Vaccine Racism Has Made COVID Worse Than Ever

This was the worst week for COVID-19, but you may not have noticed because it’s happening to colored people. India is completely buckling. The continent of Africa is barely vaccinated and folding fast. As rich/western nations post their vaccination selfies, we’re going down. And it’s their fault. Their vaccine racism is getting us killed.

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The Lack Of The Needle

America has more vaccine sitting, unused, in one Ohio building than the entire continent of Africa. There are 30 million doses of AstraZeneca in just that one facility, while only 15.3 million shots have been given across an entire continent. But it’s worse than that. The west will not give humanity a fish, and it prevents us from fishing as well. Worse than the hoarding is the active prevention of vaccine production across the world.

These countries have gotten together to block patent-free vaccines during the pandemic, the bare minimum required.

The US, UK, EU, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Japan. These people barely even deserve to be called human beings. When we needed to unite against a virus, they rallied around their stock markets.

At the same time, these countries have been publicly shitting on the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is one of the only vaccines available through COVAX. This has led to vaccine hesitancy, but they have offered no alternative. And they could.

The two vaccines that may be best suited for accelerated manufacturing are the mRNA vaccines marketed by Pfizer and Moderna. That’s because mRNA vaccine production processes require smaller manufacturing facilities than conventional vaccine production, and these facilities can be built in less than half the time and with far lower capital costs. Additionally, mRNA facilities are more likely to be able to be repurposed against new variants and even new threats. (Via Politico)

Dr. Tom Frieden, former CDC director has said that mRNA technology could be deployed around the world for as little as $500 million to start, and that the US owns many of the relevant patents and has all the legal muscle to do it. They’re just… not. In fact, they’re doing the opposite. Forget mRNA, normal vaccine production in India will stop in is about to grind to a halt because the US is effectively embargoing basic supplies. Forget using their power to help. America is using their power to harm.

And The Damage Done

The sad thing is that it’s already too late. It doesn’t matter if all the pressure works, the time to expand vaccine production was months ago. Now hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of deaths are already baked in. And they’re all preventable. They all died for profit, for greed, and for these supposedly democratic populations not giving a damn.

Our task was to unite against the virus, and these countries — especially the US — have betrayed humanity. Now the virus has mutated around us, drowned us, and will come back to strike them in time. And for what? Just for the obscenely wealthy to get moreso. For politicians — who openly hold drug company stocks — to pad their own portfolios. For these dipshits we die.

Right now India is completely buckling under a third wave. Everyone in my Indian family knows someone, just ask literally anyone in India. People are dying for want of oxygen, dying unable to find hospital beds. India and South Africa called for the lifting of patents months ago, and now it has predictably come to this. This isn’t a tragedy. It’s a crime.

The knock-on effect now threatens the world. India was the main country supplying COVAX, and now those supplies have slowed down. Production itself may halt in a matter of weeks due to America blocking supplies. As India goes, so goes the world. We’re all going down.

And no one cares. Everybody’s getting on with their lives, while we die. There are literally pallets sitting in Ohio with more supplies than entire countries. Countries full of people. Human beings. I won’t even get into how this is in no one’s interest, as the virus mutates around us. Our existence isn’t contingent on how it benefits you, or whether it’s profitable. Things didn’t have to be this way. You could have been decent human beings.

Civilized nations recognize this. Cuba has sent doctors and somehow developed its own vaccines, even under brutal American siege. South Africa and India have fought for patent relief at the WTO. China is trying to supply countries, as is Russia. These are all flawed countries, but they can at least unite against a virus. Rich, western nations are always lecturing us, but when the chips were down, they chose profits over people. Even their own people. It’s just pure evil. We are living through a historical health crime.

The only inoculation the majority of the world can get right now is this. Never trust these bastards again. A friend in need is a friend indeed, and these rich, western governments are the enemies of all human beings.