The Planned Starvation Of Gaza

I don’t want to post pictures of Gazans starving. This is a handmade tatreez from Resistance News Network. You can read what each bit means.

We are witnessing the planned and brutally executed starvation of two million souls. I struggle to engage with this fact directly, I find it viscerally difficult. As Chris Hedges writes in excruciating detail, ‘Israel’ is starving and sickening the people that it couldn’t bomb or shoot. The bodies it couldn’t tear apart with metal are being torn apart from inside, as they run out of clean water and food. ‘Israel’ is bombing food convoys, blocking them with organized protests, and America and its vassals have cut off aid to the UNRWA, to starve these people completely. This is all happening in plain sight. In plain view. It is a historical atrocity, live on the news.

‘Israel’s’ plan from the beginning has been devilishly simple. Just kill everyone. ‘Israel’ has systematically destroyed health facilities to spread disease. They have specifically cut off access to insulin to kill those people. They have cut off oxygen supplies, fuel, medicine in general. Everything that sustains life, because their aim is to kill as many people as possible. 

They have sniped entire families in cars, with the six-year-old child Hind left between the bodies for hours. Then they shot at the ambulances coming to help them. They casually snipe people going for water, in a scene reminiscent of Schindler’s List. This is all calculated and premeditated. ‘Israelis’ are sitting and having meetings about this. People are doing spreadsheets, having Zoom calls, all about how to starve and sicken the maximum amount of people. And then other people are doing it. This is all coordinated with America. They’re all in on it. This is a planned starvation. This is not collateral damage. This is intentional. They want to solve the ‘Palestinian problem’ by literally getting rid of the Palestinians.

You can take their word for it. As former head of the ‘Israeli’ National (Insecurity) Council wrote:

The international community warns us of a humanitarian disaster in Gaza and of severe epidemics. We must not shy away from this, as difficult as that may be. After all, severe epidemics in the south of the Gaza Strip will bring victory closer and reduce casualties among IDF soldiers. And no, this is not about cruelty for cruelty’s sake, since we don’t support the suffering of the other side as a goal but as a means.

Starvation is a means to the end. A solution to the problem of the people you stole land from not shutting up about it. They say the cruelty is not for cruelty’s sake, but for the young child whose organs are shutting down, what’s the difference? And IOF soldiers certainly display cruelty, mocking captives and calling them ‘slaves’, torturing them, sniping people inside hospitals and children in the streets. ‘Israel’ is just pure evil at this point, as are the Americans and Europeans not merely backing them, but committing genocide along with them. Colonizers and colonial cousins are getting together for a family tradition, the genocide of natives.

The end of this will certainly be at least 100,000 Palestinians dead. In many ways, we are at that number already. Besides the 30,000 killed by ‘Israel’ and America (one White Empire), more are uncounted, and even more are fated to die as malnutrition and sickness destroy their bodies from within. What the Nazis did intentionally, the ‘Israelis’ are doing intentionally as well. Gaza is a concentration camp turned extermination camp, that’s all it is. Like the Nazis, they are killing the disabled, the sick, the weak, the elderly. This is a planned genocide, executed with calculating brutality, coordinated across the ‘international community’ (their word for White Empire), with the whole world watching. This is happening on our watch.

The only people answering the call ‘never again’ are Iran, Yemen and the resistance armies of the region, like Hezbollah and the Popular Mobilization Forces of Iraq. Popularly deemed ‘terrorists’ in the West, that’s how backwards they be. In fact, this Axis of Resistance is fulfilling the duty of every nation under the genocide convention, to protect the Palestinian people and stop this from happening. The lesson from history is that ‘Israel’ and its allies will not stop, and need to be military defeated and completely destroyed. Those nations have no place in the UN, or in any sort of civilized company. 

The Resistance is right to say ‘Death to Israel and death to America.’ These are just nations and the people there can do something else. We are talking about the death of men, women, and children, as long as these delusions of genocidal grandeur continue to exist. As the Resistance says, they are on the road to Al-Quds (occupied Jerusalem), which is the only way this ends. It is truly a jihad of victory or martyrdom. Their cause is truly just, Allah be with them. I think he will be. The Carbon Crusaders will be kicked out like the Crusaders before them. But not in time to lift this modern medieval siege.

As I’ve written, that’s all that’s happening in Gaza. A medieval siege with modern weaponry. We consider the old methods of siege warfare exceptionally cruel, but they really have nothing on this level of industrial brutality, or mass mediated hypocrisy. ‘Israel’ and ‘America’ have killed more people (and more children) at a faster rate than at any point in living memory. Perhaps history. The technology simply didn’t exist before and they’re using the highest technology to the lowest means. 

This siege — which puts medieval sieges to shame — is proceeding the same way, cutting off food and water supplies, spreading disease intentionally, and killing men, women, children, and animals as both punishment and a lesson to everyone else in the neighborhood. This is what you get when you defy Empire. We’ll kill everyone, like the children of Amalek, as the genocidal ‘Israelis’ say openly. While the bloody Americans piously wring their hands and send more siege weaponry.

We are living through the open starvation of two million souls. All the lies and ‘complications’ will disappear into history and this horrendous crime will be all that remains, an absence, an abscess, an abomination. What will you tell your children? That you ‘condemned both sides’ or ‘believed in peace’, while thousands were massacred and millions starved in front of you, in your pockets, every day? Every time I eat or drink clean water I feel sick these days. May the Al Aqsa Flood finally wash all this injustice away, till the Palestinian people can return to the Al Aqsa Mosque, and pray in peace, without these predators consuming their bodies in the streets, and even desecrating their graves.