Westerners Need To Shut Up About Ukraine

Lennie in Of Mice And Men petting the nice lady. Spoiler alert, he kills her

If Westerners start talking about ‘liberating’ your country and start waving your flag, fucking run. You’re probably already running. The result of decades of the West leading Ukraine down the ‘primrose path’ to war has been the wholesale destruction and dismemberment of the country. And naive westerners are still gunning for more. Flooding a warzone with more weapons, more propaganda, more conflict, all under the guise of ‘helping’. Like they helped Afghanistan, like they helped Iraq, like they helped Vietnam, in truth like the wrecked countless nations for countless years. If a Westerner tries to help you, fucking run. Their arms dealers help themselves and leave your country in ruins.

The western privatized propaganda machine works not so much by removing information as ‘flooding the zone with shit’. Some latest ruler is propped up as evil incarnate and a generation of people raised on Transformers and Avengers rallies around the latest arms sale / resource theft. Like it’s all a TV show. Because to them it is. So today Putin is the latest evil, following Saddam, following Ho Chi Minh, following whoever it is marketed as the latest object of foaming hate. Nevermind looking at your own governments, your own problems, the rapacious elites raping you. Look far overseas, at places you couldn’t find on a map. Blame them. Bomb them. That’ll make everything better.

Well-meaning people ask ‘well, what should we do?’ The fact is that Russia is doing the destruction, shouldn’t they be opposed? These well-meaning people miss the point. We’re well past good intentions. After decades of ‘well-meaning’ western interventions, after millions killed and tens of millions displaced, can’t you see? Every intervention makes things immeasurably worse. You fuckers have no standing to comment on ‘foreign affairs’ anymore. The liberal western population is like Lennie Small in Of Mice And Men, a nice but slow fellow who just wanted to pet pretty things and kept killing them. After the carnage of years, y’all can’t be taken at your good intentions anymore. The western body politic is easily propagandized, self-aggrandizing, and powerless except as suckers for the military industrial complex. Y’all need to be taken out back and shot.