The Arseholes Of Democracy

One of America’s liberal warmongers, Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Shot by Reuters’ Kevin Lamarque.

Westerners, those arseholes of democracy, never actually vote on war. They just watch it on TV, like so many Saturday cartoons, advertising bloody-minded toys. More historically, they’re just the latest imperial plebes in the greatest imperial Colosseum ever built. Every day brutalized populations are paraded across their screens to be tortured and killed, and they get a thrill from having a thumbs up or down opinion about it.

The whole vaunted ‘arsenal of democracy’ is just a Roman circus without the bread. All of these wars, all of this death, all of this open genocide and murder and torture and theft; it’s all a show to them. If a bomb ever hits their countries, they freak out and destroy an entire nations (or two, or three, or four). Then make movies about how bad it made them feel. As I said, these are the arseholes of democracy. Bloody minded children being relentlessly marketed war. And business is good.

At this point, what I call the White Empire, now capital’d in America, cannot build anything. That’s all been outsourced. All they have left is destruction. Of allies and enemies alike. While China builds infrastructure with its Belt and Road initiative, America just destroys it with its ‘rules-based order’. What rules? We rule. Fuck you. It’s not just enemies like Libya or Syria or Afghanistan that are destroyed and stolen from, they blow up Germany’s oil pipelines and gleefully bleed Ukraine to mildly wound their own enemy. America has no allies, only interests, and their ailing President is only interested in violence.

America’s visibly aging ruler ran against the previous ‘loose cannon’ but has run absolutely wild since he took power. Instead of white supremacism at home with Trump, America got untrammeled imperialism abroad with Biden, which has actually killed more people. America does not even deploy a fig leaf of diplomacy anymore, it’s just war and weapons, immediately and without conscience. The only job the US President takes seriously is his job as the world’s largest arms dealer. In Ukraine the US (through its vassal UK) blocked negotiations to sell more bombs and in Israel, they openly veto ceasefires. Where’s the money in that? The privatized propaganda they call a ‘free press’ gobbles up the advertising rights, becoming a much more powerful Radio Rwanda, lying and inciting open genocide. War is farce that gives them meaning, and the only thing that matters to these ghouls is money. And, as I said, business is good. Across the whole media-military-industrial complex.

The great trick of American Empire has been figuring out that there’s more money in losing wars than in winning them. You sell more weapons in a losing, intractable conflict, and it’s somebody else’s country anyways. So they ‘lost’ trillions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and are now ‘losing’ in Ukraine, while their warlords ‘make’ those same trillions. ‘Lose’ is of course a misnomer for what’s happening. Like money ‘lost’ during any corruption, someone is making it.It’s the arms dealers, who dutifully give politicians, journalists, and think-tanks their cut of the blood money. The world bleeds, but if it bleeds it leads, and blood money is just money when it hits your bank account. The Empire loses every war it starts or inflames, but who cares? It’s about the journey, not the destination, and they're whistling past graveyard after graveyard, driving to their third home with their fourth wife in a convoy of SUVs.

These are the invisible winners but I also have a special contempt for the visible losers, westerners ‘debating’ the latest destruction in public. These useful idiots make all the carnage possible. When Empire does what would be called terrorism and invasion from any other source, it’s somehow called ‘helping’. But who, in this whole fucking history of terror and invasion, have they ever helped? As mentioned, their people get circuses and no bread, and some fucker in Bethesda gets a third yacht. Far too many people support this carnage charade over and over again, like Charlie Brown get the football yoinked away from him, over and over. They should really know better by now but no, yoinks again, as thousands more bodies hit the ground.

These people really don’t understand what arseholes they are, debating bombing other countries over dinner, as if it’s an opinion and not an offense. People in Sri Lanka or Botswana don’t ‘debate’ dropping bombs on Ukraine or Palestine, we’d be rogue states if we did. But if the imperial state does worse what we could ever imagine, it’s called ‘helping’, and ordinary plebs can get in on the imperiousness.

At this point, after all this killing and all this losing, who gives a fuck about a European or American opinion on anything? These people should really be overthrowing their own government rather than cheering for the latest torture and murder spectacle in front of them. But cheer they do and, as deluded and propagandized as they are, I have no patience for these rubes. War after war, genocide after genocide, they still want to be the good guys and lecture everybody else. They don’t get it. They’re just useful idiots to arms dealers, and worse than useless to the rest of the world.

