Why The Media Loves War

In the mafia, you ‘make your bones’ by killing someone. It’s generally essential to getting ‘made’. In the oligarch media, it’s the same thing. Ted Turner’s CNN ‘made its bones’ on the first Iraq War. Embedded with the US troops, gleefully watching cities get bombed. Imperial media today is embedded with US spy planes near China, gleefully hoping for WWIII. War is a farce that gives them meaning. It gives them ratings. The media loves war. It’s great programming.

It’s important to understand the news as 100% advertising. During the breaks you get declared advertising for the suckers that have to pay, and the news itself is advertising from the oligarchs that run the place. Western media has perfected the art of selective attention and distraction. The press is called free, but is literally owned by a small class of people. Reporters are ostensibly free to report, but end up parroting the same line on any number of subjects. The media itself is literally embedded with the military and cannot cover it with any real objectivity. And yet the media poses as objective and above the fray. They are the fray. The breaks are brought to you by car insurance and dick pills, and the programming is brought to you straight from the Pentagon and the arms dealers that literally run the place.