Why Israel Should Not Exist

Israel is not a good steward of the land. They are destroyers. Image from the bombing of a refugee camp, which they’re still bombing

Empire has a fascinating habit of accusing its enemies of what it’s doing. The playground response ‘I know you are, but what am I?’ is surprisingly apt when talking to these global bullies. Everything they accuse enemies of doing is precisely what their colony Israel is doing, with their full support. Developing illegal nuclear programs, attacking other countries, and oppressing the land’s inhabitants. By the Empire’s own logic, regime change in Israel is long overdue. The fact is that this state of Israel should not and cannot exist and, inshallah, soon enough won’t.

The Telling Hypocrisy

For decades the White Empire has accused independent Middle Eastern countries of A) developing weapons of mass destruction B) attacking their neighbors and C) oppressing their inhabitants. They have used these accusations to sanction, bomb, destabilize, and regime change them many times over. But they’re attacking the wrong targets. If there’s a rogue state in the Middle East, it’s Israel, which has done all of the above and worse. If anyone needs regime changing, it’s the violent, apartheid, racist, police state currently occupying Palestine right now.

To take the first point of America’s rhetorical spear, Israel has nukes and plans to use them. Other countries have been sanctioned and invaded for much less, but Israel gets a pass. Israel abducts anyone that talks about it, but they’re widely acknowledged to have many nuclear weapons. Israel also has credible plans to use them (the ‘Samson Option’) and has not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. They are by all accounts a rogue nuclear state, which is precisely the thing Empire has told us to fear. Unless they’re doing it. As the Simpsons meme goes, no one is allowed to develop illegal WMD, except me and maybe the boy! Israeli politicians have in fact called for using ‘doomsday’ weapons on Palestinians in their current genocide, but had to settle for dropping two Hiroshimas worth of regular bombs instead. Israel is by all objective accounts a rogue, violent state that should not have nuclear weapons, but they do. Just one reason that regime change is overdue.

To the second point, Israel attacks its own neighbors on a regular basis, something Iraq was attacked for after Kuwait, but which Israel keeps doing with impunity. Israel has attacked and occupied Lebanon and Syria, fought with all of its neighbors, and still does. Recently it has bombed Lebanon and Syria’s airports, and keeps doing it. Who else gets away with this, and why on Earth should Israel? If any other country bombs someone else’s airports that’s a cause for war, but Israel is always at war with its neighbors. We barely even notice. But we should. Being at war with your neighbors isn’t good. Constantly stealing and colonizing their land by violence is both destabilizing and rude. Just one more reason Israel should be subdued.

Finally, though Israel is called the only ‘democracy’ in the Middle East, that’s a cruel joke. If you form a democracy by ethnic cleaning most of the people there and putting them in concentration camps or under apartheid, that’s cheating, isn’t it? A democracy where the people living on the land and from the land were actually represented would not be a Jewish ethnostate like Israel, a fact that they use violence at every turn to avoid.

For a while, the default ‘solution’ to this conundrum was having two states, one a Jewish totalitarian one and another for Palestinians. But Israel blocked this by violently and greedily colonizing ever more land, blocking Palestinian statehood at every turn, and slowly genociding the people. Now the only solution is a one-state solution, which cannot exist under the current Israeli regime, which is why it has to be overthrown. America has bombed countless places to try and impose democracy, but it won’t impose actual democracy in the one place it controls.

The Truth

Hence if you follow what the Empire says and not what it does, it leads to one conclusion. Not Israel, but a free Palestine with freedom for all its people, Jew, Muslim, Christian, whatever. From the river to the sea, Palestine should be free. Jews can and should be able to live there, but Zionists shouldn’t be able to kick other people out of their homes, regularly pogrom them, put them in concentration camps, and then drop bombs on their hospitals, refugee camps, and schools. That’s just not cool. Jewish people should be able to live where they are, but an apartheid, extremist Jewish state should not be able to regularly attack and threaten its neighbors, including with illegal nukes. That’s just rude. Ergo, the current inhabitants of Israel should have a place to live, but not at the price of displacing everyone, and people from Europe and America and all over can’t continue violently colonizing the place while its indigenous inhabitants are denied the right to return. Of course, none of this common-sense policy is possible with the current Israeli regime in place, so Israel’s got to go.

If anyone in the region deserves regime change it’s Israel, but unfortunately the American regime that runs them would have to fall first. America’s global policy is not hypocrisy as much as jealousy. Empire doesn’t actually object to violence, they just want a monopoly of it. They don’t mind evil so much, they just want to be the ones doing it. This is a franchise they extend to Israel, their ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’ parked near the gas station. So in truth, it’s not just Israel that has to go, it’s the whole genocidal White Empire it’s attached to. Unfortunately it’s not happening right now, but it’ll come soon enough, inshallah.

America right now is overstretched in multiple conflicts, and only starting more in its violent death throes. Israel cannot exist without American weapons and global protection, and if America falls, Israel does too. If Daddy Warbucks withdraws his filthy lucre, the charade is through. The thing about empire is that they all seem unstoppable, but they all stop eventually. Eventually doesn’t come fast, but you can’t avoid it either. And this does seem to be one of those decades when centuries happen.

American Empire is not long for the Earth, but unfortunately this Earth doesn’t have long to go either. As fossil fuel resources run out and pollution and natural genocide collapses the living world, this last and most violent incarnation of White Empire will collapse too. It cannot exist without the substrate it exploits, and thus seals its own doom. And thus the end of its most violent colony, Israel, too. While Israel can certainly go Samson on the way out, it’s important to remember that Samson took the whole Philistine temple down with him, in his death throes. Which it looks like Israel, in its wild genocide of the native Palestinian people, is trying hard do.

So godspeed to the brave Palestinians, all the mujahideen and martyrs (not bad words, look them up you racist), and everyone trying to do what America says but doesn’t do. If anyone needs to be regime changed in the Middle East, it’s Israel. God knows, it’s long overdue.