The Heroes Of Hamas

As the fog of war (and the fog machine of western media) clears, the Palestinian Resistance emerge as real heroes. Look at the absolute evil they’re fighting against and how they fight. In Hamas we have an army of orphans fighting against an entire colonial Empire. We have brave young refugees taking down tanks with their bare hands. We have disciplined Muslims taking care of prisoners and returning them smiling.

Then look at what they’re fighting against.

The Israeli Occupation Forces bombs hospital and homes from above, like cowards. They bombed their own positions on October 7th, because they were so scared and incompetent. Their ground troops run at the first sign of actual combat. They cut off food, water, and fuel to an entire population. They murder journalists, UN workers, first responders, bomb ambulances, and kill and abduct doctors.Basically they kill everyone except enemy soldiers, who they are terrified of. Israel returns kidnapped children with broken bones, and then goes out and kidnaps (and kills) even more. Then they tell the dumbest lies about all this, adding insult to injury.

It’s simply vile to condemn ‘both sides’ here. We’ve got an occupation and a resistance here, one doing patently evil shit and the other being disciplined. I’m with the Resistance. Duh.

Six wars old, by Visualizing Palestine

Double Standards

It’s crazy that a refugee army fighting out of a concentration camp are held to higher standards than an occupying military, but that’s the topsy-turvy world we live in. Hamas has cleared this bar and then some, if you look objectively. From the initial attack of October 7th to their ongoing resistance to genocide, they’re the ones behaving like a proper army, while the Israelis behave like absolute terrorists.

The Al Aqsa Flood

The Al Aqsa Flood of October 7th was a disciplined hit on the occupying army and occupying settlers. There was no raping, torture, or beheading at all. Those are just racist lies that Israel spread and the western press ran with, because they’re racist. It’s the same shit Empire said about every slave rebellion and anti-colonial revolt before. As an occupied people, Palestinians have every right to resistance, including armed, and that’s precisely what they were doing. Hamas’s well-planned, coordinated, and targeted attack showed them a military force to be reckoned with.

Israel’s wildly violent response, however, showed them to be a complete farce. A killing joke. And it’s coming out in their own words now.Recently Israeli media released a girl-boss video, talking about how untrained soldiers just got into tanks and started firing blindly. They really thought this was a good thing to admit in public.


This corroborates multiple (again, Israeli) reports of attack helicopters lighting up anything that moved and Israeli troops shelling their own colonial bases and colonizer homes. You can clearly see this from the damage — hundreds of incinerated cars and obviously bombed houses — all signs of damage from weapons Hamas simply doesn’t have. Killing civilians is all the Occupation Forces are good at doing, and they did it on October 7th, against their own people. Then they tried to cast the blame on the only actually competent military in Palestine, the Palestinians.

The Genocide Of Gaza

Israel lied about wanting to save hostages and eliminate Hamas. Hamas offered to exchange hostages on day one, but Israel wanted to get some genocide and ethnic cleansing in. The hostages and Hamas were just an excuse. Israel cut off food, water, and energy to the entire population of Gaza and started systematically destroying everything required to sustain life — food, water, shelter, and medicine. They dropped more than two Hiroshimas worth of (mostly western) bombs on a civilian population. They bombed hospitals and surrounded them with tanks, leaving premature babies to die as they sniped patients and abducted doctors. None of this had anything to do with saving hostages (who they were bombing) or eliminating Hamas (who they were running from). It was just the genocide and ethnic cleansing that Israel was founded on. It’s all they can do, really. They’re textbook villains.

Hamas releasing its prisoners with smiles and daps

Condemn What Now?

Despite all this, the pious liberals of the West still start every comment with ‘of course I condemn Hamas.’ Condemn what now? Who are these people to say they support Palestinian freedom, but not their freedom fighters? They condemn themselves into a corner and preserve the status quo, which is genocide and occupation. We have an occupying Army literally killing babies in incubators and you want to condemn the people fighting back? How useless these people are. As labor organizer Big Bill Haywood said, “a liberal is the guy who leaves the room when a fight starts.” These are completely useless people and I have no time for this bullshit.

