Vaccine Racism Has Made COVID Worse Than Ever

This was the worst week for COVID-19, but you may not have noticed because it’s happening to colored people. India is completely buckling. The continent of Africa is barely vaccinated and folding fast. As rich/western nations post their vaccination selfies, we’re going down. And it’s their fault. Their vaccine racism is getting us killed.

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The Lack Of The Needle

America has more vaccine sitting, unused, in one Ohio building than the entire continent of Africa. There are 30 million doses of AstraZeneca in just that one facility, while only 15.3 million shots have been given across an entire continent. But it’s worse than that. The west will not give humanity a fish, and it prevents us from fishing as well. Worse than the hoarding is the active prevention of vaccine production across the world.

These countries have gotten together to block patent-free vaccines during the pandemic, the bare minimum required.