🧭 The Praxis Of Resistance

Israel/America is embattled in every direction. They are getting caned from underground in Gaza, bombed from the north by Hezbollah, blockaded from the south by Yemen, attacked from the east by Syrians, Iraqis, and Iran, and most of the world hates them — including most westerners. The radar is pinging ‘incoming’ from every corner, and it’s all Resistance.

We’ll discuss the multiple fronts ‘Israel’ is fighting on, but first it’s important to remember that ‘Israel’ is a front. ‘Israel’ would collapse in a week without western munitions, they’re just there because Empire wants them there, as a garrison state near the gas station. All of Israel’s allies—the UK, Europe, Australia—are fronts also. They’re just America’s bitches, barking. America itself is a front for what I call White Empire, the continuous regime of colonization that changes capitals and keeps going.

These carbon crusaders are what the ‘Axis of Resistance’ is fighting, and the rebellion has spread in every direction. From the moral center of the Al Aqsa mosque, the Al Aqsa Flood has spread to the north, south, east, and west. Countless long-suffering people have answered the call of the long-suffering people of Palestine (and some notable nations haven’t). We’ve gone over who the Resistance is previously. Now we’ll discuss where they are, and what they’re doing to resist.

This is the Praxis of Resistance.

The Northern Front (Hezbollah)

Hezbollah is a Resistance Army which does one thing and one thing only. Resist colonization. Analyzing the scent, their leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said in 1986, “priority should be given to removing Israel from the scene, because it was established for the express purpose of dividing and partitioning the Muslim world. We are not only against the partition of Lebanon, but also against the partition of the Muslim world; this explains why we see no alternative to fighting Israel, with all means at our disposal, until it ceases to exist.” Israel is still around and Hezbollah is still resisting. They’re nothing if not patient.

I follow Hezbollah on Telegram and they preface every martyrdom notice with the following message. “Among the believers are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah. Some of them have fulfilled their vow, and some are still waiting, and they have not changed in the least.” I think that describes Hezbollah’s attitude in general. Hezbollah has graduated from suicide bombing to using sophisticated Iranian bombs, but the point of their resistance is unchanging. They’re here to kick Israel out, and all the carbon crusaders with them. They did it in 2006 in Lebanon and they’ve only gotten stronger. They were the first to answer the call of the Al Aqsa Flood on October 7th, as Nasrallah said on November 3rd:

I am telling you we have been engaged in this battle since October 8th. The Islamic resistance in Lebanon started operations the very next day after Al-Aqsa [Flood]. We had no knowledge, honestly speaking, like any other party in the world. We moved in to a second phase the very following day, operations were launched from Shebaa Farms and the other surrounding hills, then extended all across the borderline with occupied Palestine. You have, and are still, monitoring the details of the daily operations.

What has taken place on our front is very important and significant.

Those who claim that Hezbollah should engage swiftly in an all-out war with the enemy may see what’s taken place on the border as minimal, but if we look at what’s taken place on our border objectively, we will find it sizable. Yet, I assure you, this will not be the end. This will not be sufficient.

What’s taken place on our Lebanese front, it is on one hand unprecedented since 1948 — the creation of this Zionist entity and the presence of Israeli posts on our borders — and since the illegal occupation settlements on the north of the occupied Palestine, on the borderline with Lebanon.

What has taken place since October 8th is unprecedented, that all the Israeli positions from the sea to the heights of Shebaa Farms and (inaudible) to reel under daily intensified offensive operations, targeting these posts and what’s in between: tanks, armoured vehicles, drones, clusters of personnel, and above all, technical installations which are the eyes and ears of Israel.