The fact is that westerners ‘supporting’ the latest western war have as much power as a kid watching Transformers and munching cereal. They’re just sub-citizens being marketed toys by giant corporations, and they don’t even get to play with them. The man-children of the West get nothing but headlines and a smug sense of superiority at best. They're schmucks thinking they're supermen, while making subhumans of everyone else. The one place they should support intervention is their own countries, to overthrow their warlords and maybe get some bread for once. But far too many of them don’t think like that. They hate whoever their overlords tell them to hate, and think this original thought. In this sense, I despise western liberals more than conservatives. While conservatives are openly evil, liberals act all good, while still doing it.

This modern Atlantic, Economist, or New York Times reader is no better than the modern plebeian in the Colosseum. They feel great power in their thumbs — flipping through the pages, judging this country or the other — while the Empire decides who gets trotted out for execution in the first place. So the modern White Empire trots out communists, then Muslims, then Slavs, then Muslims again, it doesn’t matter. Its populations are so fundamentally uneducated that they can put old whine in new bottles and they drink it up. Scary commies become scary Russia, and ISIS becomes Hamas, none of which really makes sense, but it doesn’t matter. It makes dollars. There’s more money in reboots and reruns than anything original. No one remotely understands what they’re supposed to hate, they just read a page in The New Yorker and think themselves entitled to destroy other countries, because they have a tote bag. Fucking arseholes.

What westerners don’t understand is that 90% of the problems in the world would be solved by them just fucking off. The correct answer to ‘what should we do about X’ is nothing. Just don’t make it worse. Western ‘good intentions’ have been weaponized to great ill. Western ‘help’ is the highest harm. Beware a Greek bearing gifts, and an American with your flag in their bio. They’ll just corrupt your government, hype you up for a media cycles, bomb the shit out of your country, and move onto the next one. As the American war criminal Henry Kissinger said, “It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal.” The long reign of this incarnation of the White Empire has been a clear and present danger to people everywhere, and ultimately fatal to the planet as we know it. These fuckers need to sit the rest of this century out. If we’re being honest, they deserve much worse.

Westerners say ‘if we weren’t doing all this evil someone else would do worse’ and that’s just not true. All of the enemies they trot out in their relentless propaganda — China, Russia, Iran — are nowhere near as evil as the White Empire. Just look at who’s been invading and bombing random countries. It’s not the ‘axis of evil’ (in modern, ever-shifting parlance, meaning whoever the Empire hates). It’s the fucking ‘Allies’, who incorporated the Nazis into NATO and became a white supremacist terror across the world.

That’s why I feel so angry when I see people going from ‘debating’ war in Ukraine to using the opposite arguments to fuel war in Palestine. It’s all a game to these people. It’s some set of trendy opinions and hashtags and they have no accountability and keep no accounts. The same ghouls that incited the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq still have jobs as journalists and politicians, while the people brave enough to oppose previous wars have been booted out. It’s censorship via the HR department. These cowards don’t fight wars on their own soil so they don’t face any consequences. They just despoil other peoples countries and keep going. And they’re so sanctimonious about it. It’s an abomination.

The fact is that Western democracy doesn’t exist. Their arsenal of democracy is just another arsenal, arming arseholes, falling on the innocent, and giving rise to virulent wickedness wherever it falls. All of the ills they claim to fight are exacerbated or outright funded by their incessant fighting. All they have to show for their great imperial power is the regular destruction of the powerless. These warmongers kill the poor all over the world and their war machine is the single-largest polluter in the world, killing the entire living planet. These are the ‘leaders of the free world’? They’re neither leaders, nor free, nor do they give a fuck about the world. They’re the worst people on it, presiding only by sheer force of violence and propaganda.

I have some sympathy for westerners subjected this incessant propaganda, but not much. The fact is that the troubles of the world are none of your fucking business. Your gossipy interest in other people’s misery has been weaponized into a great business for arms dealers, but it doesn’t actually help anyone. The best thing you could do would be to regime change your own governments and get some bread for once. Everything else is just a bloody circus, and we in the global majority are tired of being trotted out for your amusement. As the Spaniard said in Gladiator. Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here? But honestly, why are you here? From Palestine, to Ukraine, to Afghanistan, to Syria, to Iraq, to the literally hundreds of imperial bases across the world… just fuck off. The arsenal of democracy is a killing joke. It’s really just arseholes with bombs.