The Only Thing That Will Stop America

When the money stops
The American conception of nirvana

To understand America, just follow the money. America gives a fuck about people dying—even its own people dying—because America is not run by people. America is 'for the property, by the property' and always has been. At founding only propertied men could vote, and property still runs the place.

We saw this quite clearly with COVID-19 where the government didn't blink until the stock market started going down. This wasn't a Trump thing, Biden went on to kill even more people while whipping them back to work. It's nothing personal, strictly business, regardless of administration. The whole political system is bankrupt. America is inhuman because America is inhuman. It's run by corporate beings, who have a different metabolism entirely.

Colonialism is corporations given charters to devour entire continents and populations. America, as the colony par abhorrence, devours its own continent and the entire planet in its insatiable, algorithmic greed. To ask why it betrays its statements and declarations is like asking why Axe Body Spray doesn't actually attract women. All the moralizing is just marketing. America is always doing what the algorithm is programmed to do, which is make money. Why would America give shit about killing natives? Killing natives is literally in their Declaration, which talks about the King not being genocidal enough towards “the merciless Indian Savages.” From America's perspective, there's nothing unusual going on in Palestine, it's Colonialism 101. Kill people and take their land. Then market it as Freedom©. It's just business as usual.

From the American AI's perspective, nothing bad is happening in Gaza. It hasn't affected oil prices much, and America is a net oil exporter anyways. It certainly hasn't affected arms dealing, business is literally booming. The genocide literally doesn't show up on their radar. Why would the corporate beings that actually run the place give a fuck about senseless violence? They don't measure human lives or health, it's literally imperceptible to them. Palestinians are poor and 'Israelis' are rich and the rich are killing the poor with very expensive weaponry. All is as it should be.

As I said, to understand America just follow the money. That is America's leader. Forget the elected leadership, which is just a reality TV show for ugly people. The root of all evil is the love of money, and that's the square root of America. As I said, the only time America reacted to a public health crisis was when it started affecting private wealth. 'Private' meaning corporate beings and the comprador class living off their metabolic processes, like so much gut bacteria. Therefore, America will only react to the Genocide of Gaza if and when it fucks with their money. As Ma$e said before he found God, “if it ain't about the money, I just don't care.” America is not run by human brains and it simply cannot process human children burnt down to the bone or starving to death as something bad. Because the money is still good.

The only thing that will stop America killing Palestinians or Ukrainians or their own people is if the money stops. Not the money to Europe, which is a sacrifice zone, but to the capital of capital itself. The only thing that will stop the blood is when the cold blood flow of capital stops, and that's easily measured. Stock markets started with and for colonialism, to trade land and labor that didn't belong to them. It's still the same process and the same measurement. The stock market is the pulse of colonization and the only signal that reaches the artificial brain of America. And the one thing about stock markets is that they always crash. It's literally called the business cycle.

Mercifully, this stock market will crash at some point, and that will bring all other crises to a head. America is in the midst of an everything bubble, trying vainly to bet on a future which does not exist, pretending like infinite growth on a finite planet is mathematically possible (it isn't) and selling derivatives on top of rapidly depleting resources. At the macro-level, the entire global economy is a Ponzi scheme with the environment holding the bag. It's coming down at some point, with a Great-Depression type crash (which is not the bottom) due this decade. That's the point when America will start asking about all the money printed on Ukraine and 'Israel', because they'll need to point the money printer at the one thing that actually matters, which is corporate survival.

The survival of humans is literally nothing. Our real rulers are not human and our fake rulers are just sell-outs. Human life (not to mention life in general) is not counted in GDP or any economic measure. It literally doesn't count. In the minds of the Corporate AI that run the place and the collaborator capitalists that worship the golden bull market, natural life does not exist. It shows up on no balance sheet, which is why the natural world is so unbalanced.

People ask 'why don't we do something?' and the answer is simple. 'We' are not in charge. We already live in the age of machines and have for yonks. Cyborgs made of laws and human collaborators, with computers as mere accessories on their already incorporated bodies. Artificial life has been ruling us for hundreds of years, unseen and unseeing. Of course they don't give a fuck about the killing. How much do you care about bacteria you nuke in your toilet?

To understand America, you cannot follow the morals, because as Kwame Ture said, they have none. You cannot expect a conscience where there is just a cash register. Just follow the money, and pray for the reckoning of a society organized around the love of money. The love of money is truly root of all evil, spinning out many djinns called corporations, many ingenious products that beguile with their novelty, but which are ultimately just party tricks of the Great Satan, which is now openly devouring children.