Indefensible Democracy

Sandow Birk, Thomas Jefferson at Monticello Plantation and the Last Jog of Ahmaud Arbery

Ukraine is supposed to be a battle for democracy, but what are they fighting for? Ukraine has suspended elections, banned opposition parties, and is run (into the ground) by foreign arms dealers. There's no visible democracy, it's all just mercenary marketing. Those foreigners—like the British—are supposed to be lecturers in democracy, but they themselves have an unelected head of state, unelected Prime Minister, and unelected Foreign Minister. And don't get me started on the Americans.

The country that actually runs the United Kingdom (into the ground) is re-running its last election, while the incumbent tries to bury his opponent with lawsuits and keep third-parties off the ballot. And it's not like the opponent is any better, he physically attacked their Parliament when he didn't like the last election results. I'll ask again because it bears repeating. When these degenerates talk about democracy, WTF are they talking about? It's really just a marketing tagline on rank oligarchy. They're just trying to sell you another cancerous product to make money.

America, the supposed city on a hill, was repossessed by the banks long ago. Today an unelected cartel in the Federal Reserve runs economic policy and the military industrial complex runs foreign policy. Corporations cannibalizing people at home and abroad, and calling it Freedom©. Meanwhile the ancestral home of White Empire, now a mere collection of vassals, is no better, they just have more airs about it. The European Union is literally a coal and steel cartel morphed into a bunch of bureaucrats with a shared Napoleon complex and no sense of even self-preservation.

The EU is merrily destroying its own energy and industry because America told them to while their population goes fascist again, as is the natural European inclination. The white supremacists gun buyer's club called NATO has merely continued the Nazi priority of fighting communists, even after communism in the USSR ended. They literally appointed literal Nazis named Adolf (Heusinger) to lead them and are now supporting neo-Nazis in Ukraine. NATO kept kicking a dead horse so much that it finally woke up and kicked them back, in the teeth.

The most egregious example of 'democratic' evil is, of course, the 'Only Democracy In The Middle East,' 'Israel'. This 'country' follows the classic American model of genociding or imprisoning the population you don't like and calling it Freedom©. Democracy, in any form, is just a game, and the most important rule is who gets to play. 'Israel' violently concentrated the majority population off the board into a few squares, and is now exterminating them in broad daylight. And western populations are supposed to support this because it's just a democracy 'defending itself'. WTF are they going to say, really, these colonial cousins came up the same way.

You can see clearly here that the 'rules-based-order' is precisely the rejection of international law. International law clearly says that 'Israel', as an occupying power has no right to self-defense, while the Palestinian Resistance has every. But that's the opposite of what you see on western TV screens, which spread the same lies about coloreds raping white women used to justify their own lynchings. But people aren't buying this shit anymore. Enough people can see 'Israel' murdering men, women, and children every single day, and the 'free' press can't be banned and shadowbanned enough to hide all the bleeding. 'Israel' is the most mask-off moment for Democracy™ and it's revealed as a serial killer, marketed like so much breakfast cereal.

Democracy™ is really a process of dividing and conquering nations into a few pathetic parties for the people and one big orgy for capital. It's the Luxottica model of governance, offering many different brands (Ray-Ban, Oakley, Chanel), different shops within the same mall (LensCrafters, Sunglass Hut, Pearle Vision), all flowing into the same pockets. People get distracted into battles about trans people when the problem is transnational corporations. Every country, every battle has nothing to do with actual democracy. If voting changed anything they wouldn't let you do it. It's all just marketing. To understand any of these places don't follow the politics, which is just a reality TV show for ugly people. Just follow the money.

The one thing Democracy™ ensures is an interoperable set of weak states with strong, globalized capital. Between these states capital (ie, 'investment') can move freely, while labor (ie, humans) cannot. Goods can go wherever, while 'bads' (ie, pollution) are nobody's responsibility. As Tony Soprano said, “this thing is a pyramid, from time immemorial. Shit runs downhill, money goes up. It’s that simple.” He was, of course, describing the mafia, which is the simplest way of understanding Democracy™. It's just a carnivorous cartel, given power over the planet, the dead feeding on the living.

