Why Civil War Is Too Good For America

States that have declared support for Texas’s posturing cruelty to migrants, and other states who like to oppress more discretely. Via

The one thing Americans will fight a civil war about is how to oppress their underclass. Whether they’re legal property (slaves) or illegal immigrants, America requires an underclass, that goes without question. The only dispute is how crass they are about it. “Conservatives’ want to openly enslave/cage the underclass, and ‘Liberals’ want to be more subtle about it. Hence any ‘civil war’ is a conflict between psychopaths. The underlying pathology is never questioned. I am reminded of the socialist fairy tale about the conference of chickens, where they debated how exactly they should be cooked. One chicken suggested not being eaten at all, and was promptly shouted out.

Today, the latest dispute is how much razor wire should be put on the southern border. The stolen state of Texas is making a big show about ‘a lot, and sharper!’ while the Federal Government wants to throw away the human right to claim asylum as a ‘compromise’. These are both horrible positions which also miss the source of the problem entirely. They’re trying to solve a crisis of imperialism with sheer imperiousness on the border.

The fact is that America — as the land of the property — needs an underclass. That cotton ain’t gonna pick itself! The political class only differs in their degrees of hypocrisy about it. In its early colonial days, the answer was simple enough. Humans were legal property and you could just buy one. Now they’ve gone the other way around, deeming certain people ‘illegal’ and thus exploitable. It’s the same shit, different day, just with different pretensions. Either way, the cause is not the magnetic pull of American ‘freedom’. It is in fact American oppression which pulls the labor force into the colony still.

In America’s first Civil War, the slow transition of African-Americans into an exploitable rather than chattel class was too much for some people in the South. They went to war over their right to be total racists, against racists like Abraham Lincoln who merely wanted to be more discreet about it. Today we see the same thing with Trump Republicans openly caging children, and Biden Democrats doing the same thing, but quietly. I dunno if this will start a second Civil War (why, when Trump can just become President?), but it’s the same fault line. Who can be the bigger asshole? vs Who can be the most sanctimonious about it?

None of these civil conflicts get to the crux of the issue which is that America should not be divided but rather destroyed. To take the current immigration issue, the issue is not whether you slice up the migrants at the border, it’s how they got there in the first place. And both sides within the Overton window of America are A) ghouls on this subject and B) irrelevant. As Abolish Nato writes,

The principal contradiction in this matter is of course imperialism, which creates migrant crises, and a dispute of how migration is handled between these two fails to address this entirely and only exacerbates the crisis.

I don’t believe in colonial borders whatsoever. This “open borders” thing is reactionary nonsense.

However, deriving from the principal contradiction of imperialism, the open borders situation creates an opportunity for capitalists in the Us to hyper exploit migrant labor, all the while destroying their home countries.Please re read this as many times as you need..

The “border crisis” can only be resolved by the full scale destruction of the imperialist system that relies on destabilization of foreign markets in order for it to grow.

To understand anything in America, you can just follow the money, which is what migrants are doing! Whatever the American ruling class says, they want and need the labor, they just want it exploitable, so this hypocritical dance goes on. The migrant ‘problem’ necessarily has two sides, one in the country they’re leaving and one where they’re going. The bigger problem is American Empire violently and economically fucking up the rest of the world so much that cutting up chicken in their dismal colony becomes a better option than staying with our cultures and families.

I am ‘anti-immigration’ in the sense that we shouldn’t have to go prop up their infernal colony at all. These migrations are all tragedies, and the liberals claiming to ‘welcome’ these people are part of the same hypocrisy. They peddle the lie about ‘finding a better life in America’ while it is America that makes the rest of the world worse in the first place.

The ‘two sides’ fighting over immigration are both doing it within a narrow Overton window (realm of acceptable debate) that ignores the source of the problem entirely. The answer is not better American immigration policies but an end to American imperialism. Death to America to put a fine point on it.

Frankly, America should have been sentenced to death ‘after’ slavery but they weren’t and they’ve gone on slaving with more hypocrisy. There is no real debate about this in America, because that would be to debate their very existence and persistence as a colony. Instead the debate is about how publicly cruel they should be, or how pompously ‘virtuous’. Whether they should use razor wire to slice up colored families, or just bureaucracy. And it’s all ultimately showmanship, just the latest victims trotted into the Cable TV Colosseum for the public to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to, as if they control anything at all. Meanwhile, both sides of the ruling elites and the actually ruling corporations profit either way. All of the debate is fundamentally about how these human beings should be eaten by the capitalist machine, and not whether they should not be eaten at all. This is why civil war is too good for America. One side would still be left standing, and the place needs to be completely dethroned and defeated.