What Is America's Plan?

“Nav War Map” issued by the U.S. Navy Department near the end of World War II. Military supply routes became 'trade' routes.

The simplest way to understand America's 'grand strategy' is to be a historical simpleton. If you don't read the news and just look at things from a 10,000-year view, America is just another empire. Empires conquer land and take shit. Been that way since time immemorial. This all becomes complicated to a modern newsreader, but not to a historical simpleton. America is just another Empire in history, conquering land on earth, extracting tribute. As my historical thesis goes, same shit, different day. The only difference (and it's a big difference) is scale.

World War II was a war of world conquest, plain and simple. After World War II 'ended' (for white people) America's supply lines reversed flow and started pulling resources in, from the conquered territory. Naval routes became trade routes, and guns and coups kept the money flowing into the conquering capital. WWII forward bases became permanent garrison states. Europe, Japan, Korea, and over 700 military bases stayed occupied by American soldiers, as guns near the butter. 'Israel' was created (inherited) as a conscript colony near the oil. This was just classical conquest on a modern scale.

If you try to discern America's 'grand strategy' now, they don't even know. Both Biden and Trump actually have the same foreign policy, dump Ukraine on the Europeans, dump 'Israel' on the Saudis and UAE, and 'pivot' to China (which started under Obama). But they couldn't even dump Afghanistan on their own Afghan government. None of this 'plan' has survived first contact with the enemy. America has never had an exit strategy for any war, and they're not starting now, even as they're in worldwide retreat.

There's no strategic thinking going on at all in America, they're just reacting. They like all the benefits of being an Empire, but are too soft and flabby to do the work anymore. America these days is just reactionary. Like a drunk trying to cross a bar to punch his girlfriend, they've been yelling at China, but they can't even get to that side of the bar. They're getting punched by everybody else on the way over. Nobody would plan to fight Russia, 'terrorists', and the commies all at once, but that's what America has done. This is certainly a situation, but it's not a strategy. America is just punch drunk and doesn't realize that it's old, drunk, and washed up.

America never has an exit strategy, but what's even their entry strategy to China? How exactly do you fight someone that's a vital supplier to make your weapons? How do you win a trade war against one of your main trading partners? Why are you even fighting China, who would happily continue trading with you peacefully? None of these questions are asked. American 'thinkers' are all unified about 'China bad' but they never explain why, or what America can do about it. America controlling China via Taiwan is a joke now. They can't even control their own college campuses. America has tripped on its shoelaces in West Asia and their geopolitical pants have fallen down in front of the whole classroom. And they're trying to fight China lol. They can't even get there without getting into 10 other wars on the way, and losing them. America today is what Sri Lankans call a pada show. A fart show. All sound and fury, signifying nothing, and smelling.

A big reason is that America has no strategic thinkers, only failures that have failed upwards. The architects of the failed wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan (among others) are still selling structurally unsound boondoggles. America has no new ideas because it's full of old idiots. At this point, their political system has selected for the dumbest, most corrupt people possible. Realists like John Mearsheimer are doing obscure podcasts while geopolitical goblins like Victoria Nuland have been given the power to wreck nations. Henry Kissinger was an éminence grisly until his death and Biden is older and crustier than 'Israel'. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, which has been American policy for decades now. America has both cloned a Bush and is considering a Trump twice. They're certifiable.

America foreign policy thinkers don't have any original thoughts, they're just repeating the same mistakes out of muscle memory, over and over. Everything is a reboot. War with the Russians, terrorists, and commies? We've seen these ones already. Goldeneye, True Lies, and Rambo, respectively. The military-industrial multiplex only has a few movies and they're all reruns. Meanwhile the rest of the world has satellite TV with 1,000 channels and desperately wants to take the remote away from these blithering idiots. The boorish Americans have been forcing the world to watch dead babies for seven months now. There is no grand strategy anymore, just a grand mal seizure of planetary proportions. No ideas come out of America anymore. It's just a massively hemorrhaging hegemon.

Under the visibly dying Biden, America is having a strategic stroke. They can't even name their wars anymore. Ukraine is just… Ukraine and Palestine is definitely not a genocide, but then what is it? Operation Palestinian Freedom… from their children? What is America even pretending to fight for these days? Democracy and justice? Ukraine has no elections and 'Israel' is committing a holocaust. The lies don't even make sense anymore, and they're not even trying to make them stick. They're just going through the motions and cashing the cheques, and not even trying to cover it up.

If I was going to guess at America's grand strategy, by best guess would be a pivot to Asia. This is the one thing Presidents have agreed upon since Obama, but they just can't seem to get there. In order to get to Asia, America had to get away from everywhere else. The plan on both 'sides' is to dump Ukraine on Europe and 'Israel' on Saudi and UAE, but that's not going well at all. They thought Russia would collapse because of cookies and Iran because of headscarves, but that didn't work either. Whatever strategy they had was stupid in the first place and didn't survive first contact with the enemy. America can't adapt, however, because—as mentioned—the same idiots keep failing upwards. There's no adaptability without accountability. So America just lurches from disaster to disaster, substituting distraction for direction.

If I may return to the cusp of World War II map at the top, you can see how things went wrong. At the center of that map is an America which makes things—guns, boats, bullets, planes. This center is gone and America's power is just held together by bluster and inertia. America has deindustrialized itself so much that it requires Chinese rare earth minerals to build anything. And it can't build anything anyways, America makes maybe 5 big ships a year, compared to 1,700 for China. They have private equitied their war machine so much that it has no public utility at all. Their vaunted military budget is just a measure of fraud.

America might have had a strong military once, but as Outkast said, “Baby boy, you only funky as your last cut, You focus on the past, your ass'll be a has-what.” All of the equipment from Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom© depreciated to dust. In accounting terms, it's a liability, and in practical terms it just doesn't work. America's aircraft carriers are being decommissioned, its rapid invasion fleet is being mothballed, its nuclear missiles are unmaintainable, and it can't even produce enough bullets (artillery). The ships America sent to build its dodgy pier in Gaza caught fire on the way. Its Secretary of State's plane won't start, nor will it allies' aircraft carriers. Its planes crash and its Patriot missiles don't work. And it simply cannot raise armies. Most of its men are too fat, on drugs, mentally ill, or simply unwilling. America is, to reverse Teddy Roosevelt, speaking loudly and carrying a limp dick. It doesn't even matter what their plan is. They can't execute it.

While I can understand the motivation of America simply enough—the same as any empire, smash and grab—its strategy is inscrutable. Probably because it doesn't have one. America has made the cardinal mistake of 'getting high on their own supply,' as Biggie warned about before his execution. America actually believes their own propaganda, which is fatal. War is the art of deception, not self-deception. True (falsehood) believers have failed upwards into leadership while rank corruption has cannibalized its military industrial complex down to the $90,000 nuts and bolts. At this point America is just running on autopilot in a shoddy Boeing, which doesn't end well. Nobody knows what the fuck America is doing, least of all America. Failing to plan is planning to fail and America is getting an F this century. They have no plan at all.