NATO Has Failed In Ukraine

What do these fuckers know about winning a land-war in Western Asia (Europe)? Photo from 1954

NATO wants to blame Ukraine’s failure on its legacy Soviet thinking. But the Soviet Army (and early Ukrainian Army) were quite competent compared to the horror-show counter-offensive NATO has unleashed. This failure is not because Ukraine failed insomuch as NATO gave them bad advice and frankly fraudulent training. Ukraine’s failure is because NATO training and advice, not despite it.

NATO is like a playground bully training someone for a professional cage match. What the fuck do they know? NATO has never fought a peer army. Their offensive career has consisted exclusively of pulverizing poor countries without functional air defenses. Ukraine — after a year of its own pulverization — looks more like one of the third-graders NATO beats up on than a NATO Army.

The truth is that there is really no such thing as a NATO Army. There’s only a NATO Air Force and whatever fuck boy militia has been appointed as their street team. When was the last time NATO fought a tank battle? When was the last time NATO had their communications jammed? When was the last time NATO lost any significant men or matériel and had to recover them? Neither NATO nor its American overlords know much about fighting toe-to-toe on the ground. They’ve got their head in the clouds, poor people in their crosshairs, and they have nothing but abstract theory to teach Ukrainians. Now that theory has hit a hard reckoning against the immovable object of Russia.

Even within imperial propaganda (NYTimes, WSJ, etc), it’s not disputed that Russia has a commanding plane, helicopter, drone, and artillery advantage, ie command of the skies. Whatever Ukraine throws up, if it flies, it dies. Their Air Force is fundamentally grounded. The theoretical delivery of F16s in six months (once enough pilots learn English and once every airfield is pristine) won’t change the reality on (and increasingly under) the ground. Ukraine has no command of the skies, which is the core assumption that NATO always operates under.

NATO training has not only failed in Ukraine, it has failed Ukraine, full stop. NATO has not trained Ukraine, it has betrayed them.

NATO/America (same thing) have thrown Ukraine into a fight they would never get into themselves. How do I know they’d never get into it? Because they’re not fucking in it, are they? They’re standing back and ‘advising’ and egging Ukraine’s corrupt government on, not actually putting planes in the sky and (official) boots on the ground. If NATO did get into this fight, it would be a fight, which is simply not something they’re used to. Like I said, NATO are playground bullies with nukes, not a tried-and-tested army. Their whole point was deterring Russia with nukes, their conventional equipment/training is just for playing dress up, or blowing up the murderous playground they’ve made of the Global South. NATO is used to blowing shit up on computer screens, not seeing their comrades blown up in front of them. They’re fundamentally cowards.

Like true cowards, they’re trying to throw Ukrainians under the bus for the failure of the much publicized counter-offensive. As corrupt and criminal as the Ukrainian government is, Ukrainian troops are undeniably brave, especially their forced conscripts, who are effectively prisoners. The problem is not their training, it’s their mission, which is to attack massed defensive lines without air cover. This is a suicide mission and there’s no amount of training that can prepare you for running through minefields while artillery rains down on you from above. This is simply not a situation commanders should order people into at all. This is not something NATO has done or ever would do, it’s the conditions NATO is used to imposing on other people. And, in this way, NATO is attacking Ukraine as much as Russia. As Henry Kissinger said about America “It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal.” Same goes for its proxy force NATO, and gods help the proxy of a proxy.

The obvious response to a post like this would be ‘well, what should Ukraine do?’ What any sane country should do after this performance, and honestly before. Do not trust NATO unless you’re in NATO. Do not trust Americans bearing ‘gifts’ and Europeans making promises. These fuckers have their own agenda and, if you’re not already a made member of NATO, they have no security to offer you. They’ll just make your country another battlefield and move onto the next one. Ukraine is not on a list of countries NATO has helped, that’s a null set. Ukraine is just the latest on the list of countries NATO has obliterated. At this point, the NATO-trained, NATO-equipped counter-offensive offend nothing but common sense and the human conscience. A playground bully simply cannot train you in the martial arts.