Meetings About Massacres

A corrupt American Congressman meeting his corrupters and planning corruption in the land

Whatever they say in public, the 'Israelis' and Americans (same White Empire) are having meetings about massacres. They're having PowerPoints about poets. They're using cartography to mark cardiologists for execution, and wiping entire hospitals off the map entirely. They're keeping daily journals of all the journalists they kill, and having aides bring them lists of aid agencies to target. None of this is collateral. It's all pre-meditated and intentional. Beneath the pile of bodies is a pile of paperwork, and covering it all up are corrupt newspapers.

'Israel's' stated and executed policy is to just fucking kill everybody, directly and then through disease and starvation. As former National Security Council head Giora Eiland said and as the current Finance Minister seconded: “The international community warns us of a humanitarian disaster in Gaza and of severe epidemics. We must not shy away from this, as difficult as that may be. After all, severe epidemics in the south of the Gaza Strip will bring victory closer and reduce casualties among IDF soldiers. And no, this is not about cruelty for cruelty’s sake, since we don’t support the suffering of the other side as a goal but as a means.” The cruelty is not collateral. It's intentional. If you only noticed because they killed some white aid workers (and one Palestinian), you're an asshole, but welcome.

Nothing should obfuscate that 'Israeli' policy is what's actually happening, not what the liars and their whitewashers are telling you. Some 'Israeli' publication ran an article about how 'Israel' is using AI to target militants and their families, which sounds dystopian in itself, but it's obfuscation. This implies that 'Israel' is targeting militants at all, and not hitting hospitals, civilians, aid workers, and journalists on purpose. As Norman Finkelstein says, “The nub of the problem is neither disciplinary nor technical. It’s Israel’s murder plan: to make Gaza unlivable and to force its people to decide—starve or leave.” The plan is what's being executed, and what they say is the plan (freeing hostages) is just part of the plan (to lie about i). 'Israel' has executed more hostages than it's freed, and meanwhile have taken thousands more Palestinians hostage and killed them in the tens of thousands. If you just open your eyes and plug your ears it's obvious.

'Israel' is laser focused on killing the Palestinian people entirely, on making Gaza unlivable, as they've openly said. And they're doing it. And this all had to be planned before the people were executed. They had to have meetings to discuss where the water supplies, food, sewage treatments, and electricity were, and then they had to have more meetings to bomb them. They had to coordinate where aid was being dropped by the Americans, and then plan to bomb the people that came to get it. They had get coordinates of aid agencies from the Americans (wink wink) in order to precisely bomb them (nod nod).

Somewhere, people are sitting in air-conditioned conference rooms, drinking bottled water, pulling up spreadsheets of how many people they expect to kill of starvation and thirst. Then some politician is telling them to get those numbers up. Somewhere people are having Zoom calls where they discuss foreign aid workers coming in, and how this messes with the starvation plan, so kill them. Then someone else is sitting at a computer screen, sending a bomb through the logo, then following the wounded to another car, bombing them again, and then following up to triple-tap them. All while some bureaucrat is standing over their shoulder nodding. Good job. Let me update spreadsheet. This is all pre-meditated, and someone else gets cc'ed on the media plan to cover it up in newsprint. They're pissing on your legs and calling it rain and, shockingly, some people still lap it up as ‘honest mistakes’.

They say once is a mistake, twice is a coincidence, and thrice is pre-meditated. But what do you call 3,000? What do you call n+1, every single day, for six months of reigning death? That's a plan, executed ruthlessly. These are all executions. 'Israel' does not give a fuck, and America does not withhold anything. What can genocide grandpa say to their genocidal offspring? 'Israel' said Gaza was populated by 'human animals' and they'd 'reduce it to rubble' and they're 'acting accordingly'. And that's precisely what they're doing. They're planning, executing, and everything else is just excuses with expiration dates. 'Israel' has discovered that, like break-ups, the best way to get over one cycle of bad press is to do something even more horrible. One bombed hospital is a tragedy, but bombing every hospital becomes a statistic. It doesn't even get covered. The best cover-up way to cover up some bodies is more bodies. Somehow if the corpses are a mountain it becomes a molehill.

What gets me is all the white-collar workers this takes. From the 'Israeli' bureaucrats making lists of doctors and intellectuals to murder, to the soldiers pushing the buttons to obliterate them. From the paper-pushers marking out which homes to demolish, and the software-developer reservists going out and taking selfies while doing it. Then, on the American side, the people releasing the 2,000 pound bombs to drop on starving 20 pound children. Somebody has to sign all that paperwork, somebody has to load the bombs, and then maybe some celebrity comes and signs the bombs themselves. Then the PR flacks have to have meetings to coordinate their lies, and western 'journalists' have to craft sentences without subjects or objects to make all the active violence disappear in the passive voice. It's a massive coordination job, all this carnage.

The sheer amount of dry work that goes into wet work is staggering, and yet we've only seen one or two resignations. Thousands of people are participating in this genocide as their daily job, and they just go home and play with their kids and walk their dogs like it's nothing. 'Israel' as a country is completely deranged, but America is equally arranged around this. This is not a collective madness, it's a collective methodicalness. That's what's so diabolical. There are spreadsheets behind the shrouds, there are meetings about people we'll never meet again, there are hotspots marking the hospitals, there are addendums listing all the academics to be killed, and the locations of all the universities. People are having refreshments while they discuss starving other people to death, and choosing coffee or tea while unleashing killer drones to hunt those looking for sustenance. Then they're looking for the sugar while a father looks for food, and gets murdered by a drone and left to bleed out while somebody watches it all on a video feed.

This is all written down and then there are written plans about how to lie about it. And then people go out and do it. This is the bureaucracy of evil. This is 'Israel' and America. This is the White Empire, which hides in the background like it doesn't exist, while pushing entire populations out of existence entirely. There are no bad apples here, this is a bad apple cart, and the whole thing must be overthrown, wholesale. There is no redeeming this. The western governments, the western press, the very concept that the West should have anything to do with any part of the Earth, that has to be resisted and resisted violently.

Empire must be overthrown for this world to know any semblance of peace at all. They'll keep having meetings about massacres until we're all in the grave, and the fact is that every Palestinian they've killed or maimed is enough condemnation. It is as if they've killed the whole world, and they're doing it hundreds of times every day. The only salvation is that tens of thousands of martyrs are having their own meetings with Allah right now, on top of the millions the American have already sent there for decades.

While Allah moves as he wills, when he does move, he moves inexorably. As the Quran says, “Remember how those who bent on denying the truth plotted against you to imprison you or kill you or expel you: they schemed—but God also schemed. God is the best of schemers.” Allah also said “They have an appointed time beyond which there will be no escape for them. We destroyed these communities when they went on doing wrong, and We appointed a time for their destruction.” I don't know when the time for the destruction of 'Israel' and America is but, inshallah, it's coming. It can't come soon enough for me. This bloodlessness with which they wage such bloodshed is enraging.