Take ANY Vaccine. They’ll All Save Your Life

Every vaccine is 100% effective at saving your ass

Every approved vaccine will save your life

Every available vaccine will keep you alive. Let me say that again, every approved vaccine has a 100% efficacy rate at preventing death. They prevent almost all serious illness. There is some debate as to which vaccines will slow the pandemic most, but every vaccine will save your life.

So forget the published efficacy rates. Those refer to herd immunity, not your immunity. Any approved vaccine will train your immune system and it will kick COVID-19 out. They will also all slow transmission, the only question is how much. Whenever you can, whatever it is, just get that shit in your arm.

Efficacy Rates

The published efficacy rates are important, but not to you. They’re more relevant to the herd than the sheep. When they say 95% efficacy, that means 95% effective at preventing disease. But every vaccine will 100% save your ass even if you do catch it.

In the clinical data it’s clear. People in the vaccinated group don’t die. They almost never get severe illness. Each vaccine takes a while to kick in (from a week for Pfizer to three for AstraZeneca) but if you take them correctly you’re as safe as a sheep with Jesus. Even if you get COVID, your body has enough information to fight it off.

Obviously given the time lag don’t get a shot and go off and do shots, but if you do any vaccine correctly, COVID-19 is not going to kill you. And don’t tell me I’m young, it wouldn’t kill me. I know young people that died. Fuck those odds.

The Data

As you can see in the linked data below, the authorized vaccines show zero deaths in the treatment group. ZERO. That’s where you want to be. Zero dead.

                      Severe Cases    COVID Deaths  
Oxford/AstraZeneca  | 0            |  0  
Pfizer              | 1            |  0 
Gamaleya            | 0            |  0
Sinopharm*          | 0            |  0
Moderna             | 0            |  0
* Full results not published yet
- Note that I’m listing the results after two shots, though protection from death seems almost 100% after one shot.
- Johnson & Johnson (one shot) also reports no deaths and 85% not getting sick as shit.

These are amazing results across the board, and getting caught up in marginal differences is dangerous. The danger is that everybody wants a “95%” vaccine, whatever that is, and that leads to vaccine hesitancy. And that leads to people getting killed.

For example, European leaders have talked down AstraZeneca so much that people aren’t taking nearly 1 million hoarded doses, even as the EU has blocked exports. They’re both having their cake and shitting on it too. This crime against humanity comes out of confusion about these efficacy rates.

People say follow the data, but which data? We’re all following cases, but what we should be caring about, personally, is not fucking dying. Any vaccine makes you not dead.

Choose Life

Some people are treating choosing a vaccine like shopping for a baby stroller, and it’s not. It’s like having a baby. Just take the one you get, the second it comes out.

Whatever you get, it will protect you and other people, and the sooner you get it, the better it is for everyone. Even vaccine-resistant variants (like in South Africa) don’t seem to kill vaccinated people. Getting vaccinated with AstraZeneca there, for example, is still worth it because you’ll still live. At a policy level of course countries have to make choices that minimize cases, but that’s not the choice in front of us. For us it’s just life or death. It shouldn’t be hard.

Herd Immunity Vs. Your Immunity

Of course, most of us don’t even have a choice right now. We’re just waiting our turn, if we’re lucky. But when that moment does come, you don’t need to over-think it. I didn’t really know what vaccine I was getting, I just went and took what they had. It turned out to be Covishield, the Indian version of the Oxford vaccine and you know what, I’m thrilled. I’m not going to fucking die! I’m far less likely to infect anyone else! We can get the kids out of the house soon! That’s all I want.

Just like the vaccine ‘race’ between countries, the competition between vaccines isn’t especially helpful. We need all the vaccines we can get, and we need them everywhere, fast. We have to unite against the virus, and in that fight we need all the arms we can get.

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