If you follow @Hezbollah on Telegram you can see them doing what he’s saying here. Taking out tanks, personnel, and intelligence outposts. Here’s just a summary of their activities on a random day (Sunday, December 17th), via @FotrosResistance:

— 🟡 Hezbollah (10 operations):

🔻Targeted a fortified position of IOF soldiers at Birkat Risha site, using appropriate weapons. There are confirmed injuries.
🔻Targeted a military force in the vicinity of Hanita site with appropriate weapons, with confirmed casualties,
🔻Targeted a group of 4 IOF soldiers as they entered an eastern Sa’sa position, using appropriate weapons, resulting in confirmed injuries among them.
🔻Targeted a gathering of IOF soldiers in the Adathir forest with appropriate weapons, inflicting direct injuries.
🔻Targeted the Jal al-Alam IOF site with appropriate weapons.
🔻Targeted an israeli army crane, with soldiers installing technical & espionage equipment in Duviv with appropriate weapons, destroying the equipments.
🔻Targeted the al-Rahib IOF site with appropriate weapons.
🔻Targeted a newly established command HQ near Even Manahim with appropriate weapons.
🔻Targeted the Avivim barracks with appropriate weapons.
🔻Targeted a gathering of army vehicles & soldiers in the vicinity of Hunin with appropriate weapons.

This is all backed up by photo and video evidence, not to mention the death notices of their martyrs, like this one:

Thanks largely to Iran, Hezbollah is a real army now, and really formidable. They’re using only a fraction of their available arms and steadily ratcheting the pressure upwards. Now they’ve opened a serious front in north Palestine, and Israel has had to evacuate dozens of colonies and thousands of colonizers. They’ve also had to divert at least a third of their troops and most of their air defenses. As one occupying soldier, Aviv Telem, said “Hezbollah is 10 times bigger than Hamas, so we are a lot more afraid about what can happen here. They have a lot more efficient weapons, missiles, more [precise] missiles. … They can target anything they want.”

And that’s precisely what’s happening. Hezbollah has been targeting exactly what Nasrallah said they’d target, “tanks, armoured vehicles, drones, clusters of personnel, and above all, technical installations which are the eyes and ears of Israel.” And they’re doing it strategically. As Nasrallah continued, “We haven’t reached a knock-out victory. We still need time to be more realistic. We are winning victory by points, not a knock-out victory. This is what happened in 2002 and 2006 in Lebanon, and this is what happened with the Gazans, and similarly resistance fighters in the West Bank, Iraq and Afghanistan. Fortitude; patience; bravery; this is what we have and this is our strength. This is what the enemy lacks.”

Hezbollah keeps winning on military points in the north, while Israel strikes back with wild strikes and threats against civilians. They invented what’s called the Dahiya Doctrine in Lebanon, a ‘strategy’ that encodes war crimes as policy. Israel embraces disproportionality and the purposeful targeting of civilians. As former northern commander Gadi Eisenkot said in 2008 (via the US Army War College):

“What happened in the Dahya quarter in Beirut in 2006 will happen in every village from which Israel is fired on. We will apply disproportionate force on it and cause great damage and destruction there.” He went on to say, “From our standpoint, these are not civilian villages, they are military bases.” Leaving no space for ambiguity, Eisenkot added “This is not a recommendation. This is a plan. And it has been approved.

Hence Israel is acting like terrorists and targeting civilians in Lebanon (as usual) while Hezbollah is acting like a real army and destroying the real terrorists. Israel has been forced to pull at least a third of its troops and most of its air defenses onto the northern front, where they’re getting systematically degraded. And bear in mind, this is just one front White Empire is fighting on. Let’s move on to the next one.

South (Yemen)

In the south, Yemen has opened up a major front, or more specifically closed it to ‘Israel’ and the West in general. Yemen has bravely imposed a blockade on Israeli and Israel-bound vessels until the starvation siege on Gaza is lifted. Though Yemen has assured safety for other vessels, the global shipping industry has simply shitting itself in response.

Now almost nothing is moving through the Red Sea at all, a self-imposed hartal in (involuntary) solidarity with Palestine. The Red Sea carries about 12% of global trade and around 30% of container traffic, not to mention essentials like jet fuel. Yemen has parted the Red Sea and the Pharaoh can’t do much about it.

Via Twitter user Detresfa_, and out of date already

Empire simply doesn’t have many good options against Yemen. What are they going to do, bomb them into the Stone Age? They’ve been doing that for nearly a decade now, and Yemen has entered the Space Age instead, attacking Israel with the first ballistic missile fired through space. Yemen has Iranian (and other) missiles that can go 2,000 km and anti-ship missiles that can go 500 km, which are all overkill for the task at hand. The Bab al-Mandab Strait is only 32 km across.

