NYTimes, The Word You’re Looking For Is CORRUPTION

How the NYTimes lies through omission

Beyonce uses the symbols of African corruption in her Disney ad for capitalism

The NYTimes ruins good reporting by not using words correctly. They call torture ‘enhanced interrogation’. They call vagina mutilations ‘unwanted gynecological procedures’. Now corruption has become ‘favor-seeking’. No you biased bombasts. It’s just corruption.

The NYTimes publishes the truth but labels it with lies. They find the story, and waterboard it with words. They launder tyranny through a thesaurus.

Let me teach you English.

A favor is lending a cup of sugar. We all give and seek favors. A President taking money for benefit is corruption. That’s the word you’re looking for, you don’t need to make up entirely new phrases. It’s just corruption. The NYTimes, of course, knows this word. They’re just racist.

The NYTimes calls Africans or Asians or Slavs corrupt all the time. They put it right in the headline. Spot the difference here:

One headline is English, the other is a tongue-twister.

The African headline is words that mean something. The Trump headline is not human language. Who’s the subject, what’s the object, do such things even exist? Are his taxes animate objects that magically do things? Did these people just mysteriously ‘get ahead’?

Within the article they never use the word corruption for America. The word is only used for Ukraine, because Slavs are second-class white people (as Hitler would agree). Instead we get these tortured phrases:

  • “the favor-seekers were swarming”
  • “Washington’s insider culture of lobbying and favor-seeking”
  • “where public and private business mix and special interests reign”
  • “a system of direct presidential influence-peddling”
  • “a lucrative new revenue stream”
  • “his reinvented swamp”

Bitch, it’s just corruption.

Imagine Trump as an African despot wearing a cheetah-print hat. How would you report on it then? Technically Mobutu also discovered ‘lucrative new revenue streams’. Is that how the NYTimes reported it?

Since the Iraq War and presumably forever, the New York Times — a fifth generation feudal media empire — has been laundering American state crimes through obfuscation. They report the crimes, but do not use words right, thus laundering them. The Times takes obfuscation (AKA, confusing the fuck out of people) to the level of high propaganda.

George Orwell was wrong. Big Brother didn’t need to replace words. He just needed to make them into incomprehensible sentences.

If I put a bunch of razor blades in a cookie jar and label it “shiny silvery slices” that’s technically true, but not fucking helpful, is it? That’s what the NYTimes does with torture, forced sterilizations, and now corruption. They get the story and torture it to death with words. They censor via synonym. They cover up crimes through sheer linguistic exhaustion.

Like Beyonce said, “say my name, say my name, you actin’ kinda shady, better say my name”. If you look at their coverage of other countries you must ask, why the sudden change?

American media has got to start covering their own country as a foreign country, or get foreign correspondents that can. You simply cannot see yourselves. You look at torture and concentration camps and corruption and say ‘Well, it can’t be what it obviously looks like, because we’re America. Let me get a thesaurus’. But it is. It is what it is.

This NYTimes report is laborious, well-researched and completely useless. It is a lie full of truth. Sitting on a pile of corruption evidence at home, the best they can come up with is “a system of direct presidential influence-peddling”. FFS, there’s a word for that. Ask Africa.

What this shows, of course, is that corruption is an inherently racist word. It’s reserved for Africans, Asians, and Slavs. The UK is the money laundering capital of the world, but, only the swarthy Russians, Arabs, and Africans get blamed for it. What do you think British bankers work for? Tea and crumpets?

America also has a deep culture of corruption that the NYTimes brushes off with euphemism — “Washington’s insider culture of lobbying and favor-seeking”. Meanwhile entire African nations are labeled corrupt. It somehow fits in those headlines quite nicely, whereas multiple sentences must be deployed for white people. I’m not saying that those corruption stories aren’t true. I’m saying that the NYTimes is lying about America. They bury you in detail and lie by omission.

Let me help the New York Times Editorial Board, that pillar of the structurally racist community. You can’t see because it’s your own country, but you’ve got something on your face. It’s called corruption.

Update: in their latest editorial, they seem to have learned the word. Which is good.

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