How 'Israel' Has Lost The North

'Israel' has completely lost the north of occupied Palestine. It's under fire and on fire every day now. Hezbollah has methodically eye-poked 'Israel's' intelligence outposts and is literally blasting them in the nuts every day, on camera. The map above shows the new line of control for occupied Palestine, as reported by the thinking man's Der Stürmer, Haaretz. 'Israel' has lost it.

Eyes And Ears

It's fascinatingly boring how Hezbollah did this. For months their videos have been methodically mundane, blowing up this communication tower, that building, that listening station. It seemed like a bunch of nothing, but it adds up. Hezbollah had a list of 'Israel's' eyes and ears in the north and has spent months methodically eye poking them, like Odysseus and the Cyclops. Now—however big the IOF might be—they're effectively blinded.

As Hezbollah opens bigger and bigger gaps in 'Israel's' air defenses, they can send bigger and more missiles in, with better and better penetration. For 'Israel', this attrition is a compounding problem. Their air defenses are a connected system and the network is increasingly returning 404. Take for example, the destruction of the $230 million dollar SKYDEW blimp/spy balloon.

This balloon is designed to detect low-flying drones and missiles, especially important as this is the vector most used by the Resistance. SKYDEW can stay up much longer (and relatively cheaper) than planes, and can 'see' much further than ground-based systems. It was also placed in a highly strategic area that let them cover attacks from Syria, Iraq and—to a lesser degree—from Hezbollah, specifically on the port of Haifa. But now the party's over. Look at the balloon now:

SKYDEW is now as shriveled and useless as Joe Biden's nutsack. This is a big loss, which also signals a big breakdown. As the SKYDEW 'Target Card' (from Hezbollah intelligence) says, it was “protected by an electronic monitoring and jamming system against drones and UAVs (Drone Dome),” and “secured by three layers of missile interception systems: Iron Dome, David's Sling, and Hetz [Arrow].” That all got sliced through like the layers of an onion, leaving only Zionist tears behind.

The northern front is porous now, and the 'settlers' more than anybody knows it. As Moshe Davidovitz—head of the Asher regional council—said, “Ten rockets fell in the center of the country and the media is in an uproar — the country is in turmoil,” he wrote. “But every day dozens of rockets are fired towards the confrontation line settlements and the Galilee, including anti-tank missiles and suicide drones, and the country remains silent. Once again, it's proof that the north is not being counted.”

Meron Air Base, one of 'Israel's' two main bases (Via)

Hezbollah of course, has counted the north. They have a list of 'Israeli' military targets and they go through them one by one. Take, for example, the Mount Meron Air Surveillance Base, one of the two main bases in 'Israel'. This is what the IOF says about the base, in a 2016 article by Maariv (via translation):

One of the senior officials of the Air Force adds: "The air control system is crucial for the operational capability of the Air Force. Its main duty is to protect the occupied airspace. Through the control system, we activate all capabilities to protect the sky, including helicopters, aircraft, missiles, and other classified systems."

And this is what Hezbollah intelligence released, as they were bombing it:

Firstly, the Meron Air Surveillance Base is located on the summit of Mount Jarmaq ["Mount Meron"] in northern occupied Palestine, the highest peak in occupied Palestine. Meron Base is the sole center for administration, surveillance, and air control in the northern part of the usurping entity and there is no major alternative to it. It is one of two main bases in the entire usurping entity: "Meron" in the north, and the second being "Mitzpe Ramon" in the south.

The Meron Base is responsible for organizing, coordinating, and managing all air operations towards Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus, and the northern part of the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, this base is a main center for electronic jamming operations in the aforementioned directions and is staffed by a large number of elite officers and soldiers of the zionist forces.

Secondly, the fighters of the Islamic Resistance at 07:50 AM on Saturday, January 6, 2024, as a part of the preliminary response to the crime of assassinating the great leader Sheikh Saleh Al-Arouri and his martyr brothers in the southern suburb [Dahiyeh] of Beirut, targeted the Meron Air Surveillance Base with 62 missiles of various types, inflicting direct and confirmed hits.

I know the demonic testicles of Meron Air Base well, having seen Hezbollah come at them like sperm to an egg, over and over in countless videos. They've been relentless. It honestly gets boring because the whole thing never fireballs, but each small hit adds up. Each time a hole in 'Israeli' air defenses opens, the hole only gets bigger, because of Hezbollah is damaging complex, interconnected systems.

Now the Meron base can barely defend itself, let alone the region. 'Israel' has responded by assassinating Hezbollah (and Iranian) leaders, but the Resistance just names missiles after the martyrs and send more. This is a battle of attrition and Hezbollah is paying attention while 'Israel' is mindlessly lashing out. 'Israel' is completely distracted by a genocide in the south, and has lost the battle for the north.

After months of this boring de-administrative work, Hezbollah has finally gotten to the good stuff. 'Israel's' northern air defenses today are like a ragged old mosquito net that the dog chased the cat through. It's full of holes, and big ones. Hezbollah can increasingly fire at will, with increasingly accurate weapons. For example, here is Hezbollah taking down a SKYSTAR 330 by drone-striking its Battalion 869 operator literally in the nuts.

In this case, Hezbollah targeted not the spy balloon itself, but the balloon controllers, in three locations at the same time. With the operators eliminated, the balloon drifted out of control, landing in Lebanon where some kids recovered it. This is the state of 'Israel's' eyes and ears in the north. They're on the ground.