Hamas is being held to a much higher standard than Israel, and still clearing it. They are seeking out and destroying Israeli troops and vehicles, while Israel bombs refugee camps and lies about Hamas being there. Hamas has taken hostages only tactically, to exchange for the thousands more Israeli holds, tortures, and sexually abuses on a regular basis, many of them children. In the fact of such great evil, great retribution would be understandable, but Hamas and all the resistance forces have responded with great discipline instead. They have every right to defend themselves, and have done so proportionally. Despite this, they are still condemned. What complete bullshit.

I condemn the people stealing land, killing babies, and telling the dumbest lies about it. Everything else is just racism dressed up as reason, as it always was.Objectively there’s no moral contest between Hamas and the IOF. Hamas is by far the most moral army. Hell, they saved Israeli hostages from their own useless military, which was actively bombing them.

Support Resistance

What people don’t get, living within Empire, is that they’re living with an Empire at all. The American Empire — inherited from the British Empire — goes unnamed, which is why I call it one White Empire. It’s all one unbroken reign of terror from the slave ships to sanctions and it has to be defeated by any means necessary. But too many people don’t even know their enemy. They still think it’s the latest people Empire tells you to hate, and not the hateful Empire exporting violence all over the place.

People also don’t see Israel for what it is, a colony that would collapse without support from the mothership of motherfuckers in the United States. Israel is just America’s guns near the gas station. That’s all it is. It’s just a traumatized population kept in a state of constant conscription and violence because the ruling Empire wants to keep the region divided and conquered. The Arab people, especially Palestinians, are just the latest people who must be constantly demonized and destroyed so their resources can be looted. They are relentlessly smeared as ‘terrorists’ just as Native Americans were smeared as ‘savages’ before. It’s the same program, which is pogromming and looting. Same shit different day.

People within the Empire are deeply conditioned to hate and fear Arabs, from the news to their films and TV. They’ve long been told that Muslims are terrorists, while it is in fact the Empire doing the terrorizing. The whole racialized concept of ‘terrorism’ is based on the idea that certain people don’t have feelings, and thus cannot feel afraid. And that if these people fight back in a way that even scratches their oppressor, that’s terrorizing. But as the balance of power in the world changes, this conditioning is wearing off. The Empire has no clothes and more and more people can see it now.

First off, Empire doesn’t have the might to make right anymore. Beyond killing babies and civilians in Gaza, Israel cannot make a dent in Hamas’s fighting capacity, let alone that of Hezbollah in north Palestine. While America can keep funneling arms into any conflict, the hegemonster cannot stand and fight on its own anymore, be it in Israel or Ukraine. America is falling apart internally, and when its zombie economy finally crashes, it will take its proxy states down with it. It’s just a matter of time.

Second, Empire can no longer control the narrative. Arab countries have their own global media and Palestinians are deeply networked through social media. While Israel and the West can push lies through the mass media, the masses don’t trust these sources anymore. Israel isn’t even trying with their propaganda and the media look like idiots recycling it. At the same time, people have seen how Hamas has fought tanks and treated prisoners, and seen how Israel has bombed hospitals and abused captives. The blinders are coming off and the whole global horse is bucking.

This is why most countries don’t condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization. Because they’re not. Hamas is a far more moderate group than Likud in Israeli, who everyone in the west is expected to support. Westerners keep citing Israel’s ‘right to defend itself’ when, as an occupying power under international law, it has no such right at all. Under UN resolutions and international law, Palestinians have every right to armed self-defense while Israel — as an occupying power — does not. The entire force of western propaganda is deployed to deny these obvious facts, but it’s increasingly undeniable.

Israel is just Empire with the mask off. It is colonialism not in the history books but being written in blood, right now. Everyone can see that the Empire both has no clothes and a raging hard-on for genocide, and it’s not a good look.

In contrast to this, the brave orphan army of Hamas are absolute heroes, fighting the whole Empire from out of a concentration camp, blowing up tanks at point-blank range, and resisting that which must be resisted. The Palestine controlling, planet choking Empire oppressing us all. More power to them, the brave Palestinian Resistance, fighting for their homeland against a scourge that threatens the whole living world.

Why would I condemn people who obviously need to defend their homes and children against the wrath of a whole-ass Empire? These are heroes. The heroes of Hamas, of the Palestinian Resistance, of Palestine, and all the people of the world allied with their just cause. Victory comes from Allah, and God knows they deserve it, after so much suffering. May they be victorious in Jihad. They’re an inspiration to the (actual) free world, which longs to break free of this wretched White Empire once and for all.