The Fake Countries Within White Empire

Starting with the worst, 'Israel'
Two flags, one gun

The White Empire hides behind myriad flags, but these are false flags. Any country with imperial troops on its soil is not an independent country. Any country beholden to imperial coin is not an independent country. This sadly encompasses most countries in this dollarized, militarized world, but some countries more than most. Historically, there's nothing unusual about this. Empires generally leave vassals alone as long as they give tribute and troops. Now the tribute is called buying US treasuries, and the troops are called a 'defensive alliance.' This age isn't different, it's just delusional.

White Empire

Firstly, if you haven't clicked through the link and read through 100,000 disjointed words on the subject, let's discuss White Empire. I mention the White Empire so much because otherwise every sentence becomes a meaningless mouthful. I keep having to say 'America and the UK and Australia and honorary whiteys in South Korea and the UAE'. But what are these places, really? They're one phenomenon, hid behind numerous small flags and meaningless differences.

All of these countries (and more) supply tribute and troops to the US whenever called, so they're just tributaries. Historically, we don't talk much about the parts of the Roman Empire. In the same way, the still occupied countries of Europe and Japan or the capital-couped countries of the world are just not historically relevant. They're just vassals with sports teams. You can call the whole hegemon the American Empire if you want, but I prefer White Empire because to me it's one historical hegemon; spilling out from Europe to its colonies and still sloshing around in blood. Call it what you want, but call it something. Otherwise a serious conversation is impossible.

Since we're having that conversation, I'll talk about a few notable vassals of the White Empire, and how they're fake countries. Now, most countries are fake these days, they either have American troops on their soil (not normal!), have economic policies run by the IMF or other imperial institutions (abominable), or pay tribute by buying dollars for trade (unavoidable). In this series, I will just focus on the fakest of the fake, whom imperial propaganda props up as being the most free. Let's take 'Israel', Germany, South Korea, and Taiwan to start.

'Israel,' for example, literally gets America to co-sign its bonds and co-sponsor its genocide. Germany gets its pipelines meekly blown by America, its phones tapped, and its economy dismantled without a murmur. The South Korean Combined Forces Command is literally commanded by an American, and Taiwan isn't even acknowledged by America as an independent country at all (officially America supports the one-China policy). These countries are all not remotely independent at all, they're just pawns thinking they've been kinged.

As I've mentioned, this is not historically unusual. Indeed, it's normal. There were kings within the Roman Empire or Assyrian Empire and subjects might not even notice the greater Empire until things got bad and they had their grain taken or men conscripted. Historically Empires have always had 'independent' satraps who had little actual control over military and financial matters (ie, what matters). Empires always took tribute from vassals, only now it's called buying treasuries and sending weapons. It is the same shit, different day, as my historical thesis goes.

Why does the modern White Empire hide? Because it can, IMHO. The technology for cloaking an empire just didn't exist before. Older had to demand public tributes of soil and water and hope that the hegemony held when the banners were called. In those less sophisticated days the Empire had to say it was an Empire and maintain a blunt psychological projection of power to keep people in line. Today, empire can hide in plain sight without ever having to say the plain fact out loud. This is another reason I call the current empire White. It's effectively invisible, an Empire painted into the background.

White Empire can use mass media, 'international' institutions, treaties, phone calls, and sophisticated titty-twisting to keep the sheep in the pen until shearing time. The sheep don't even know. They think they're lions because they're periodically let out to 'mow the grass' in the form of Palestinian or Afghan children. As we can all see happening now, in the genocide of Gaza. People say that America is complicit in this, but it's much more than that. White Empire is causal.


'Israel', far from being a safe place for the Jews, is a cynical exploitation of their suffering for imperial interests. Westerners live in a movie version of World War II where they were saving the Jews and not the reality where they were literally pushing boats of them away, right back to the concentration camps. Post-war propaganda aside, America and Europe (see why I use White Empire?) never gave a shit about the Jews and were in fact wildly antisemitic.

After World War II Germany still didn't want the Jews and America didn't want them either. In fact, America was in a hurry to rehabilitate Nazis, with Hitler's Lt. General Adolf Heusinger going on to run NATO. Thus the Western Allies just dusted off an old Nazi plan to send Jews 'back where they came from', the Haavara Agreement the Zionists made with literal devils (the Nazis). The penultimate solution. It's really the most antisemitic thing ever, sending war-scarred Semitic people to Palestine, to be permanently at war with other Semitic people.

Biblical propaganda aside, 'Israel' was a place to get rid of Jewry and make them a permanent conscript army near the oil. White Empire killed two birds with one stone, they were able to blame their problem of antisemitism on other Semitic people, and they got an 'unsinkable aircraft carrier' from which to destabilize the region (political fracking if you will).

If you'd prefer to ignore dubious historiography from a random Sri Lankan, just follow the money. 'Israel' is the single largest historical recipient of US defense (re: offense) 'aid' and the American Treasury literally guarantees 'Israeli' bonds. Does that look like an independent country to you, or like a homicidal rich kid with daddy still co-signing their loans? It's commonly stated that 'Israel' (and, to go further, Jews) control America, but this isn't true. Rapacious elites control both, and they'll politically frack the Middle East until the ground bleeds and God themselves intervenes, which to American evangelicals is good thing.

Is Not Real

Once all the marketing and constant censorship gets stripped out by history, all that will be left is a White Empire that wanted a conscript army near some magic goop, and which gave people it hated an honorary place within Whiteness, as long as they kept viciously kicking down. That's all 'Israel' is. It has no independent existence at all, just a dependent viciousness. More than any country within the White Empire, it cannot exist without constant military, financial, and diplomatic support from the center. It is the worst fake country within White Empire, but by no means the last. We'll get to a few more next time.