Wealth Is A Handout. What Do You Think Interest Is?

Rich people get paid for not working. That’s why it’s called capitalism, not laborism

For a long time I lost money by working. We set up a company, employed dozens of people, made a popular product, but it was constantly losing money. I worked and created jobs, but this was stupid. I should’ve just chucked the money in a fixed deposit and slept in. Wealth is a handout. It’s called compound interest.

People really do not understand this about capitalism. I didn’t until I had money. I thought you worked for money but lol no, money works for you. If you have money it somehow fucks in the bank and makes more. And you don’t have to do anything. You just tell them where you want the deposits to go. It’s just a handout.

One time we even forgot about it. Interest was going into some forgotten bank account for years. When we checked there was $4,000 in there, a nice yearly salary for someone else. We just put it somewhere else to compound. This is wealth, and it’s about as far removed from work as you can get. People don’t understand this.

Before I got married I always lived a few months behind and always thought I could somehow get ahead, if I worked hard enough. This was dumb. I mean, you can, but this is not how the system is designed. The system is designed around handouts for the rich, and hand-to-mouth for the poor. Rich people are literally capturing labor. That’s what investment money is. That’s who you work for, not yourselves lol.

You work for the people that own the company. You work for someone’s 401k. All of your surplus productivity goes to them, and you’re given only what you need to produce more. But not too much, or you’d stop working. In fact, wherever possible you’re given less than you need and made to feel bad about it. Walmart has thousands of employees on food stamps while the Walton’s keep growing the inherited wealth. They get a handout of labor from their employees, subsidized by taxpayers, compounded with interest. What a scam.

Interest is just a handout. You literally don’t work for it, that’s the point. Dividends are just a handout, WTF did you do, besides read the paper? Capital gains, tax-dodges, tax-shelters, the massive and frankly violent government protections of property over people — all handouts. To the tune of trillions, not millions.

This is the invisible hand. It gives handouts to the rich and the middle finger to the poor. Most humiliatingly of all, the entire working class has been made to feel like they’re the lazy ones. It’s gaslighting on an epic scale.

Rich people do not create jobs, workers create rich people. The entire system is built on the lie that the people sitting in AC’d offices or on the beach are working hard, while the people actually working are lazy.

Rich people do not work harder, have you met rich people? Donald Trump was given at least $40 million as a dodgy inheritance from his father. If he had just put that in an index fund and done nothing, he would have more money today. Rich people ‘work hard’ for fun, for greed, and for show. The real secret to being rich is just being rich.

I truly didn’t understand wealth until I had it, but holy shit it’s amazing, and OMG it’s a grift. You literally don’t have to do shit and you get handouts. And then you get to scold working people who ask please sir, may I have more? The true meaning of Christmas isn’t Scrooge having a bad dream and becoming nice. It’s Bob Cratchit living a nightmare and hating himself.

Let me give you one more example.

My parents gave our daughter LKR 500,000 when she popped out. It was nearly 800,000 four years later. Did my daughter work for this? LOL no, she was shitting herself most of the time. It was a handout, and it kept handing out. It will keep handing out for the rest of her life, more the less she touches it. This is the power of compound interest. This is the invisible hand. It gives handouts to the rich and the middle finger to the poor.

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