What If Opinion Polls Actually Mattered?

The polis is supposed to belong to the people. Now it’s been taken over by politicians

The idea of democracy is that citizens have power. This has been distorted into citizens giving power to politicians, an increasingly hereditary caste which is bought and paid for. In short, modern democracy is a farce.

The funny thing is that within modern democracy we have a sense of citizens power, which are polls. In places like America they poll citizens on everything, but mainly to see if the electoral anesthesia is working. No one thinks that you could actually govern this way, but you could.

Direct Democracy

In ye olde Athenian days—if you were a citizen—you could usually walk into Parliament yourself and yell with authority. When it came time for ‘electing’ most roles, you put your own name in the kleroterion and random citizens became magistrates. The process was called sortition, and it was cool.

Today we still violently define citizens (WTF is an illegal immigrant?) but have lost the democratic plot even further than most ancient Mediterraneans. Modern democracies have giant bribery festivals called elections where a political caste collects bribes, takes them to media temples, and proudly shows off how much they’ve been bribed.

In the most modern (ie ‘oldest’) democracies, they make a big show of ‘transparency’ which is just the act of making bribery legal and talk about it. Even the concept of corruption and oligarchy has become reserved for Africans and Slavs and savage Asian tribes. But ‘donations’ and ‘speaking fees’ are just white words for bribes, and rich white people are also oligarchs.

I repeat this a lot but Aristotle said that electoral democracy trended towards oligarchy and he was right. Just look at y’all now. And you’ve been loading this accursed system into bombs, and sanctioning anyone who doesn’t take part?Electoral democracy is a cancer upon the Earth.

Indirect Democracy