The United States itself war-gamed a scenario like this in 2002, imagining what would happen if Iran blocked the Strait of Hormuz (other side, near UAE). The Iranian ‘team’ was represented by General Paul Van Riper, and they won (until the war gamers changed the rules to cover it up). As William Schryver wrote:

Van Riper, however, did not act according to the expectations of the desk-jockey analysts in the Pentagon. Rather, he waited until the naval task force had transited the Strait of Hormuz, and then he launched salvos of land-based ballistic missiles, anti-ship missiles launched from low-flying planes and helicopters, and swarms of elusive “fast boats” against the flotilla of ships. This attack entirely overwhelmed the defense capabilities of the fleet, and in a matter of mere minutes, all nineteen ships in the task force had been sunk, along with their entire complement of 20,000 sailors and marines.

Yemen has all of this stuff today, both from Iran and homemade. As Schryver said, “the US military is substantially weakened since its high-water mark of dominance in 2002, [and] the Iranians are significantly more formidable in every category of asymmetric advantage Van Riper exploited in 2002 to sink an entire US fleet.” The same logic applies to Yemen. Yemen has the steel and the balls to use it. Yemen more than anybody knows what Gaza is going through and they’re fully committed. They understand that the fates of all oppressed people in the region are connected, that the colonizers are colonizing everybody.

As Yemeni military spokesman Yayha Saree recently said:

If we look at the crimes being committed in Gaza, they’re similar to the ones that were committed against us in the past nine years. Bombarding hospitals? They bombarded our hospitals. Bombarding markets? They bombarded our markets. Bombarding schools? They bombarded our school. Bombarding roads, people while they’re soundly sleeping in their homes, just like it happened to us.It’s the same aggressor.The same American bombs being poured on Gaza were the same ones being poured on us in Yemen. The aggressor is one, the aggression is one, the leader of it is one — America. The one who led the aggression in Yemen is the same one who is leading it in Palestine.

Majority were saying “Strike Israel, we dare you!” We struck them. They said “seize a ship, we dare you!” We seized one and took it to our port in Hodeidah. It greatly honors us that we mobilized against the enemy. That we are confronting the Zionist enemy who is aggressing on Palestine and our homeland. We will continue to confront the American-Israeli enemy until the aggression on Gaza stops.

As for the battle in our homeland, we are, God willing, fully prepared and ready for anything from the enemy. If Saudi and Emirates even think of leading an aggression on us, commanded by Israel and USA, we are present and ready. They tried us for nine years, if they want to do it again, we’re here and we’re ready. As for America and Israel, if they attack our homeland, they will commit foolishness they’ve never committed before. The response will be fierce, from the people and the armed forces.

We are with our brothers in Palestine and Lebanon in facing Israel because they’re our greatest enemy. We didn’t say “Death to America!” with our heads turnt, we are serious about it.

Yemen is serious, and Empire is in serious trouble here. Their only options are ceasefire or escalation. The former makes them look weak and the latter will materially weaken them. They’re stuck in the Red Sea, along with all the shipping. America has assembled a ‘coalition of the colonized’ to dislodge Yemen, but if it were so easy, they would have done it already. Last century Britain lost great power status in the Suez Canal last century, and America is losing it a bit further south.

The Eastern Front (Iran, Iraq, Syria)

America attacked, invaded, and occupied Syria and Iraq multiple times, but (as usual) never finished the job. Empire stole Syria’s oil and Iraq’s money, and the natives have been restless for a long time now. Now, inspired by the Al Aqsa Flood, the local militias (many of whom America armed) are lighting American bases up.

Since the Al Aqsa Flood, American bases have been attacked every day. Nearly a hundred attacks have been recorded with at least 66 casualties, 30 with traumatic brain injury, and one death. And that’s just what America is admitting. America has struck back by martyring rebels, which just makes them more pissed off. The attacks are steadily escalating and America is simply too weak to invade Iraq for a third time and sort it out. Like on the northern front, pressure from the East is steadily, systematically building up, with one goal in mind. Kicking the carbon crusaders out.

