Rittenhouse Is How You Get Nazis

When judges support killing in the streets, you get killing in the streets

'Pillars Of Society' by George Grosz (1926)

History is repeating itself with the farce of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Rittenhouse gunned down protestors in cold blood, but the judge banned even using the word 'victims'. The judge's cell phone goes off in court, playing a Trump rally ringtone. He makes racist jokes about Asians. It's a smorgasbord of why Critical Race Theory exists in the first place, to examine the legal structures of racism. Well, here they are, in plain sight.

This oppression is nothing new in America, where white people have been deputized to put down slave rebellions for centuries, nor is it new to the world. This is precisely what happened in Weimar Germany before, you know, the Nazis took over. They say that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce. Here we are then, stuck in the time warp again.


When Germany was hit by a wave of assassinations in 1919, “none of the murderers ever served more than a token sentence, protected as they were by conservative judges and officers and other well-connected members of the establishment” (Weitz, Eric D). As Weitz continued, “the courts were notorious bastions of conservatism that barely prosecuted acts of terror committed by the Right, while they assiduously pursued the Left.”

As I've gone into, Weitz's description of the decrepitude of Weimar Germany rings terribly true about America today, the whole thing:

If anything, America is doing much worse than Germany did. They're not even enacting social welfare programs at all, they're just hoping for the best (while the Right does their worst). It's no contest really.

Weitz described “the rigged courtrooms of Weimar Germany—the judiciary so dominated by the Right” and America is worse. Their already demented Supreme Court has been stuffed by Trump, their courts are historical bastions of white supremacy, and their media has stuffed their fingers in their ears. This is how the New York Times reports on the Rittenhouse trial:

This is how America goes down. Murdered by the passive voice. What the fuck does 'the night would end with him fatally shooting two men' even mean? How is night the actor here? When every organ of power, from the courts to the press, says its OK to murder people in the street, guess what you get? Dead people in the streets. This is how you get Nazis. It's just a matter of time.

What you see in Rittenhouse and in all the people shooting and running people over at protests is the obsession with pantomimed violence that leads to only one place. Real violence. Germany was full of people playing dress-up, and it wasn't a game. As Weitz wrote, “They donned uniforms and marched around as if they were tough, proud military heroes. But others were positively dangerous, well-armed and prone to engage in barroom brawls, streetfights, and armed combat.”

Today America is full of people carrying AR-15s like crucifixes. Politicians proudly pose with guns in campaign ads, they share videos about killing their oppontents, and even help people attack the Capitol. And judges let all this shit go, while continuing to lock up minorities or leftists if they fart too loud. I'd say it's a farce, but it's really just a tragedy for different people. America is more heavily armed and dangerous than Germany ever was, so God knows where this will lead for us all.

But you have to look at where this is going. If you give a mouse a cookie, pretty soon he's going to want a glass of milk. If you let people kill protestors, pretty soon they're going to want to kill much more. Hence this show trial is really showing us something. Rittenhouse is precisely how you get Nazis.