Iron Done

'Israel' has nothing worth calling an air-defense in the north anymore. The Iron Dome is done. Hezbollah can fire at will, and has for every single day for seven months now. Iraqi Resistance missiles are flying right over them, towards Haifa. Iran can overwhelm the entire national system whenever it wants. 'Israel' can still offend the conscience, but they're missile defenseless now. Even Hamas is hitting them, from within traumatized Gaza. It's open season, and the 'settlers' know it.

'Israeli' settlers openly bemoan their unsettled state all over the Hebrew press. Some settlers were so Pyrrhicly pissed they threatened to secede from the entire abomi-nation and form the new State of Galilee. As The Jerusalem Post (the ethnic cleanser's preferred real estate supplement) said,

The straw that broke the camel's back was the prime minister's answer at the cabinet meeting to a question by Benny Gantz, as reported by N12. Gantz wondered if the residents would return to their homes on September 1, for the start of the school year, and Netanyahu replied, "What's the worst that will happen if they return a few months after September 1?"

This is of course the worst that can happen. The entire premise of 'Israel' is that they can do whatever they want and fuck everyone else. If the Iron Dome doesn't work, 'Israel' doesn't work, and the Iron Dome doesn't work. It's the Iron Sieve now. Holy warriors have poked it full of holes.

An Iron Dome battery, all busted up.

This is a huge problem because the Iron Dome is not just 'Israel's' physical defense mechanism, it's their psychological defense mechanism. It's what makes the whole colonial project believable, that they can piss off everyone in the region and suffer no consequences. Belief in the 'Iron Dome' is belief in 'Israel' and neither is believable anymore. Thus the northern 'settlements' have emptied out and they're not coming back anytime soon. As the Resistance News Network (RNN) said (on May 29th):

930 settler houses in northern occupied Palestine have been damaged by Hezbollah rockets in 86 settlements since October 7th, according to the zionist Ministry of War.

In Al-Manara for example, 130 out of 155 houses were destroyed. "Metulla" has just 34 residents left in the settlement, at most. "Kiryat Shmona," one of the largest settlements, has seen its population plummet from 24,000 to under 4,000, and 124 houses have been damaged within it.

This comes as over 200,000 settlers in the north are displaced by the resistance, having built their own refugee camp. Some want to secede from "Israel" and build their own state, while others, such as the settlement of "Margaliot" have severed their ties with the entity as of yesterday.

Perplexingly, the IOF reportedly plans to significantly cut down the number of soldiers it has on the northern border and nearby settlements, citing funding reasons, or perhaps to lessen the number of targets available to Hezbollah.

Let's look at one example of Hezbollah eliminating one target, an Iron Dome battery. They systematically do this over and over. This Al Jazeera report describes how Hezbollah first gets the battery to reveal itself by firing bullshit at it, then hits it with the real shit:

At 3:30, exclusive footage reveals the monitoring and reconnaissance operations that enabled Hezbollah to uncover the positions of "Iron Dome" batteries stations near the settlement of "Kfar Blum" using a tactic called "fire luring." The footage reveals that Hezbollah launched munitions toward the sites and documented the interception process carried out by the "Iron Dome," which enabled Hezbollah to execute a high-precision qualitative operation.

The scenes at 4:25 reveal a successful targeting of the "Iron Dome" batteries, without them being able to detect, track, or thwart the attack. Then, exclusive photos obtained by Al Jazeera show Hezbollah's intelligence penetration of the IOF soldiers in these newly established sites, and the ability to document the geographical details and the size of the fortifications used.

Hezbollah has done this over and over, methodically hunting and seeking Iron Dome batteries one by one. Given that the rest of their surveillance equipment is decimated and they can't even see what's coming, 'Israel' has to then draw its military assets further and further from the border. Otherwise this is what happens:

This is the moment Hezbollah hits “the garrison unit of Barkat Risha with an Iranian Almas top-attack ATGM [Anti-Tank Guided Missile].” 'Israel'—unlike Hezbollah and Hamas—has not spent the last 20 years tunneling underground, so their soldiers are all exposed without the Iron Dome. Take also, for example, the IOF's 769th Brigade Headquarters, or what's left of it.


The colonial condom is full of holes and 'Israel' is pregnant with a Palestine reborn. When the soldiers leave, the settlers have to leave also, it's a total failure of colonization. This is not a strategic retreat, it's strategic defeat. This is not a solution, just dissolution. But it's all 'Israel' can do. They've lost control of the north and, worst of all, they've lost control of the tempo of this war. Hezbollah can keep turning the heat up and up until 'Israel' is cooked. Behold Kiryat Shmona (occupied al-Khalisa), which is literally on fire right now:

This is directly because the Iron Dome is not intercepting drones and Hezbollah has fire control of the whole region. Hence it burns. Settlers now see a 'welcome' board that's literally melting. The message is clear. 'Fuck off'.

I have watched this process play out for the past seven months, and now the grapes of wrath bear fruit. Hezbollah has fire control over the north, while 'Israel' is retreating further and further. The collapse of the northern front also opens up 'Israel' for attack from Syria and Iraq, which can fly straight through. This is all causing massive psychological damage to 'Israel' because the Iron Dome was their safety blanket, and now they have to face the skeletons under their bed alone. This is all because Hezbollah had a strategy while 'Israel' was just ratchety, bombing ambulances and homes with no military value. Now 'Israel' has lost northern Palestine and it's not coming back. This is decolonization in action. 'Israel' has lost the north and a liberated Palestine is slowly coming into view.