Westerners Need To Shut Up About Ukraine

Lennie in Of Mice And Men petting the nice lady. Spoiler alert, he kills her

If Westerners start talking about ‘liberating’ your country and start waving your flag, fucking run. You’re probably already running. The result of decades of the West leading Ukraine down the ‘primrose path’ to war has been the wholesale destruction and dismemberment of the country. And naive westerners are still gunning for more. Flooding a warzone with more weapons, more propaganda, more conflict, all under the guise of ‘helping’. Like they helped Afghanistan, like they helped Iraq, like they helped Vietnam, in truth like the wrecked countless nations for countless years. If a Westerner tries to help you, fucking run. Their arms dealers help themselves and leave your country in ruins.

The western privatized propaganda machine works not so much by removing information as ‘flooding the zone with shit’. Some latest ruler is propped up as evil incarnate and a generation of people raised on Transformers and Avengers rallies around the latest arms sale / resource theft. Like it’s all a TV show. Because to them it is. So today Putin is the latest evil, following Saddam, following Ho Chi Minh, following whoever it is marketed as the latest object of foaming hate. Nevermind looking at your own governments, your own problems, the rapacious elites raping you. Look far overseas, at places you couldn’t find on a map. Blame them. Bomb them. That’ll make everything better.

Well-meaning people ask ‘well, what should we do?’ The fact is that Russia is doing the destruction, shouldn’t they be opposed? These well-meaning people miss the point. We’re well past good intentions. After decades of ‘well-meaning’ western interventions, after millions killed and tens of millions displaced, can’t you see? Every intervention makes things immeasurably worse. You fuckers have no standing to comment on ‘foreign affairs’ anymore. The liberal western population is like Lennie Small in Of Mice And Men, a nice but slow fellow who just wanted to pet pretty things and kept killing them. After the carnage of years, y’all can’t be taken at your good intentions anymore. The western body politic is easily propagandized, self-aggrandizing, and powerless except as suckers for the military industrial complex. Y’all need to be taken out back and shot.

The fact is that setting up Ukraine as a bulwark in great power conflict was always bad, that NATO has no standing to complain about invading other countries, and continuing to funnel arms into a corrupt government waging a fucking land war with Russia is just the wholesale destruction of a nation on the altar of your insipid ‘good intentions’. People ask what they should otherwise ‘do’ about Ukraine and the answer is nothing. In all aspects, the world would be better off if the West just fucked off. Every problem they claim to fix just leaves everyone worse off, except the war-profiteer class that actually runs the place, from think tanks to actual tank manufacturers to the media the gets the endless advertising revenue from endless war.

Casual bloggers and commenters cheering on the latest Wunderwaffe that’s going to win the war are just doing freelance advertising for the military-industrial complex, without even the affiliate revenue. Saying you stand with Ukraine is false, you stand over her grave. The country Ukraine is already split like Vietnam and Korea were, it’s people have fled, its women are being advertised on ‘dating’ sites in Europe, the menfolk are often unable to leave, reliably motivated Nazis are moving up in the military, and god knows how much military materiel is being funneled out the back door. Ukraine was corrupt as hell before the war and that’s only gotten worse. Now the figurehead leader has banned opposition parties, trade unions, and is being heralded as a defender of democracy by unelected Prime Ministers in the UK and Hollywood actors. It’s a killing farce.

Everybody talking about how Russia is secretly losing and the tide is turning miss the point that the West and NATO have lost every war for decades. There is in face more money in losing wars because you can sell more arms. Arms contractors made trillions in Afghanistan, the US government stole that country’s foreign reserves and they just moved onto rampaging Ukraine. That’s all that happened. You can see it clearly in the stock market with western fossil fuel and arms sales booming. All you see in the media is actually advertising for those businesses. That’s all the western news is. It’s privatized propaganda for the benefit of the oligarchs that actually run the place.

None of this is for the benefit of Ukraine. If you’ve ever lived through war you’d know that the only good outcome is for it to end. Funneling more and more arms into a war of attrition is a fun strategy unless it’s your land and bodies that are being attrited. Then it’s just death on the altar of good, white intentions, a dismal and pointless death if there ever was one. What should Ukraine do? I don’t know, and people like me in Sri Lanka spend little time thinking about this and zero time interfering. Any intervention we would make in this conflict we don’t understand would make things worse. What people in America and it’s imperial colonies of Germany and the UK don’t understand is that they’re not just the same as us, they’re worse.

Western intervention has a bloody track record of making everything worse for nearly a century now, and every time we’re told that this time is different. This time there’s a clear evil and the murder machine is finally murdering the right people this time. And even ‘liberal’ people get all hot about the the latest jets and rocket launchers, like a bunch of kids watching the toy adverts on Saturday morning cartoons. Like a bunch of children, except playing with real blood and bones. And Raytheon and Lockheed Martin make even more money the Paw Patrol. All they have to do is throw the well-minded idiots in the western population a bone.

Y’all really think you’re the goodies. Despite all the evidence of so many wars gone wrong, you think this one is a good one. You’re wrong. On Ukraine, on all the pain your governments cause, you need to stop cheering them on. The West has made a mess of the last century. Y’all need to shut the fuck up and sit the rest of this century out.