To Black Voters, Thank You From The World

Our future was on the ballot, and black people voted for us

Stacy Abrams, continuing the centuries long struggle for freedom

As much as America deserves to burn, the Earth burns with them. America’s demented gameshow election has a huge effect on climate change. On Earth. Where I live.

If only white Americans voted, Trump would have been re-elected in a landslide. The only thing standing between the Earth and unchecked climate change (among other evils) is black voters. I know they’re not voting for that reason, but African-Americans can at least see evil and act accordingly.

Thank you.

The only global citizens

Exit poll demographics

Well over 85% of the world disapproves of Donald Trump. We’re all looking at your election like “WTF is wrong with you people? He’s killing you and we’re next.” Only African-Americans are completely with us, the sane people.

87% of black people voted for Biden. 91% of black women. This is the only way any decent human being should vote, but white people are insane. Some of them, I assume, are good people.

White Americans would rather own the libs than live. They’re rather burn their society down than share it with their minorities. They of course don’t give a shit about the Earth, which is full of ‘minorities’.

That is why I say all of these problems are connected. Why this vote effects us all. The evil of white supremacy cannot be contained. Having a white supremacist President is bad for the world. It’s bad for the Earth. And yet we cannot vote for our lives. We can only watch, in horror. Only African-Americans truly stand with us at this time.

Georgia on my mind

As I write this, Georgia has turned. Despite Biden leading by a landslide of over 4 million votes, Americans must play this dumb racist map game every four years. The Electoral College was designed to preserve enslavers power, and it preserves white power still. America is not founded on voting at all. It’s founded on voter suppression.

It is important to remember that America’s Founding Fathers never gave anyone freedom or democracy. They just didn’t want to pay taxes. At Independence, only 6% of people could vote. Even poorer whites in the Continental Army were disenfranchised. It was only the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s that established something like a right to vote (well after 56 other countries). Black people brought freedom and democracy to America. Not whites.

We live in a time when those freedoms are being rolled back. Again. The Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act and Georgia started… gutting voter rights. Their Secretary of State purged voters from an election he was running in and beat Stacy Abrams largely through voter suppression. This is now the playbook for Republicans nationwide. Not winning more votes. Suppressing more.

Instead of giving up, however, Abrams kept organizing. Along with many other people, most of them seemingly black women. That’s a big reason that Georgia is turning today.

Just look at what’s happening in the exit polls:

White people are voting overwhelmingly for Trump. What assholes. It’s black people turning the state, and thus the nation, and thus the world. It’s crazy, but 537 votes in Florida meant America’s Terror War — killing over a million people and displacing 37 million. A few hundred votes in Georgia may be even more important. That’s how big climate change is.

I know that African-Americans voted for their own reasons, but their decency has global effects. Black people are obviously not thinking of our overheated asses, but they are at least thinking, which makes all the difference. These problems all come from the same root — the obvious evil of Trump and the Republican Party. The world can see this. African-Americans can see this. But only they have the vote. Thank God they’ve fought for it, and used it.

The result of black people turning out in Georgia and all over is that I have some hope for my island nation. I hate the power that America has over us, but the fact is that every beach I know will be gone if we don’t slow climate change down, and we can’t do it while America is hitting the gas. Black voters have, inshallah, given us a chance. It’s not just Atlanta, it’s Philly, Detroit, Milwaukee. Thank you.

The majority minority

If it was not for the minorities in America, the majority of the world would be fucked. The descendants of people America kidnapped are the only ones that can set us free.

American settler colonialism is a cancer still growing.

The fact is that America is public enemy #1 right now. Not ISIS, not nukes, America. Only America — out of 196 countries — has withdrawn from the Paris Accords. It’s America against the world. They’ve played Russian Roulette with COVID-19 and blown their own face off. Now with climate change, the gun is pointed at us all.

White Americans do not believe this. They cannot understand that they are the bad guys. That’s why they keep voting for more. Black Americans know. That’s why they don’t.

Violent white power murdered the people and raped the land of North America, stole people from Africa, and bombed the shit out of the Middle East. Now they’ve come for the whole damn Earth. The air that touches every lung of every child born today. While white liberals are outraged about Russians hacking them, Republicans are hacking the planet. Climate change. Disease. Fascism. War. Only black people understand the existential threat of white power. The threat to lives. Only they voted accordingly.

Black Power

I write this not as a hagiography to black people. Some black people would love to support Republican policies, if the police would stop killing them for a minute. A minority is just someone who hasn’t had the power to oppress someone else yet. I know this.

And yet.

African-Americans have done so much. I used to love America for its ideals, but I see now that they never lived up to them. African-Americans did. They have fought for freedom. They have fought for democracy. They brought universal suffrage to America. Though they keep getting beaten down, they keep getting up. They’re doing it right now.

Do I know how this election will turn out? No. What America calls democracy is a Rube Goldberg machine of racism and knives. But I know what African Americans have done. I respect that. I am grateful.

I am a random-ass Sri Lankan — about to go underwater — and the only people that stood up for me were black people, even if they didn’t know it. They at least knew evil when they saw it, and they voted against it, in numbers. They voted for decency, for humanity, for goddam self-preservation. They voted for us. For the human race.

Thank you. You’re obviously not done. You’re never done. Good luck.

However America’s vote goes, thank you. I’m a majority man where I live and not a natural ally at all. Anti-black racism is everywhere, including where I live, in Sri Lanka. Black people often get treated rudely on the subcontinent. I’m sorry. Basically it’s hard wherever you go but you keep fighting. I’m sorry that the world is shit and thank you for making it better. You are appreciated.

Also much respect to the Navajo Nation which voted in Arizona. Ya’ah’teeh.

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