The Genocide Of A Generation

The Nazis of our time

Hamas breaking out of the concentration camp, which was punished by 'Israel' turning it into an extermination camp

Living memory of the Nazis is fading, but the traumatic memories of the 'Israelis' are just forming. Nazi, as a shorthand for 'evil' is an artifact of the last century, but this century is already making 'Israel' into an epithet of equal depravity. While you actually can get away with mass murder (re: America, France, etc), Israel is not getting away with it at all. The actual crime is getting caught, and losing control of the narrative, which 'Israel' has already lost. Genocide is a crime of power, and the only real punishment is losing power. And 'Israel' is losing power fast.

The Al Aqsa Flood of October 7th—as much as contemptible contemporaneous western media lied about it—was a strategic and proportional military attack on an occupying power. More akin to the Warsaw Ghetto Rebellion, and 'Israel' is kin to the Nazis in their brutal response. The strategic goals were to shatter the 'Israeli' military (especially the Gaza command) and take hostages for exchange with the thousands of Palestinians kidnapped by 'Israel'. These are legitimate military aims and, under international law, the Palestinians have every right to self-defense and 'Israel', as an occupying power, has none.

The mass killing of civilians—as 'Israeli' media has actually reported—was done by 'Israel.' They reacted in a blind panic, unleashing Apache Helicopters and tanks on anything that moved, including their own people. Just as they are killing their own hostages now. The accusations of rape are completely false, just the old canard of saying colored men raped white women, in order to lynch them. As I said, the Al Aqsa Flood was historically akin to the Warsaw Ghetto Rebellion, and will be remembered as such. Especially by people who don't get the Warsaw Ghetto reference at all.

Memory, of course, is a tricky creature, and the victors write the history. Americans are still somehow the heroes of their slavery and oppression saga, because they've never been defeated. Even Germans have somehow turned around to become genocide 'experts', in time to support another one. Some people just shouldn't be allowed to have countries, but that's another story. The point here is that 'Israel' is not winning, America is just losing, and the White Empire that comprises them both is imploding. They still have enough vestigial media and diplomatic power to commit this genocide, but not enough to cover it up.

'Israel' is winning the genocide but losing the war, devoting all of its resources and political capital to running a very public death camp while losing 'its' own north and all global legitimacy, excluding the global north. That global north, headquartered in America, is itself running out of artillery on multiple fronts, suffering strategic defeat in Ukraine and the Red Sea. All of its vassal states—from Europe to Japan to Australia—look positively deranged trying to advocate a 'rules-based order' that includes the mass starvation of children. This derangement will become even more obvious if/when the vulgarian Trump takes over, and they have to start defending him in public. Public opinion, of course, is useless, both globally and even within these so-called democracies. What is useful, however, is resistance and the bravery of groups like Hamas has shattered the illusion that Empire is all-powerful. They have pointed out that the Empire has no clothes, and everyone can see it now. For an Empire based on deterrence and deception, these twin blows are fatal.

'Israel', America, and Empire itself are based on deterrence. They cannot possibly fight everywhere at once, but having got high on their own propaganda supply, they're certainly trying to. 'Israel' is fighting in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, and against Yemen, Iran, and Iraq all at once. America is fighting in all of the above, plus Ukraine, and rattling rusty sabers against China. White Empire—above and beyond other historical empires—projected power through air and sea, and it has lost the air superiority to Russia and naval superiority to Yemen. All they are projecting now is weakness. Like the Nazis after Stalingrad, their wars of conquest are over but, like the Nazis, they seem determined to pointlessly slaughter for years more. All the killing of children is not collateral damage. It's all they can convincingly do anymore.

In this moment, however, it all seems hopeless, because they are getting away with it. They are starving children and civilians to death in Gaza and not stopping. They are attacking hospitals and food lines every day and the news has just stopped reporting on it. It certainly seems like the power to commit genocide is still there, and that the Palestinians will just be crush. That someday this evil empire will make movies about how hard the Gaza genocide was… for their soldiers. But, in some small compensation, that won't happen. Not convincingly at least. The global illusion of invincibility is gone. Starting from the epicenter of 'Israel'.

As a component of White Empire, 'Israel' cannot exist without deterrence. The first Nakba was one thing, murdering, raping, and cleansing defenseless Palestinians, but what sealed the deal was the Six-Day War, defeating major Arab armies, seeing those countries reduced to satraps, and then pursuing normalization generations later. Now, however, even for those corrupt countries, normalization is impossible. That, for 'Israel' is a huge strategic defeat. They were supposed to be the lynch-pin of a re-colonized Middle East, but now all the buttons have flown off (except the nuclear one).

