How COVID Is Cause For Revolution

But first, the evil empire must be named

When they say 'international community' they really mean these colonial fuckers. That's who we, the actual human community, need to overthrow, by any means necessary

We didn't just lose to COVID, we were sold out. The beings that sold us out will keep selling until the entire Earth is a hot flooded hell, and COVID is an almost pleasant memory. So before we get to what, we must get to who. It was the White Empire that sold us out, the unnamed, inchoate empire that we all live in today.

Who is the White Empire? Broadly it's the US, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and their lackeys like Japan. The same colonial fuckers who literally sold human beings for centuries. They sold us all out again, and they'll keep doing it until we end their reign.

COVID was a preventable tragedy, because if the White Empire had acted like human beings, millions of people would be living today. You don't have to go far to find another example, just the first place COVID was detected and sequenced.

China eliminated COVID without vaccines, by basic testing, tracing, isolating, and giving a fuck. Much poorer countries like Rwanda did much the same. If we had united as human beings, we could have got hands around this thing. But the White Empire isn't human, it primarily serves corporate beings, and all they cared about was their deity, The Economy.

The farce is that COVID could have been slowed with vaccines, but the White Empire willfully fucked up that opportunity. When China, India, South Africa, et al tried to mount a global effort last year, but the White Empire blocked them. They chose private profit over public health and snatched defeat from the jaws as victory.

This is the inhuman Empire we live under, and it's gone too long without a name. An Empire so craven it doesn’t even put up a fight. An Empire so greedy it values patents more than rights. This is an Empire so empty you can only call it White.

The concept of beating a virus was literally foreign to the White Empire. “What are we? A bunch of ASIANS?”

Selling Out The Human Race

Defeating a shared human threat is alien to the world of share capital, especially one where health is an 'industry'. There's more money in losing. There's more profit in being sick.  This threat was just another opportunity to do the only thing that matters to these corporate fuckbois. Make money. And so they have. This isn't some new outrage. This is business as usual. Has been for hundreds of years.

The first share markets were for colonial companies, and they were always trading in human lives. It was colored lives, however, so y'all didn't care. Now it's happening to you. Just as the VoC and Mississippi Company became the largest companies in history through colonial rape (and plain old fraud), Pfizer, Moderna, and the drug companies have gotten royal monopolies and made a royal killing. They're even using the same colonial tactics.

From the VoC to Pfizer, it's always been divide and conquer, and it still works. They paid off corrupt rulers, got vaccine monopolies enforced by royal militaries, and divided the world up amongst themselves. Vaccine apartheid for the Global South, and divide and conquer the idiots in the North. Now the official government line inside places like America is that if you're not vaccinated it's your fault, the pandemic is your fault, and you can just fuck off and die.

Of course, not vaccinated people include most of the world’s poor and even their own children. That’s how craven and evil these sell-outs are, but again it's nothing new. Enslavers used to sell their own children, borne of rape. Of course modern exploiters are selling their own children out. It's just the same shit, different century.

It's important to understand how this all started in colonialism because we're still there. Colonialism never fucking ended, it just went into the cloud, it just colonized the air. Stock markets began for colonialism and they're soaring with capitalism. It's the same thing. We in the Dirty South have known this for centuries. Now it's happening to you.

Chickens have come home to roost, and the White Empire got worse than chickenpox. They got COVID-∞.

A New Hope

The White Empire has been doing dirty in the South for centuries, but now chickens have come home to roost. We've known that they'll famine us for profit, but now everyone is dying for their bottom line, even people in the heart of Empire. The immortal corporate beings that run the place are getting as fat as ever simply do not care. We are all just human capital stocks to them, and their only message for us is get back to work or die.

Hence we are not going to fight COVID-19, or climate change, or any existential human crises through this White Empire that doesn't give a fuck about human beings. Rich people will happily sell out the rest of humanity for trinkets like yachts and made-up computer money. Corporate beings will continue to profit and live quite happily on an Earth uninhabitable for most human beings.

We cannot find any solution thru this Empire. We have to tear the motherfucker down. The fact is that it wasn't enough to decolonize a few countries in the Global South. These bastards took to the cloud and colonized the very air. We have to follow them home and overthrow White Empire everywhere. We have to take our power as the global majority, and revolt globally.

Will this happen now? I don't know, but this pandemic is just the first of challenges to come. The Earth is revolting against our very presence, and it will overthrow us all quite violently. General strikes, general non-cooperation and violent revolution are needed right now, and they will become self-emergent properties in time.

The White Empire sold us out before, they have sold us out to COVID, they're selling us out to climate collapse, and they'll keep selling as long as there's anything left to sell. Quite frankly, it's us or them. For all of our interconnected problems, international revolution is now the only way.