Stop Hating China Or Russia Or Whoever You’re Supposed To

You were told to hate China and, oh look, you do. Pew Research Center

White people (and those becoming white) need to stop hating. Hate China, hate Russia, hate Syria, hate Iraq, hate North Korea. Think yourselves better than them because ‘human rights’, it’s the new secular Christendom, justifying new Crusades. You’re a bunch of sheep, led by wolves.

Back then your rich sold you a sense of religious superiority while they spread white supremacy, death, and human and environmental looting across the world. You were spreading Christianity and you could feel good about that, even proud of your murdering thieving corporations, who brought little home to you. Nevermind that Asia and Africa had Christianity first, and were wealthier and less violent than the flavorless, savage tribes of Europe. You could feel better than colored people, while your better made a killing and impoverished you too. The same thing is happening today, except you call it ‘democracies vs autocracies’. It’s the same old violence and looting in different clothing.

Today’s western news doesn’t make you smarter or more informed about the world. It’s all advertising. You get sold pills in the break and war during the main. Your countries and media are bought and paid for by corporations and arms dealers, and you’re a bunch of suckers, thinking that hating who you’re supposed to hate gives you power, makes you righteous, makes you cool. You’re a bunch of tools.

It’s all the same as the two-minute hate in 1984, except it’s 24/7 now. I’m old enough to remember when people didn’t hate China for example, but after Trump the whole media apparatus turned on a dime. And now you hate who you’re supposed to. The amount of casual, moralizing hatred towards China among ordinary white (and whitening) people is shocking. People just casually call for the overthrow of other peoples governments, ignoring the trauma that causes, ignoring the human tragedy of the USSR’s collapse, and how capitalist wolves gorged on the corpse.

The truth is that white (and white-aspiring) people should overthrow their owngovernments. The United States and its lackeys in White Empire are in fact the greatest threat to the world, with the worst track record by far. America and NATO have invaded countless countries, while they gin up fear about Russia invading Ukraine. White Empire has interfered in countless elections, including overthrowing an elected government in Ukraine itself, and they act like Russians are the great evil for buying Facebook ads.

White Empire points to a few protests in China and turns a complete blind eye to huge protests in their own country. Black Lives Matter was the largest protest movement in American history and the only conclusion was that they don’t. America has funded the police even more and turned a demand for human rights in their own country into a hashtag used by corporations. It’s a killing joke.

The fact is that China, Iran, Russia, or whoever you’re told to hate is none of your fucking business. White (and whitening) people are like Lennie in Of Mice And Men. That large but slow man just wanted to pet mice, and women, but ended up killing them with his lumbering kindness. George finally had to take him out back and shoot him. That’s what you should do with your own governments, or at least shut the fuck up. After the carnage of colonialism, after the ravages of capitalism, after the wars of terror you have waged over the past decades, the least you can do is shut the fuck up.

Nobody wants to hear how bad some other country is. We’ve heard how bad Saddam is, or Gaddafi, and all you’ve left is mass casualties and slave markets in the wake of your good intentions. You don’t get it. You are the ones who knock.

People within White Empire are not functional democracies. China, for example, has a more functional and responsive democracy that you. China is certainly more democratic than the European Union, which is literally an oligarchic trade union (founded via the steel industry) that has an unelected leader proudly loading this sham democracy into bombs and even cutting off the heat for her own people. China is absolutely more responsive to actual citizen needs than America or anyone in Europe having saved millions of lives with zero COVID, while the West crows about COVID infinity like it’s a virtue. These coughing, killing, assholes are always lecturing everybody about how great they are, and we see through you.

The casual hate is nauseating. The restart of the Cold War is the last thing we need right now. Right now we’re facing deadly Global Warming and where are these fuckers directing resources? At restarting the Cold War. The fact is that everyone should be uniting to fight this shared threat. China is the world’s largest producer of renewable energy, and the West is sanctioning them simply because they don’t want to see non-White people come up. Preserving their own privilege is more important than preserving the planet.

They’re going out the way they came into power. Destroying the planet and other countries for money and power. Colonialism is climate change, and it never ended. It just became capitalism, Christendom because ‘democracy and human rights’. It’s new whine in old bottles, while the drones whir relentless above. The truth is that all your good intentions are manipulated by the arms dealers and oligarchs that actually run you. They turn into bad actions over our countries, and we’re supposed to be grateful. We’re not.

The South wants fuck all to do with you hot war against Russia and cold war against China. We don’t want war at all. It’s hopeless saying to the most propagandized people in Earth—who think their billionaire-run press is ‘free’, and how think choosing blue or red is ‘democracy’—but y’all need to shut the fuck up and sit the rest of this century out. You’ve made a mess of the last 400 years, of the last 4 decades, of the planet, and of your own lives. Get your own house in order instead of burning everyone else’s down in vain self-righteousness. Y’all need to stop hating. It’s hurting people.