The West Is Showing Its Whole Genocidal Ass

The Times talking about mutilated Israeli babies, while actually showing Palestinians. That’s how lazy the propaganda is. The thing about incitement to genocide is that it doesn’t need to make sense. It is, in fact, better if it doesn’t.

The West — its media, its politicians, and far too many of its people — is now openly genocidal. We are witnessing an industrial, mass media, globalized pogrom. The genocide of Gaza.

Israel has openly called Palestinians ‘animals’ and is bombing a civilian population — half of them children — with heavy munitions and burning white phosphorus. The US President has spread known lies about beheading babies, a classic pretext for inciting a pogrom. When a cease-fire was even brought up, the White House press secretary said “We believe they’re wrong. We believe they’re repugnant.” In places like France and Germany, protests are criminalized and even the Palestinian flag is banned. The whole, preening, moralizing western world has just gone completely genocidal.

Right now, we are now witnessing massive ethnic cleansing as Israel orders 1.1 million Palestinians to move while they level the north of Gaza. There is actually no exit from Gaza, it is an open air prison. Israel shoots anyone who tries to get out on their side and has bombed the exit to Egypt. America has pulled up an aircraft carrier to prevent any relief from sea. This is absolute genocide, murder, and war crimes upon war crimes. As Arnard Bertrand says, “The absence of any public opposition to this by Western governments means morality, human rights, basic humanity has completely collapsed in the West, everything they claim “their values” stand for.” As Pawel Wargan says, “Every single Western leader has financed, armed, covered for, or egged on the perpetrators of this massacre. A lifetime of shame is too lenient a punishment. The whole edifice of their fraudulent world needs to be torn down.”

In this depraved context, Hamas are by far the reasonable ones. Just listen to their press conference for yourself. Westerners are told to hate Hamas despite having no clue about them. It works because they have been coded to hate Muslims for generations now, they just change the acronym every few years. It’s the same ‘white man’s burden’ and the same savages that need to be executed. Hamas speaks about having the right to armed resistance and Israel conducing a genocide. All of which is true. Listen to their press conference yourself (it’s in English). They sound much more reasonable than western leaders, who are openly baying for blood.

Keir Starmer, Labour leader in the UK, seems to think that denying food and water to a civilian population is within ‘international law’. Republican Nikki Haley has told Israel to ‘finish them’, Lindsey Graham has said ‘level the place’, and Marco Rubio said ‘they have to be eradicated.’ Even liberals uncomfortable with open genocide still qualify their statements with how bad Hamas (ie, the resistance) is, calling for a return to the slowly genocidal status quo, ie the thole thing not bothering them.

All of the talk of human rights, of freedom, of democracy, it’s all just weapons in the hands of these genocidal people. They’ve been using the idea of Muslim rights to attack China for years, but one wishes for something like China’s Uyghur policy in Israel. China had a terrorism problem and, rather than bombing and torturing people, put a lot of people in re-education camps and pumped economic development into Xinjiang province. Westerners have complained bitterly about this, but what is their solution? Sanction people into poverty, have them live under stateless apartheid, and then finally starve and bomb them to death when they finally explode? What absolute ghouls, masquerading as moral authorities. Human rights is just another weapon for them, to beat their many enemies over the head with.

We should have known that these colonizers who came up on genocide and theft never actually changed. They simply replaced talk of ‘civilizing’ us with talk of ‘human rights’. Whatever the words, it was always a pretext to take our land and murder us. All of their fine words go out the window for a good old Muslim pogrom, which they do at least once a decade now. America and Europe came up by genociding and stealing, and Israel is their colonial outpost. Of course they back their open genocide of the Palestinians now. This is what the White Empire was founded on. This is what it does. This is who they are. As Sony Thang said:

If I were to chronicle every city, every village, every innocent life scarred by the relentless American bombardment since WWII, pages would run out before their conscience does.From Hiroshima’s ashes to Korea’s burning towns, Vietnam’s napalmed children, Laos and Cambodia’s secret scars, the shattered remnants of Yugoslavia, the blood-soaked sands of Iraq, Afghanistan’s mournful mountains, Libya’s toppled streets, to Syria’s gasping wounds, and beyond.How many more must suffer before the world says ‘enough’?

Westerners talk about the post-war era, but it’s been endless war for us in the South, including the open wound of the Israeli occupation. They only call it war if white people are dying, and if a few white people die, there must be absolute rivers of our blood in return. Westerners showed half their ass in the Ukraine War, where they were suddenly repulsed by invasions, after invading random countries for decades. As Daniel Hannan wrote in the Telegraph, about Ukrainians: “They seem so like us. That is what makes it so shocking. Ukraine is a European country. Its people watch Netflix and have Instagram accounts, vote in free elections and read uncensored newspapers. War is no longer something visited upon impoverished and remote populations.”

Note the genocidal passive voice. War is something‘visited upon impoverished and remote populations’, as if western bombs and warships are not actively seeking them out. As if the West has no choice in the matter. This genocidal passive voice is pervasive because they do not view us as human. The BBC says Israeli’s were ‘killed’ while Palestinians just ‘die’. If they mention the deaths at all. As Yanis Varoufakis said, “When Palestinian fighters commit war crimes, the West/Press loses no time to speak of “acts of pure evil”. When the Israeli military commit war crimes, the West/Press describes them as “inevitable”, as Acts of God— like a Volcano erupting as is its wont, as its nature dictates.”

What’s missing from even Yanis’s take is that there is simply no comparison between those resisting an occupation and those doing it. Palestinians have tried every route for their rights and find themselves in a concentration camp for their troubles. They have the right to armed resistance and even Hamas has been far more restrained than the Israeli Army, which openly calls Palestinians animals and murders entire families, men, women, and children. An Israel Parliamentarian openly said “Right now, one goal: Nakba! A Nakba that will overshadow the Nakba of ‘48.” What was the Nakba of ‘48? The original ethnic cleansing of the native Palestine. They want to finish the job. A final solution.

What we are witnessing is a globalized pogrom. I know because I’ve sadly seen it in my own country. It starts with lies, the most lurid and false the better. With Israel and the West, every lie they tell to justify their violence is what they actually do. The West lied about Iraq pulling babies out of incubators, and now Israel has cut off electricity to the entire Gaza, killing every child requiring one. They spread lies about babies being ripped out of wombs, something Israeli soldiers actually did in the Sabra and Shatila massacre. Jamie Lee Curtis posted a picture of ‘Israeli’ children hiding from bombs, and took it down when it turned out to be Palestinians.

I have seen these lies before in my own country (Sri Lanka) which has had far too much racial violence. Pogroms are always started by hate speech like this, but I’ve never seen it at this scale, even after 9/11. There is just an absolute orgy of hate speech across western politicians and media and even the mention of cease-fire is called repugnant. The West has always been slowly and structurally genocidal and evil, but now it’s happening fast and in the open. They are openly arming, cheering, and calling for genocide and this vicious, globalized, pogrom is happening right in front of us. The West is showing its whole genocidal ass right now. If we ever take them seriously after this, the fools are us. This ‘rules-based order’ is just the rule of violence and hypocrisy over all. We need to break the rules, and tear this wicked White Empire down. It’s not just the death of the Palestinians. It’s the death of the planet, it’s the death of us all.