The Only Cure For COVID Is Removing Trump

Send out the clowns

Trump, 2017. By Eric Fischl

America doesn’t have a testing problem, it’s doesn’t have a masking problem, and it doesn’t even have a COVID-19 problem. America has a leadership problem.

The only cure for COVID is removing Donald Trump.

Americans do not get this. They’re still talking about masks and schools and baseball like any of this matters. They’re trying to change the tires on a clown car. Just get the fucking clown out of the car.

People keep offering advice and reports like anyone is home to read them. The NYTimes says America can control COVID by October. Andy Slavitt has been saying this for months. Most countries have already done it. Of course America could control COVID-19.

They just need to get rid of Trump.


Trump has actively caused every wave of American infection. America got COVID because Trump said “it will go away” and did nothing. They got the second wave because he said “it sort of just disappears” and reopened. Now they’re getting the third wave because he said “we are in a good place” and “SCHOOLS MUST OPEN”.

COVID-19 is not going until Trump does. It’s that simple.

I’ll repeat, America does not have a problem with COVID-19. Everybody in the world had that problem, yet only America is so uniquely fucked. America has a leadership problem, and there’s only one cure. Change leadership. As Trump would’ve said to some hapless MBA that messed up a bake sale on The Apprentice:

“You’re fired.”

That’s the only way out, and it has to be done now. Every day that Trump is in office thousands of people will die. It doesn’t get any more stark than that. Between now and November 3rd, likely 70,000 people will die. You’re talking about six 737s crashing every day. And it will not stop. He’s still in office till January 20th, 2021. The US death toll will likely be over 300,000 by then.

It’s a flaming clown car. Driven by Pennywise.

The problem with clown cars

Late America, 2016. Eric Fischl

The problem with clown cars is that they’re full of clowns. Open the door and clowns just keep piling out. People still follow Trump. Millions of people. 40% of Americans still support him, even after watching 160,000 people die and the economy implode.

The problem is bigger than one clown. It’s a whole-ass clown show. Starring the American people.

Trump gets away with not caring about Americans because Americans do not care about each other. In no other country do people proudly deny each other health care. In no other country do people eviscerate their own postal service. None of this makes sense to anyone else in the world. We’re plenty dumb, but we’re not suicidal. Americans are exceptionally dumb.

What Americans call socialism is really just having a society. Americans simply don’t have one, and they haven’t for years.

America’s only modern investment has been $6 trillion spent murdering and torturing Muslims. A bloody circus for bloodthirsty people. Then they militarized their border. Then their own cities. Now an American passport is worthless and America has occupied itself.

What a colossal self-own.

You were the lone superpower for nearly 30 years. You could have done anything. You could have gone to Mars. Instead you monsters killed brown people for sport while your own rich were robbing you blind. I say ‘you’ because this shit was bipartisan. Even American liberals love a good war — you’re drumming one up with China right now. Even an American centrist is to the right of a Nazi on healthcare.

Trump just put the bright red nose on. Y’all been putting on the makeup for years.

Send in the clowns

Circus of Earthly Delights, 34th Street Subway Station, NYC. Mosaic mural by Eric Fischl

So it ends. The United States of America. Born 1619, died COVID-19.

America’s like a patient that goes in for a virus and finds out they have terminal cancer. The cure for COVID is removing Trump, which will happen eventually. You can’t remove his voters. You can’t remove the years of Republican rot. There’s no cure for stupid. There’s no vaccine for cruel. That’s cancer, and it’s already spread.

Send in the clowns.
They’re already here.