What was a Six-Day War is now a Six-Month Genocide, with 'Israel's' enemies only stronger, better armed, and more motivated. Independent Iran is undefeated and the martyr General Qasem Soleimani's plan of regional resistance is working on schedule. Yemen is undefeated, Hezbollah (in Lebanon) is undefeated, and Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces are only rising. Far from being deterred, the regional resistance is determined. 'Israel' fundamentally cannot deal with a long war on multiple fronts for such a long time.

The fundamental reason for this is America, which is 'Israel', and which notoriously has no patience for long wars. It took them a decade to abandon their corrupt proxy in Afghanistan, but only a few years to abandon their corrupt patsy in Ukraine. Their decline is only accelerating. Now they're actually out of ammunition, although not out of ambition. Hubris dies hard, and they still have a hard-on for China. America, since Obama, has been trying to 'pivot to China' and Trump may actually do it, if his transition plan is any indication. That document mentions 'Israel' only in passing and expects America's “Gulf partners” to “take responsibility.” Take responsibility for what? Their own defenestration? Nobody can touch 'Israel' with a ten-foot pole now and even Biden is losing his own election. Not that Trump is any better, but he at least has a shorter attention span.

For decades now the known winning strategy against Americans has been simply waiting. America's enemies are well aware of this, even if its vassals seem oblivious. As Henry Kissinger said about the strategic dangers of Vietnam, “The word will go out to the nations of the world that it may be dangerous to be America's enemy, but to be America's friend is fatal.” Now, generations later, the word is out. Enough nations are willing to brave the danger of facing America, and populations must think twice about 'alliances' which look increasingly like human sacrifice. Populations are increasingly discovering that they don't live in real countries at all (re: Germany), and denying that sentiment will have real consequences for their corrupt and craven political elites (re: fascism). The Empire is exploding so much and so pointlessly that it will just implode.

The fact is that—even within the imperial core—populations do not actually support bombing hospitals and starving children to death. As much as they have internalized Islamophobia and bombing for peace, this is a bridge too far. 'Democratic' leaders are increasingly defying the popular will and the 'democracy' they've been loading into bombs is exposed as mere explosives. The populace is discovering that they are just useless shills for a corrupt invisible empire, which is not so invisible anymore. Meanwhile their own living standards are declining and killing is quite publicly expensive. Especially among the younger generation, they have no hope for their own future, and a profound nihilism towards other young people in other countries is no panacea.

The entire imperial project was based on the idea that it's 'worth it' because the population got rising living standards from stolen resources and a sense of moral superiority, but both carrots are now gone. It's just sticks in every direction, including the home front. An empire can't fight everyone and its own children, which is what the late White Empire is doing. This is not a sign of an Empire rising, or even surviving, it's an Empire dying right in front of us, furiously sacrificing children to a war god that's not listening anymore. Thus America and 'Israel' fall not just on their own demerits, but just as the detritus of the whole White Empire dying all at once. They can certainly kill millions of people on the way out, but they can't live much longer. All empires must fall eventually and it's just eventually for this one.

Unlike the Soviet Empire—which collapsed democratically and peacefully into mere embarrassment and personal starvation—the collapse of White Empire will not be forgiven and forgotten so easily. No, they will be remembered for the genocide of our times—not because it's the only genocide that has happened—but because it's the one where the killers lost power. Indeed, the only historical crime is not getting away with it, and they're not getting away with it, though this is poor recompense to the millions they're killing, sickening, and starving to death in the moment. These are all shaheeds, or witnesses, to the Genocide of Gaza, a last orgy of dying from a dying White Empire, now soaked red with blood.

To repeat what is repeating every day, 'Israel' and America are executing a pre-meditated destruction of a people, with precise, repeated targeting of hospitals, food supplies, and journalists and poets like Refaat Alareer, hit with a missile right to the floor he and his family were sheltering in. There are—horrifyingly—countless stories like this, and there are corresponding documents within 'Israel' and America side planning these atrocities. They're already in international court, and the court of public opinion has already been lost.

Entire generations won't remember the Nazis, but they will remember the 'Israelis' the 'Americans' and all their colonial vassals quite viscerally. The name, the very concept of Zionism will be forever cursed, as will the whole White Empire inherited by the Americans. There are simply too many shaheed crying out for anything less, and an undeterred resistance determined to fight for them. 'Israel' and America cannot win, in the long run, and will be thus written out history and into ignominy. These are the Nazis of our time. These are the Nazis that our children will remember, as a widely understood epithet for pure evil. It is cold comfort for the dead and still more hot blood of martyrs must spill, but these atrocities that feel like they cannot go on cannot go on. This degeneration simply cannot compete with the generation of disgust to come.