To the further further East is Iran, ‘behind’ it all. Iran is a great power, with a military forged in the crucible of unending colonial threats. Iran is the industrial heart of Resistance, supplying weapons (and weapon-making technology) to everyone. These weapons are either equivalent or superior to western technology and they’re much cheaper. Empire is sending million-dollar missiles to shoot down thousand dollar drones and this is obviously unsustainable. American war games had Iran overrunning them 20 years ago, and Iran is much stronger now.

Iran is the reason all these ‘terrorist’ groups are suddenly professional militaries. Suicide bombing is the weapon of the dispossessed, and Iran gave them professional arms. If Iran hadn’t freed itself of western colonization, the whole region would be be a bunch of satraps with football teams and no actual power. But they did, so here we are. Iran is the Arsenal of Resistance, and that’s a can of whup-ass Empire really doesn’t want to open.


The very fact that you can’t see America on this western map shows how much business they have in the Middle East. None. None at all. They’re just a bunch of carbon crusaders, far from home. This idea that the Middle East is complicated is some colonizer bullshit. The only thing complicated is what they’re doing there at all.

However, as Nietzsche said, one can only stare so long into the abyss without the abyss looking back. Western audiences — through all the propaganda — have stared into the unending abyss of Israeli atrocities for months now. Bombing hospitals, killing children, burying people alive with bulldozers, every hour there’s a new war crime, and a new stupid lie justifying it. People in the West can see, and they’re protesting in numbers.

A majority of citizens there oppose the genocide of Gaza, and are discovering that their opinions don’t mean shit, which is eye-opening. America today has politicians openly bribed by a foreign country, a War Secretary from Raytheon (arms dealer), and a Secretary of State who was a shadow lobbyist, ie, professionally corrupt. Corrupt leaders like President Joe Biden can’t even attend their usual bribery parties without getting yelled at, which must feel like an attack to them. So let’s call it a front.

Meanwhile the vassal state of Europe pay for all of this fucking around through higher energy prices and economic collapse, and they’re even more unstable as a result. In European tradition they seem to be going fascist, and even all of America’s Presidential candidates are pro-genocide in one way or another. But these are all signs of an Empire collapsing under its own weight, not one that can push its weight around for long. This is traditionally how empires collapse—over-stretched abroad and divided within—and White Empire is not immune.


The ongoing genocide of Gaza is, on one level, contained to Gaza. It’s a concentration camp turned into an extermination camp, a massacre live-streamed through the mass media. At another level, however, there are multiple fronts across an interconnected, each connected to other wars, both past and future.

For example, Empire’s failure to coup Iran has created a military industrial state in the east. Their retreat from Lebanon in the north has left a much stronger Hezbollah than before. Their failure to crush Yemen has led to a military capable of shutting down regional shipping in the south. Imagine what would have happened if they hadn’t suppressed the revolution in Egypt, and the Muslim Brotherhood was still around?

At the center of this all, their failure to ethnically cleanse Palestine over 75 years has led to this great historical rebellion all around. Empire is thus fighting a war on multiple fronts, while trying to execute an industrial genocide across mass and social media that’s out of their control.

Now bear in mind that we’re only discussing one war Empire is embroiled in, they’re also getting their ass-kicked in Ukraine, trying to start another war with China, and couping everybody from Haiti to Peru to Pakistan.White Empire — centered in America — has bitten off more than it can chew and is choking to death on its own hubris.Unfortunately a dying empire can still kill lots of people, but mark my words, it’s ending. If the rebellion of the oil-bearing lands doesn’t get them, the land itself will run out of oil and the very climate will fall. If the people of Allah don’t get you, Allah themselves will.

Empire today is facing rebellion from north, south, east, and west; from deep underground and from the atmosphere above. There is no stopping this historical process, only delaying it with historical atrocities. The carbon crusaders need to pack their bags, pack up their wretched colony Israel, and go home. The brave and battered people of the Arab and Muslim world are not just talking about resistance, they’re doing it. The suffering of the brave Palestinians is indeed great, but the praxis of resistance is strong.