The Copiate Of The Masses

People always want an answer. “OK, now what do we do?” Sometimes nothing. Sometimes you get done unto you. Sometimes you just take it on the chin. This is one of those times, civilizationally. What do we do about it? Nothing much.

We’re riding to the top of a centuries-tall tower of Babel, interconnected instantaneously, linguistically, translating between thousands of languages. We worship a literal golden calf. The ‘bull market’ is the only thing rich people give a fuck about, and they sacrifice countless lives to its name. By every sign in every book, this civilization is fucked. It deserves to be fucked. This is its comeuppance.

What does this mean for you and your precious feelings? Nothing much. ‘You’ are actually 27 people today and 2 billion microrganisms living inside you and countless rebirths as different animals before that. We’re all just space dust riding the edge of an explosion and sometimes it just blows you away. There’s bigger things going on than how one feels about coronavirus, climate, and capitalist collapse. This is some biblical shit. You’ve got to start thinking in terms of thousands of years, well beyond the lens of one modern lifespan.

When I raise questions like ‘How Do We Live Under Such A Fucking Evil White Empire’ and ‘Capitalism Fucking Sucks’ people ask me what I would do. I answer global communist revolution and they laugh but I’m being serious. It’s amazing to me how people can look at the big problems we face and think of such small solutions. Facing climate destruction you need an actual revolution. Everything else is just masturbatory and simply not enough.