The Answer To American War Bullshit Is Always No

My entire adult life has been watching this meme play out, except the football is a bomb and it kills millions of people

The details don’t matter. Whoever America is portraying as a danger, the greatest danger is always them. After how many countries destroyed and reduced to slave markets, after the most people displaced since WWII, after entire countries besieged for generations, are we even having this conversation?

The world full of baddies their media portrays is bullshit. They’re the baddies. Any problem out there the world, you can be guaranteed that the Americans will make it worse.

The Vital Bad Assumption

The vital bad assumption behind every western thinkpiece on ‘should we bomb this place?’ is that they should not be bombing anywhere. This is just not a thing normal countries do.

Things in Myanmar may be fucked up, but nobody is asking whether Sri Lanka should bomb the place. Nobody is asking our Hambantota MP for his opinion. That would be absurd, and yet this is the absurd assumption that Empire operates under.

So what if some shit is happening in Ukraine or Kuwait or Venezuela? What does that have to do with the United States? Who gives a fuck what the Junior Senator from Kentucky thinks?

America operates under the basic assumption that it is their right, nay, duty to bomb anyone anywhere, and as we have seen through decades of bloody examples, this just isn’t true.

The Many Bad Examples