The Rise Of Cringe Propaganda

An AI representation of the Captain of the USS Eisenhower, ‘Chowdah’ Hill. I didn’t make this. They actually think it’s cool. Via

American propaganda today consists of the Captain of the USS Eisenhower eating cookies, constantly. ‘Israeli’ propaganda consists of soldiers dancing really badly, and also constantly. WTF is going on? I suppose the Empire is trying to convey how dominant they are, but all I’m seeing is decadence and decline. Meanwhile on the actual battlefield, Empire’s unseriousness is belied by serious losses. Empire is losing on every front, including the propaganda war.

America just lost a serious battle in the Red Sea, where they tried to ram some cargo through with a naval escort. They got fired upon by Yemen and had to retreat. What was America’s flagship doing at the time? Captain ‘Chowdah’ invited some debt slave to the bridge and said, “they get to drive the ship and receive a box of cookies.” America has literally lost control of international shipping lanes, and this guy is letting randos steer the aircraft carrier. The US Navy thinks they’re making jokes, but they don’t get it. They are one.

Also this week, ‘Israel’ lost at least 21 soldiers who were demolishing a civilian house (war crime #75,059). They got blown up with their own explosives by one (1) Hamas fighter who shot an RPG through the window. That incredibly brave fighter then circled around and blew up a tank for good measure. What was ‘Israel’s’ response? They blew up 21 more civilian houses and filmed it. They’re not confessing to war crimes, they’re bragging. But how does this work for the point of this war, which is deterrence? Far from deterring their enemies, they’re making them angry by being so evil, and emboldening them by being so bad at it. Another video circulating right now has an IOF deputy commander taking fire and hugging a blankie. This does not inspire confidence, let alone terror.

A Deputy Batallion Commander in the IOF, Major David Nati Alfasi

‘Israel’s’ entire existence is based on deterrence and America’s entire empire is based on projecting power, and this is all getting blown up by their own propaganda. ‘Israeli’ troops are releasing countless videos of terrible dancing as if this is somehow intimidating. America is posting videos of them making highly elaborate coffees as if this is some sort of super weapon. Meanwhile, the only videos I see from the Resistance are them methodically targeting troop concentrations and observation towers. The only ‘leisure’ activity I have ever seen from the Resistance is them praying. The Empire are a bunch of jokers, and the Resistance is not playing around. And you can see the results on the battlefield.

America has lost the Red Sea. Yemen was just blocking ‘Israeli’ shipping before, but since America bombed them, Ansar Allah started blocking American and British shipping also. America’s intervention has just made things worse, for themselves. Other ships are happily passing through and advertising NO ISRAEL/US INVOLVE. This is a Suez Crisis moment for America (ie the moment the British Empire fell fell), but you wouldn’t know it from the USS Eisenhower. They’re posting about new T-shirts! and TACO TUESDAY! And this is their captain speaking! These are fundamentally unserious people in a very serious situation. Just compare them to actual warriors from Yemen.

Brigadier General Abdul Salam Jahaf of Yemen says “We swear, even if we turned into atoms scattered in the air, we will not leave Gaza. We will continue to target Zionist ships and those going to the Zionist entity. We will confront America, make it kneel, burn its warships, all its bases, and anyone who cooperates with it.” Meanwhile Captain ‘Chowdah’ of the US Navy says, “Attempted a conversation with Captain Demo, and he just glared at me like I was some crazy guy.” The American is literally talking to his dog, and the dog is the most intelligent person in the conversation.

Meanwhile on land, ‘Israel’ has lost the ground battle for Gaza. The places they claimed to ‘secure’ are still firing rockets, they’ve eliminated none of the Hamas leadership in Gaza, and the IOF are still taking (censored) casualties. After 111 days in Gaza they’ve accomplished zero military objectives and have just been indicted for genocide (we’ll see how that goes). ‘Israeli’ colonists in the south still can’t return, and even more colonists in the north have been forced out by Hezbollah. Like America, ‘Israel’s’ violent intervention has just made their own situation worse. They’re motivating their enemies and horrifying the entire world.

To add self-insult to self-injury, they’re posting videos of themselves dancing, and dressing up as dinosaurs, and all manner of absurdities. Then they also post atrocities like blowing up peoples houses and going through women’s underwear. Either military discipline has completely broken down, or their leaders thought this was a good idea. I don’t know which is worse.‘Israel’s’ entire existence is based on being this terrifying professional army, but they just look like genocidal amateurs.

These imperial troops run around shooting buildings and air, when they’re not attacking civilian and conquering hospitals. They act like they’re on a teenage ‘Deathright’ tour, posting about food and clothes and random bullshit. Meanwhile back on the mothership, the ‘adults in charge’ of aircraft carriers are talking about fucking cookies and who gets to sit in the captain’s chair! These people act like children when they’re not killing children. It’s positively deranged.

What I don’t get is why they don’t get it. Why are they still posting dog and dance videos like they’re supremely moisturized and unbothered? It’s literally like the‘this is fine’meme, where the dog is drinking coffee while everything is on fire around him. That idiot Captain Chowdah is posting Top 5 Coffee Orders On The USS Eisenhower! and then following up with recipes from the frankly confused crew. It’s social media delivered by sociopaths. It’s an Empire in terminal decline led by people who are terminally online and it’s honestly just embarrassing. The latest propaganda is cringe propaganda and it’s fucking awful.

What I find extra confusing is that the decentralized Resistance is much more disciplined than the supposed unipolar power. While the Empire has outsourced its propaganda to 19-year-olds’ individual TikTok accounts, the Resistance produces professional videos that get circulated and shown on satellite TV across the Dirty South. There are zero lapses in message discipline, zero war crimes, and even a shared design language across disparate groups. Al Qassam uses red triangles for targets, Sarya Al-Quds uses yellow, etc. Shit is real in the field.

And that discipline is reflected on the ground. Al Qassam (Hamas) posts daily videos of them methodically tracking tanks and bulldozers and blowing them up. Sarya Al-Quds post video of them capturing an ‘Israeli’ drone, extracting data from it, and using that to target enemy forces. Hezbollah posts video of them targeting ‘Israeli’ observation towers, and methodically blowing them up.

I have seen many videos of IOF soldiers spanking each other’s butts but I have never seen such things from the Resistance. I have only seen them spanking the IOF, and I have seen this over and over. Military speaking, it’s no contest. Imperial troops can still inflict tragedy after tragedy against defenseless civilians, but against anybody that shoots back, they’re a farce. And so that’s how they go out. An army can survive losing, but they can’t survive being laughed at, and people are laughing at Empire all over the world now (when they’re not crying). When it comes to these Hubristic Dumbasses, all the cringe propaganda and all the cringe captains, cannot put Empire together again.