American Media Loves War And Hates To See It End

War is a farce that gives them meaning

Jean-Léon Gérôme - The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer

The American media loves war. Now that the war of Afghanistan is ending, you can hear them positively howling with disbelief. A reporter asked the Defence Department, with genuine hurt in his voice,

"Would you say there's no interest in us having some presence, on the borders of Iran, on the borders of Pakistan, on the borders of, uh, China? Or Tajikistan? Would you just say we should just give that up?"

Another reporter asked if Afghans weren't asking to be bombed.

"I was wondering if there's been any requests for American military airstrikes, and if so, is that something the US military would engage in?"

The functionary from America's Ministry of War just pursed his lips and stepped aside. A general stepped give a general answer. 'There are no further circuses planned this week, but our gladiators remained oiled-up and ready to go.'

American War Is A Circus

This whole thing is a bloody circus. For 20 years, Americans have gathered in the Cable TV Colosseum, watching Muslims get fed to the drones. The population is frankly bored of this, but the media's bloodthirst somehow remains unquenched.

While most Americans (62% in a recent survey) say the war on Afghanistan was not worth fighting, you wouldn't know it from media coverage of their final retreat. America media was full of the same disgraced excuses for violence, often from the same people. Just listen to Christine Amanpour:

Hearing Taliban entering Kabul takes me back to Nov 2001 watching them flee Kabul at the tip of America’s spear, bringing hope to women, children and all who want peace, education and freedom from fundamentalist terror. Now progress and hope die again. Reckless American gamble?

What is she even talking about in 2021? Over 240,000 people have died on the 'tip of America's spear'. 'Peace' turned out to be 20 years of war. 'Freedom' was so much drone bombing that Afghan children fear to play outside. 'Progress' ended up leaving the Taliban with more territory and weapons than before.

This really is just a circus for them. Just listen to CNN's Jim Sciutto, also being a sociopath: