Unfollow The Media, Follow The Resistance

Today, there’s a rebellion against the White Empire, but you wouldn’t know it from the western media. They’re still condemning those pesky rebels for attacking the Death Star, and explaining why the Empire needs to incinerate an entire population in response. “Millions of voices suddenly crying out in terror” is apparently a good thing, if you just STFU about it.

They tell you to worry about students saying the word ‘genocide’, and to ignore the nuclear-armed states actually doing it. They lie about beheaded babies to actually murder children. They lie about raped white women to actually lynch an entire population. As Malcolm X said, “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

It’s not just that western media is actively evil, they’re also passively dumb. They use passive voice to say that Palestinians just ‘die’ or hospitals spontaneously ‘explode,’ displaying less editorial standards than Clippy from MS Word. They repeat whatever Israel says, despite Israel constantly lying and making them look like idiots. They present everything through an imperial frame (we’re just trying to help!) and miss the big picture entirely; that the Empire has no clothes and a raging hard-on for war. People can see this for themselves, and the western media looks worse than evil. They look like dumbasses.

So what’s the alternative? Well, plenty. Read a book, talk to someone, stare into space. Once you realize that the ‘free’ press of the west is just privatized propaganda, you can’t unrealize it .Anything is better consuming the informational equivalent of fast food, giving you diabetes of the brain or — worse — verbal diarrhea as you repeat this dumb shit to other people. If you are going to consume propaganda — and it’s all propaganda— it might as well be organic propaganda, straight from farm to plate. No GMOs, no IOF, no CIA.

Of course you can always watch/read Al Jazeera, or Al Mayadeen, organizations that earned their stripes by getting attacked by Israel, not embedding with them like CNN and other fakes. But, more interestingly, you can go straight to their sources, and follow the Resistance yourself.

With Telegram and a little working-around Apple/Google censorship, you can follow Hamas’s Al-Qassam Brigades, Hezbollah, and Abu Obeida himself. You can follow Ansar Allah Media Center from Yemen, Sabereen for the Iraqi resistance, or great analysts like Fotros Resistance and the Resistance News Network, who aggregate all of the above. You have to take all of this information with plenty of salt and I, in fact, cannot vouch for the provenance of any of them, but you should be doing that with media anyways.

When I say ‘work-around’ what I mean is that the App Store versions of Telegram will censor many of these accounts. However, you can access them on a modern Huawei phone (I assume), or by simply using Telegram Desktop or Web, which is what I do. Since most of these accounts are in Arabic, you’ll need Telegram Premium to auto-translate them. Once you do, however, you will have completely broken out of the app-proved, western, English-speaking worldview, and that’s a much better way of viewing the world, which is not western or English-speaking at all.

Through these specific accounts, you can follow the ongoing rebellion against Empire through GoPros trapped to actual Resistance fighters instead of professional propagandists phoning it in from hotel rooms. You can get analysis from people who aren’t, like western pundits, paid to deliberate not understand things. You’ll also encounter a lot of dead people and killing because there’s a war on, so it’s not for the faint-hearted. As I mentioned, staring into space is a perfectly viable alternative too.

It is honestly a lot of information (which I’ve just scratched the surface of), and you cannot possibly agree with all of it, but if you want a direct rather than a directed source, it is out there. It is possible to get information straight from the horse’s mouth, rather than bullshit from dumbasses, as most media consumers are used to. So unfollow the media and follow the Resistance. Actually listen to the people you’re supposed to hate and you might be surprised what they tell you. Even if you still consider these people enemies, there is no greater teacher than the enemy.

I, however, consider White Empire the enemy, and I get some comfort from the people fighting them, and winning. All three legs of Empire — military, money, and media— are visibly shaking and the stool will be just a historical piece of shit soon enough. There’s a rebellion on, and Telegram is the new pirate radio. Millions of voices are crying out in terror, but billions can hear them, without the filter of white noise. It’s a brave new world, and the brave people fighting for it have Telegram accounts. You, too, can follow along.