The Diversity Dumpster Fire

Haverly’s United Mastodon Minstrels

Colored people and women are becoming the face of everything while everything falls apart. Great. Black people, gay people, and minorities (the actual global majority) are becoming the face of advertising. An African-American is head of the US Defense Department (actually offense). Women are constantly resigning as Prime Minister of the UK and now a Hindu is running the place. The once marginalized are becoming the face of capitalism, of liberal democracy, of Western Civilization, just as those ideas fall into the dustbin of history. They’ve diversified the same old dumpster fire, just in time for us to take the blame.

‘Diversity’ is becoming the face of disaster. Women are handed governments on fire and being told ‘hey, fix this’ then fired when they can’t. Black people are rising to heads of Police just as the whole rotten institution becomes roundly despised. Desi people become caretakers of big tech companies (Google, Microsoft, Twitter) just as they stop being startups and become just big, craven corporations. We’ve been handed the reigns just as the horse bucks and goes wild.

The annoying part is that white men will forever be able to say ‘it was better when we were in charge’, and it was. They were just running up the karmic credit card while everyone else got stuck with the bill. While they got to have liquid lunches and rape women and entire planets, the consequences of all that evil will only come after their dead. They leave statues of themselves and a mess of a planet. They stand there sneering in stone, absolutely shameless.

It’s honestly to our shame as colored people and women that we ever bought into this. That we tried being like them instead of overthrowing them and trying something else. Everyone just tried to act like white men instead of overthrowing the whole hierarchy and actually being different. So you get Margaret Thatcher and her many imitators, trying to out-dick the dickheads. You get female movie stars who run around punching and shooting people exactly like their male counterparts. You get African-Americans running AFRICOM, bombing Africa. It’s not ennobling. It’s an embarassment.

When I see all the diverse faces in stock photography and advertising I don’t feel like ‘wow, I feel represented’. I feel like, ‘fuck, now we’re the face of capitalism, just as everyone realizes it sucks.’ When I see ads for Hamilton I’m horrified. They’re blackwashing American history to make a bunch of rich slaver assholes look cool. We have Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans cosplaying as a bunch of rich white men that just didn’t want to pay taxes or give up their guns. While both Dick Cheney and Barack Obama attend and applaud. This is not an inspiring performance. It’s a reverse minstrel show.