadside I.E.D. in Baghdad is nothing compared to what the AFU is up against here. So when people ask how can Ukraine improve: it can’t, because true modern theory for defeating such defenses doesn’t exist, particularly not for an army that’s up against an opponent who exponentially outnumbers and overmatches them in every weapons system.

This is why it’s odd that NATO is training Ukrainians. NATO’s specialty is bombing countries without air forces. At best they kick down poor peoples doors and drop expensive bombs on them from far away. And they somehow end up losing these conflicts everytime. NATO has no experience fighting a real war and no business training anybody. Ukraine should actually be training NATO. I read an important question in a Andrei Martyanov book, it said “As a longtime observer of Russian and American affairs, Patrick Armstrong, put it: “I can’t get two questions out of my mind: When was the last time the USA won a war? When was the last time US-trained troops fought effectively?”

NATO weapons are not wunderwaffen. Western brains are so addled by constant propaganda — from Transformers to Top Gun to their news — that they think weapons win wars. They really think you need to push one button on one device and all the bad guys will drop down dead. It doesn’t fucking work like that. People that struggle to connect to Bluetooth on a rental car think that Ukraine is going to integrated seven different weapons systems while under fire from a coordinated Russian Army. It doesn’t work like that. Nothing works like that. Weapons don’t just magically win wars and these weapons don’t even win wars with NATO operating them. You still need a mass of men to operate these machines, massive manufacturing behind it, and this all needs to be highly coordinated. You don’t just drop these weapons into a warzone and change the flag on your social media profile. These cowards really believe their own propaganda and it’s getting much braver people killed.

The Nuclear Mafia

The fact is that NATO is not so much a conventional war fighting machine as it is a conventional war avoiding machine. The one wunderwaffen that actually works reliable are nukes, and the Americans (who run NATO) have shown that they’ll drop them on civilian populations (twice, actually). The broader point about being in NATO is that you don’t have to use the weapons defensively. You can use them to bully poor countries for lols or resources, but if anyone threatens you, you’ve got nukes. Anybody attacking a NATO member triggers Article 5, and World War III.

In this way, joining NATO is like joining a nuclear Mafia. As Henry Hill said in Goodfellas, “It means you belong to a family and crew. It means that nobody can fuck around with you. It also means you could fuck around with anybody just as long as they aren’t also a member. It’s like a license to steal. It’s a license to do anything.” To follow the Goodfellas example, however, Ukraine is Tommy. Tommy never gets made. He gets led down the primrose path and whacked. And that’s what we’re seeing here.

No-Man’s Land

Ukraine is thus caught in a literal no-man’s land, they get some ungodly mix of left-over weaponry, a few months of training, and then it all gets blown up with their soft bodies inside. This cycle keeps repeating until all the Ukrainian men are dead, the population has fled, and their ‘supporters’ in the West move onto the next war. The honest war criminal Henry Kissinger said “it’s dangerous to be America’s enemy, but it’s fatal to be America’s friend.” Meanwhile too many people in the western world are being dishonest with themselves. They think they’re supporting Ukraine, but their ‘support’ is precisely what’s destroying that country.

I posit this article not as a suggestion that NATO/US should get directly involved in this war but that they should completely get out. As much as they propagandize about how Russia is about to fall apart (like Hitler thought), they know this is not true. Which is why they’re not there themselves. Just as in the Iraq invasion, they knew Iraq didn’t actually have WMD, otherwise they wouldn’t have invaded. They know who they can bully and who they can’t, and in this case the country actually getting bullied is Ukraine. I’ve lived through the war and the best thing is for it to end. If the Empire isn’t going to step in and end this war through arms, they should either help negotiate or shut the fuck up. Pushing regular Ukrainians onto suicidal charges (while its corrupt elites profit from all the destroyed materiel) is not ‘support’. It’s wanton murder for their own agenda, not help for Ukraine or anyone on Earth.

This is the deep hypocrisy behind the West’s ‘support’ of Ukraine. For all the flags in windows and words in the air, no troops actually show up to help. For all the weapons, nobody shows up to wield them. For all the talk of NATO support, they won’t admit Ukraine into its security guarantee. So Ukraine is on its own, fighting an enemy that the White Empire insists is about to fall over, but who they’re too cowardly to fight against themselves. It’s a killing farce, buried under constant bong hits of propaganda that their idiot populations believe. Russia is killing Ukrainians, but its their ‘allies’ that are getting them killed. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

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