What America’s Election Means For The Rest Of The World

You idiots are going to kill us all

America’s election is like the end of Thelma and Louise (except T&L were cool), and the world is in the trunk

Americans are merely killing themselves with COVID-19 but with climate change they will kill us all. We’re depending on the dumbest people in Pennsylvania for our future, which is infuriating. How dare you.

Americans have tried ignoring medical science, and it has not gone well for them, but ignoring climate science will go badly for everyone. This is seriously on the ballot this Tuesday. Our Earth. Does America want to hit the gas and Thelma and Louise off the climate cliff?

The entire world is stuck, screaming duct-taped in the trunk. All around the world, people will have to watched the rigged board game you call a democracy to see whether we have a future or not. It’s horrifying.

As Bill McKibben says, this election won’t determine the next 4 years, or the next 40. It will determine the next 4,000.

If Trump is reelected we have no hope of reducing catastrophic warming. It will literally be baked in. What this means, specifically, is that my children and grandchildren’s lives will be fucked. Again, how dare you.

Carbon commitments from China, Japan, South Korea and the EU won’t be enough. If America keeps hitting the gas, we’re all doomed. And this is only like issue #40 on your minds. You’re still talking about emails. WTF is wrong with you people? How do we get out of the car?

Let me be clear, climate change will make COVID-19 look like a cakewalk. COVID-19 is one catastrophe. Climate change is all of them. I think about the Spanish Flu often because we completely forgot about it. The rest of the 20th century was so bad that it made that pandemic a footnote. A question on quiz night. That’s what COVID-19 will be compared to climate change. Trivial.

What we are facing in 2020 is a dress rehearsal. It’s a test. Can you listen to basic science, act quickly, and save lives? The entire western world has failed (besides Australasia) and America has lit their desk on fire. In this case the results are bad for them. But if they fail on climate change, the results are ruinous for us all.

Everything you see playing out on this minor, simple science issue will play out a hundredfold on climate change. That’s what you’re voting on. The White House has said that they’ll never control the pandemic. You can be sure that they’ll never control climate change. In fact, they’ll gleefully make it worse.

Trump is not trying to control a disease that’s infected his own White House. His wife. Himself. What makes you think he gives a fuck about the world? He’s going to let the atmosphere burn.

We cannot close our borders to this, as we have to Americans. It will not be happening over there. Though we cannot vote on it, we must breathe the air that you ignite. So we just look on in horror, anger, and disgust. You have already colonized our skies. Re-electing Trump will raise the charges to genocide.

I don’t say this lightly.

You are the documented enemy of the world. 195 countries have signed the Paris Accords. Only America has withdrawn. It’s literally you against the world.

The same arrogant stupidity that will eventually get over 500,000 of you killed by COVID-19 will thus kill millions of people across the world. The same idiotic ignorance that has displaced over 37 million people in your Terror War will displace and starve hundreds of millions across the globe. And this election is close. You talk about Texas maybe going blue like that’s a good thing. What the fuck is wrong with Texas, that they’re more likely to vote for personal and global death? The cup isn’t half full. It’s half cyanide.

I live on an island nation, Sri Lanka. If you vote wrong, every beach I know will be gone. Look at what climate change will do to my city. It will turn my home into Swiss Cheese.

The multi-century sea level rise based on temperature rise

And you know what? I can’t do shit about it. It is guaranteed that Trump will lose the popular vote, but because you built some Rube Goldberg enslavement democracy I have to watch a map like some fucked up game of Risk. Except it’s climate risk. It’s whether my country is literally underwater or not.

It’s legitimately horrifying. I won’t even say that we need America to save the world, we just need you to not kill us. We can save ourselves, just making things worse. Your country is frankly a suicide cult, which we could abide, but you’re about to make it murder-suicide. I’d appeal to your conscience but as Kwame Ture said, “The United States has none, has none”.

What you have on the ballot is literally

Do you want COVID-19? YES / NO

And people are thinking about it. They’re really thinking about it. WTF.

There is something seriously broken in your society. You basically don’t have one. You don’t care about each other, and you surely don’t care about us. Many American won’t put on a mask to protect their own neighbors, their own family. They obviously give a fuck about my brown children. They would bury the future to keep digging oil. Your boomers won’t be happy till they take the world with them, to the grave.

Obviously vote Biden you fools, but I’m frankly furious that we even have to ask. You play Russian Roulette with your elections every four years, and we have to stand right next to you and helplessly watch. Each time we get spattered with blood. This time it’ll be our brains. Honestly, fuck you guys. Vote Biden.