It’s All One Genocide. From Palestine To The Planet

“Olive Harvest” by Maher Naji. (Via)

Colonizers always kill plants and animals along with the people. Everybody with genes gets genocided, and everything without is denied spirit entirely. They even use the same word for the bodies and things they destroy. Savage. It’s the same word they use to describe Palestinians today, as they kill them and raze their land. Palestine is the genocide of the planet, in a microcosm. The truth is it’s all one genocide, and we are all Palestinian.

When Israeli colonizers talk about eliminating ‘animal people’, it’s the same as American colonizers attacking ‘merciless savages’ in their Declaration of Independence. It’s the same imperative. Kill the native people and take their land. The language they use is telling. Why do animals deserve to be treated badly? Why do plants (Israel calls its killing sprees ‘mowing the grass’)? Why does the ‘savage’ Earth? You can see how white supremacism and human supremacism are connected. It’s all one continuum.

It’s no coincidence that Israel completely ravages the soil of Gaza with two nuclear bombs worth of explosives (and counting). It’s no coincidence that they uproot ancient olive trees wherever they ‘settle’. Their ongoing genocide of Palestinians is a continuum, crushing both the native people and the natural world around them. This is not unique to Israel, this is colonialism, but Israel is doing it right in front of us.

Now why do the old colonizers support Israel? Fake recognize fake, it’s all part of the artificial growth that chokes the natural world. Israel is often referred to as an ‘aircraft carrier’, most recently by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He said,“Israel is almost like having an aircraft carrier in the Middle East. If Israel disappears, Russia, China, and BRICS+ countries will control 90% of the oil in the world and that would be cataclysmic for US national security.” For the native this is a home, but for Americans this is abase, and Israelis are just the Sepoy guards. They get petty colonial privileges over the natives, but are ultimately just a colony of the greater White Empire.

Israel is the last actively genociding colony, however, which is becoming a bit of an embarrassment. The OGs (Original Genociders) are human rights experts now, their founding genocides are covered up and the money’s long-since laundered. They’re also climate change experts, and they don’t like the whole ‘blood for oil’ thing being so obvious. It’s not that that they mind genocide, mind you. It’s the ultimate white privilege, a franchise they happily extend to Israel. They just don’t like how it looks. The fact is that the Americans and Europeans all committed the same atrocities as Israel and worse— they all starved, concentration camped, and simply murdered populations. The difference is that they did it in the history books (which they wrote) while Israel is doing it live on Facebook and Al Jazeera (which they’ve lost control of). It’s a bad look and the young, especially, are on to it.

Nobody believes the ‘war on terror’ shit after decades of destroying random countries (and losing). Nobody believes the beheaded babies lie when Israel is actually killing babies every 10 minutes (and also losing). Nobody believes the opposite of what they were told to believe about Ukraine. I’m using ‘nobody’ rhetorically, because, of course, a minority of deeply propagandized westerners do believe this shit, and repeat it. Mainly the olds. But globally and even within their own populations, these warmongers have lost the plot.

The propaganda doesn’t work like it used to. The Empire has no clothes and everybody knows it. They still have arms though, which is the problem. They’re flooding every war zone with arms, without even a fig leaf of diplomacy. It’s just naked guns. Right now, having gotten bored destroying Ukraine, America is sending billions of dollars in ‘lethal aid’ to Israel. Israel, in turn, is hiding behind screens and dropping these bombs almost exclusively on civilians. I won’t call Israel’s cowardly bombing indiscriminate, on the contrary, they are targeting hospitals, bakeries, schools, journalist’s families, and homes in general. As Benjamin Netanyahu said on October 8th, “We will turn Gaza into an island of ruins”. They are cutting off food, water, fuel, and medicine to the entire population. It’s not even a hard case for genocide because they’re stating their intentions out loud, as former UN human rights official Craig Mokhiber said when he resigned in protest.

What Israel is doing to take Gaza is no different from America’s Manifest Destiny (and what they did to manifest it), or what the European colonizers said and did to most of us. It’s just the wrong century, which is why it sounds so incongruous. The point is what it always was under colonialism. Killing people and taking their land. The truth is not actually that complicated. But the lies they tell to cover it up are.

The cover-up is that this is all to eliminate Hamas, but by Israel’s own estimate they’ve killed very few Hamas members, despite claiming that Hamas is under hospital, ambulance, and water tank. The cover-up is that they’re saving hostages, but they’ve rejected an exchange (Israel holds thousands more) and have killed many of their own hostages (as they did in a cowardly rage on October 7th as well). The cover-up is that this is all self-defense, Israel, as an occupier, has no right to self-defense. Their very existence is an offense as colonizers, and armed resistance is justified and, in fact, called for.

People talk about Hamas popping out of the Metro in Paris, but that’s a joke. These people just want to live on their land and return to their homes. But colonizers do pop out of nowhere and invade countries, and coup governments, and besiege civilian populations, they do this on the regular. This is the modus operandi of the White Empire, just handed over from Britain to America, along with the military ‘bases’ (stolen homes). They do this in order to ‘develop’, which is short for stripping the land and labor and filling the earth, water, and air with pollution.

These people are collapsing the climate the same as they are collapsing hospitals in Gaza. Genocide is a continuum and the hierarchy of white supremacy doesn’t stop at the Palestinian people. You can see it in the destruction of Palestinian land, and the toxic fumes and pollution from the world’s #1 polluter, the US military and its proxies like Israel. The world won’t be safe until this whole White Empire is destroyed, from Israel to its real masters in America. Unfortunately, this just means the world won’t be safe, cause these guys have a lot of guns, bombs, and nukes, and they seem determined to go down shooting. The climate is already shot to hell, and we’ll be lucky to escape nuclear winter.

I have digressed into the dastardly details, but let me return to the point in general. The destruction happening to Palestine is happening to the planet. It’s the same people doing it or, more accurately, the same beings doing it. Europeans incarnated their greed as corporations, and it is those AI that are most proximately devouring the world, just as they did under colonialism from the beginning (VoC, 1602). While we die, arms dealers make a killing, and the United States at this point is just an arms dealership with a flag. And Israel is already selling rights to fossil fuel deposits of Gaza, which is why human rights don’t matter in the Middle East in general.

You can see how it’s all connected. This is all one evil, both historically and geologically. White supremacism and human supremacism not isolated problems. It’s not a case of colonialism on the one hand, and climate collapse on the other. It’s all one fist, punching through the people that defend the land, and the land itself. You can see the results in the devastated land of America, or ongoing colonization of Palestine. It’s the same thing. The same historical injustice is causing our great geological unbalancing.

This is why resistance is called for, and why the Palestinians are so brave. They are the real leaders of the free world, not the accursed Americans. They obviously didn’t want this shit, but they’re shoveling it, and more power to them. The fact is that we weren’t safe under colonialism and we’re still not safe because it never stopped. White supremacism and human supremacism are one continuum of evil, the separation of us from each other, from our animal kin, and from the land. It is, in the short run, the genocide of the Palestinians, but in the long run, it’s the ecocide of us all.