America Has Cut Europe Off From Asia
Please explain to me how Europe is a continent. It's just NW Asia

If you were trying to destroy Europe (again and seemingly again), you couldn't come up with a more cunning plan than the Americans. Just prey on their delusions of being better than those Asians to cut them off from the continent they're actually in. Which is precisely what's happened.

War in Ukraine, the Middle East, and trade war with China severs Europe quite neatly from the continent it's actually in (Asia) and throws them—quite expensively—into the jaws of America. By provoking war with Russia (always a bad idea for Europeans), America has cut off their land connection to Asia. By prolonging the genocide of Gaza (bravely resisted by Yemen), America has cut off their sea connection as well. Europe is completely cut off from everything except their own delusions of grandeur and American propaganda.

American Secretary of State Antony-ette says 'let them eat hate' (of Russians, of Houthis, of dirty Asians in general) while Europe is being guillotined by the Americans. Cut off from energy, cut off from trade, cut off from general humanity. Forget the people America tells everyone to hate. Look at what America is actually doing. America is Europe's worst enemy. Now Europeans are buying over-priced American gas and paying a NATO war tax for the privilege of feeling privileged. Meanwhile European companies are shutting down or just leaving. America has drawn an ironic curtain around Europe and called it freedom. Europeans, historically the worst people on Earth, have been outdone by their former colony. It couldn't happen to worse people, but it is a terrible thing.

Europeans have such a superiority complex over Americans that they miss the simple fact that they're occupied by them. Europe has been conquered since World War II, and devoured since World War II actually ended in 1991. We're now just reaching the end of the inevitable process, as the shit hits the fan. Europe is literally occupied territory. The EU is a literally a coal and steel cartel masquerading as a democracy, and having the nerve to lecture other people. Europeans are so proud that they'll be ruled by Yanks as long as they can still look down on colored people. In truth, they've abandoned self-interest entirely and are just some asset being rapidly depreciated on America's balance sheet. Just another colony.

If you look at who's physically bombing Europe's pipelines, who's extorting them with high-energy prices, who's deindustrializing them, and who's stripping their armories, it ain't the stated enemies. It's America. America has been pretending that its occupation of Europe was all nice and friendly for decades, even organizing human-hunting tours of the Orient for team-building. Now, however, the mask is off and Europe is actually paying the price for all the conflicts America is starting. Europe is being economically destroyed by all of America's shenanigans in Russia, in the Middle East, and against China. America starts a fight and Europe gets hit, America has a brain fart and Europe gets the shit. Besides the second-order effects of America's global mayhem, they're now attacking with Europe directly.

America has physically bombed Germany's Nord Stream pipeline, cutting off their gas. Germany has both lost its energy source and will get no insurance money, because insurance companies are not idiots. Insurance companies know that it was a government attack, but the Europeans are playing dumb which is the same thing as actually being dumb. Stupid is as stupid does, as Forrest Gump said. Now Europe has to buy much more expensive gas from America, sent over the seas. They were also shipping gas in from the Middle East, but America blew up that trade route also, by attacking the noble Yemenis. Again, almost as if they'd done it on purpose. The Red Sea was only blocked for 'Israeli's' until America attacked noble Yemen. Now they've dragged Europe into this conflict that has nothing to do with them, and which has cut their main southern trade route completely.

Furthermore, the nascent Arctic trade route connecting Europe to resource rich Russia and China has been nipped in the bud because America said 'don't play with them.' And Europe is paying for all this. Not just through higher gas prices and higher everything prices and deindustrialization, Europe is literally supposed to pay 2% of its GDP as protection money. That's all NATO is. A protection racket which actually makes Europe far less safe, and a pariah internationally.

Europe has been conquered by America, but they'd rather die racist than live free. They are, as Americans openly call them, cheese eating surrender monkeys. Making whine out of sour grapes, Europeans direct their ire towards the Africans and Arabs that brought them civilization and tried to teach them basic hygiene (bum washing, which stopped around the line of Muslim 'discoveries').

Meanwhile their real enemies, the Americans, are rapidly deindustrializing them and giving them McDonald's and other hate crimes. They've been colonized lol. Honestly, it couldn't happen to worse people—the violent tribes of Europe have been a terror to themselves and the world—though some I assume, are good people.

This is the new Ironic Curtain, falling during Cold War II, or is this World War III? The irony is that what America's 'free world' are actually the most repressed people on Earth. It seemed good while the getting was good, but now that America has hit hard times, they're the first to be sacrificed. Europeans are free to sacrifice their economy to war with Russia, free to sacrifice their (entirely imaginary) morality on behalf of 'Israel', and to watch America openly profit from their misery. America is stripping their armories to obliterate Ukraine, and now Europeans have to pay to refill them. America is stripping their energy supplies by bombing them, and Europeans have to buy American gas at a premium. And America has blown up their southern trade routes by picking a fight—and losing—to the brave Yemenis. In addition to the horror of being associated with (even more) genocide, Europeans now have the humiliation of being lorded over by Americans.

It's insult upon injury. With friends like these, who needs enemies? If Europeans could just overcome their superiority complex and accept that they're a part of Asia, they might have a fighting chance to join the rest of the world, but white supremacy is the hill they will die on. White supremacy is the very foundation of European identity and it makes them most faithful vassals to America's White Empire, until they finally implode the way Europeans traditionally do. Into fascism and pogroms against random people. Europe was liberated from Nazis only to be colonized by the white supremacist Empire that inspired the Nazis. Oh, the irony.