How The West Failed The World With COVID-19

And why we must never trust them again

In the face of a pandemic, the west has responded with medical apartheid

The only real vaccine we’re getting from the west is to never trust the west. These jackasses got themselves (and us) hopelessly infected through incompetence and now they’re screwing up any global vaccination strategy through greed. We may never get anything in our arms, but we can at least vaccinate our minds. We’ll need it for climate change. Never trust these bastards again.

Look at western action on COVID-19. First the west gave us messages of denial and complacency, while smarter countries like Taiwan or Vietnam reacted and were ignored. Trust the UK, EU or US, they said, the countries rated best prepared for a pandemic by the stupid Economist Intelligence Unit. These countries did nothing. They just let COVID wash over them in arrogant pride.


In the end, most of the world was infected through Europe, because their pandemic defenses were nil, and yet they want us to blame China. But China eliminated COVID-19. The Wuhan variant is gone. The hot mess that infected us was largely made in the EU.

How The West Infected The World And Is Hoarding Vaccine
They must be held responsible for COVID-19

Shouldn’t white people have had their own fucking public health instead of depending on China stopping everything for them? Their logic is literally that you can’t trust China, and also that they trusted China completely. Vietnam was not so fucking stupid, maybe they should be leading the world instead.

The fact is that America is creating China’s entire epidemic every single day, and they want us to blame China. The west is responsible for the most infections in the world, the most spread, and they had the most resources to prevent it. And they just didn’t. Their blithe incompetence itself is a crime against humanity, but they didn’t stop there.

With vaccines they are now snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


Western nations are now prolonging the pandemic through their rampant vaccine racism. The WHO had a clear strategy to vaccinate 20% of the world at once. Instead of working together, however, western nations are tripping over themselves and stampeding the world with vaccine nationalism.

Pathetic Canada is hoarding 4X the doses it needs, begging from India, and even drawing supplies from COVAX, which are needed for the rest of the world. These western countries with shittier public health than Mongolia want to get vaccinated many times over before Mongolia sees a drop. And Canada still has the gall to block patent-free vaccines at the WTO. This is nothing but rank evil, and it only serves the virus.

How Canadians Are The Worst Vaccine Racists
Canadians are real polite bastards. They signed up for COVAX - to procure a vaccine globally - and then immediately…

And it’s not just Canada, it’s the entire west. Nevermind helping, look at this map of who’s blocking patent-free vaccines. During a fucking pandemic.

Every country with an X or a ? on this map should carry it as a black mark for life. When the world needed them, they were no one’s friend. This is literally a map of humanity vs. the virus, and the west is on the virus’s side. They are putting drug company’s quarterly profits ahead of human lives and the entire global economy. It is absolutely shameless and wrong.

The latest defense against this vaccine racism is people like Max C. Roser telling us it’s sour grapes. That dumb darkies couldn’t possibly make mRNA vaccines anyway, so we shouldn’t even try. Nevermind that mRNA vaccines didn’t exist anywhere a year ago, and that this technology of the future should be deployed regardless, to fight future pandemics and disease.

Humans can do impossible things if we work together, but not if we’re too casually bigoted to even try. In the end this racism defeats even the racists, it divides humanity against the virus, which then conquers. Without the best vaccines everywhere, COVID-19 will continue to mutate and reinfect humanity. In fact, it already has.

The new South African variant is resistant to the available AstraZeneca vaccine. Many countries simply cannot reach herd immunity with these weaker vaccines at all, even against normal variants. By not aggressively getting the best vaccines everywhere, on a war-footing, by in fact blocking cooperation, the west is breeding more virulent COVID-19. All for greed.

Just as they denied and delayed their response to COVID-19, the west is delaying and denying access to vaccines. The only inoculation they have given us is this. Never trust these motherfuckers again.

Actual Friends

The west acts like this is ‘just the way it is’ but that’s not true. This is a choice. India and South Africa asked for patent-free vaccines at the WTO, supported by most countries in the world, and the west chose to block it. On the other side, China and Russia have chosen to help.

China has committed to a global public vaccine, as the WHO recommends. They have also acted, sending vaccines, experts, and setting up production all over the world. They’re not profiteering, they’re not insulting us, they’re acting like decent human beings. And the west tells us to blame China. Like we can inoculate ourselves with their propaganda. The west hasn’t done shit for us and China has.

When Sri Lanka’s PCR machine stopped working China sent experts to help (the table was just shaky, but still). China and India have given us our only vaccine doses we have, to protect our first responders. The west has given us nothing but wants us to join then in Cold War II. They can go fuck themselves, vaccinating their healthy while our doctors and nurses die. I will never trust these assholes again.

It’s Been A Year. White People Can’t Blame China Anymore
You dumbasses own this pandemic now

The west also portrays Russia as a global public evil, but when we needed help, Russia has shown up. Russia’s Gamaleya vaccine, which the western press forever talked down as hopelessly dodgy and Russian, is actually one of the more effective traditional vaccines. They have also shared the technology, because they’re not complete monsters.

I know this in my own small country because Russia has offered to help us produce here. Sri Lanka has no great expertise, but they didn’t pooh-pooh us and tell us it was impossible. It’s a fucking pandemic, we have to make the impossible possible. Russia is not just giving away vaccines, they’re cooperating. They get nothing but scolding in return.

The west portrays this ‘vaccine diplomacy’ as somehow a threat to their own power. They say that China and Russia are somehow using vaccines to take over the world and that we should be suspicious of their overtures. I don’t know what China and Russia’s ulterior motives are, but I know what the west’s obvious actions are. They have left us to die.

Westerners are just lecturing bastards, treating public health as a Cold War II battle where the third world should just shut up and die.

Fine fucking friends the west has been. Blocking vaccines while talking trash about anyone that shares. Despite not doing shit they somehow want credit for being the good guys. Do not give them that. They do not deserve it. They deserve nothing but opprobrium and scorn.

The Lesson For Climate Change

The Trojans learned too late to beware of Greeks bearing gifts. We must learn right now; beware of westerners bearing nothing at all. COVID-19 has shown us who is on the side of humanity and who we must resist to survive. This is a vital lesson for the much bigger challenge ahead — climate change.

Viruses are just one thing in Pandora’s Box, climate change is the whole fucking box. If we continue to follow the denying and delaying west on climate change we’ll end up precisely where we are now. As with COVID, the west has caused the damage to the Earth, and will hoard whatever resources are left. Learn this well and learn it now. We have to inoculate our minds and dismantle white power now. That includes ‘white’ people. Renounce your whiteness or be damned.

If the west’s abject failure on COVID-19 teaches us one thing, it must be this. We must fight them on climate change. We must drag them kicking and screaming into a better future, and not on a timeline that their stock markets are comfortable with. Not when their complicit media and NGOs decide. We can no longer follow the wretched west, because COVID-19 has shown us how that will go. They will waste time and retreat into their piles of dirty money, leaving us to die.

You may never get an mRNA vaccine in your arm, but get this shot in your brain right now. Never trust these motherfuckers again. Resist them — within and without their empires — for our lives.