There’s No Clash Of Civilizations, Just A Crash Of One

Destruction, from the Course Of Empire by Thomas Cole. “In the foreground a statue of some venerable hero stands headless, still striding forward into the uncertain future. In the waning light of late afternoon, the dead lie where they fell, in fountains and atop the monuments built to celebrate the affluence of the now fallen civilization.”

In 1996 Samuel P. Huntington wrote The Clash of Civilizations, but it hasn’t quite worked out like that. It’s more like the crash of one. The question is what made America powerful, and why does it suck now?

This dude Jeffery R. Barnett whittled it down to 14 points which Huntington referenced in his book. As Andrei Martyanov said, “No person with common sense could deny that, with possibly some minor additions to this list, it is a generally correct framework for identifying the key factors which make a civilization, or a specific nation, strong and, in many cases, dominant.”

Let’s look at the 14 points, and then see how the latest flag-bearer of White Empire is doing now.


1. Owns and operates the international banking system;
2. Controls all hard currencies;
3. Is the world’s principal customer;
4. Provides the majority of the world’s finished goods;
5. Dominates international capital markets;
6. Exerts considerable moral leadership within many societies;
7. Is capable of massive military intervention;
8. Controls the sea lanes;
9. Conducts most advanced technical research and development;
10. Controls leading-edge technical education;
11. Dominates access to space;
12. Dominates aerospace industry;
13. Dominates international communications;
14. Dominates the high-tech weapons industry.

Even at the time that this was written in 1994, cited in 1996, and recited by Martyanov in 2008, White Empire’s power was already fading, point by point. Economically, morally, militarily, and industrially. It was always obvious that this was going to happen. Now it’s obviously happening. Let’s go through it—if not point by point—chunk by chunk.

A) Money

1. Owns and operates the international banking system;
2. Controls all hard currencies;

America (the latest capital of White Empire) has controlled the international banking system, had the hardest currency, and even forged it into a weapon. Countries like Iran were cut off from the SWIFT messaging system, Venezuela had their gold stolen through the vassal state of the UK, and Afghanistan had its reserves outright stolen.

Empire was able to flex by starving and depriving entire populations but now in 2022 they’ve picked on someone their own size in Russia, and it’s not going well. Empire’s attempt to ‘reduce the ruble to rubble’ has instead hurt its own allies, starved the world’s poor, and caused inflation at home.

Biden calls the blowback ‘Putin’s price hike’ not realizing what a colossal admission of defeat this is. If someone else is hiking your prices, what does that say about imperial power. The Emperor has no clothes.

The truth is that it’s Biden’s price hike, in that he decided to unilaterally sanction Russia without thinking it through. He’s imposed huge costs on allies and peasants alike, and many of them are just fucking off from imperial control.

Via ZeroHedge

The key wedge state in Imperium is India, the only comparable population to China, and they want no part of these sanctions. India is hoovering up cheap Russian oil and even reselling it back to Europe. China has increased their energy supply even more. Empire is starving its allies while its enemies and frenemies gorge. It’s a historic self-own.

Now Russia and China have accelerated their own alternatives to SWIFT and the imperial banking system, countries like Saudi Arabia are trading crude in yuan, and even Europe, the ancestral home of white supremacy, is buying energy with rubles now. The Empire got used to roughing up poor countries, but now they’ve hit someone resource-rich who doesn’t give a fuck. The financial weapon forged by Empire has broken.

B) Stuff