Any state that threatens this business model must be demonized, demonetized (sanctioned), and destroyed, ideally. It must be brought into the fold where capital controls the state and not where states control capital, violently if needs be. Hell, violently, even if it doesn't need to be. They make a killing by killing. The military industrial complex isn't that complicated, it's actually simple. Hence the unending attacks on the USSR, the current attacks on communist China, and the branding of any different political model as tyranny, which is actually an apt description. Ancient Greek tyrants were historically just strong leaders who overthrew oligarchies and freed debt slaves. The word has only become a pejorative now that oligarchs run the world, and certainly don't want that happening again. 'Debt slavery till total collapse!' is their motto, as they build luxury bunkers for themselves while peddling bombs to everyone else.

These human oligarchs are, of course, just rats on a sinking ship, the same ship that began enslaving us and stripping the land centuries ago. Ever since European greed was incarnated as incorporations, ever since the 'rights' to the South Seas and 'East Indies' were sold like so many NFTs, ever since then oligarchy ceased to be a human proposition and was, instead, the inexorable rise of the machines. These cyborgs were made of men and paper and renewable energy at first, and thus proceeded invisibly, but now the destruction is obvious enough for anyone to see. Malevolent AI ruling the world isn't science fiction. It's history.

Democracy™ is just the latest marketing campaign unleashed by sentient corporations to sell us on a worse and worse deal. It's all advertising by a cyborg committee that doesn't even understand what they're saying but doesn't care as long as it delivers profits. The 'civilizing' mission became the 'democratizing' mission, but it's the same colonialism. Democracy™ was just a Trojan Horse left by colonizers so they could keep taking our stuff and couping us whenever we get uppity. Behold the Democracy™ in my country, Sri Lanka, which has a completely unelected President doing whatever the IMF tells him, including throwing masses of children into malnutrition. Or Democracy™ in Peru or Pakistan, which includes couping and jailing the elected leaders and replacing them with despised despots. It's all lies to justify looting, as it always has been.

Late-stage Democracy™ is like late stage capitalist advertising itself, where they try to sell you more gas-guzzling jeeps using the very scenery the jeeps are destroying. It inhabits that same parallel universe, where cars cruise through cityscapes without traffic and plow through nature without consequences. It's all just the fever dreams of corporations dying of consumption and taking the whole planet with them. It's all just marketing. 'Free' marketing, itself an absurd tagline around the idea of making everything cost money and eventually disappear.

This shit is increasingly indefensible and is, instead, violently offensive. Thus you get America attacking places like China, where people actually like their government. In a western survey of over 50,000 people globally, “The countries considered most democratic by their citizens are China*, Vietnam, and Taiwan.” 'They put the asterisk on China because “*In some countries surveyed the government plays an active role in shaping public opinion,” as if Americans aren’t the most actively propagandized people on Earth.' (via me). All that's left to counter the truth is delusions to defend the indefensible, and violent tantrums against anyone that dares different. Westerners hate their own governments, but they still believe the lie that this is the best they can get, because other places are worse. This is the big lie they've been told for decades, but it's getting increasingly indefensible. Because just look.

These corporate compradors have tried to make a 'democratic' example of Ukraine, and Ukraine is completely ruined (by them). Western countries supported a coup of Ukraine's elected government in 2014, supported war and oppression against Russian speakers there for years, pushed military matériel right up to Russia's borders, and then acted like Russia's attack came out of nowhere. To their credulous population this was easily sold, but now the lies have reached their expiry date.

Western populations were told rally around the defense of democracy, but what has that meant, in reality? Ukraine has banned opposition parties, shut down media outlets, and stopped elections entirely. Now they have one President, one TV station, and have to violently conscript men off the streets to fight America's war with Russia. While American politicians openly crow about degrading Russia without sacrificing a single American soldier, and with most of the money going back to America. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Meanwhile 'Israel' is making a farce of the whole democratic project without even pretending. 'Israel' shows the true face of liberal democracy, which is really just genocidal gentrification. 'Israel' and Ukraine have been marketed as 'places like us', with Netflix and Freedom™, which is the idea of a shared culture via shared commodity fetishes. But these countries now show the true cost of being 'places like us', the necessary flip side of Democracy™, which is blithely killing anyone that isn't citizens and even killing citizens themselves if it's profitable.

Again and again in this turgid century, Democracy™ is revealed as mere marketing around a product that causes planetary cancer and kills children. It's revealed as just another toxic, cancerous product getting shoved down our throats to make a line go up in some corporate metabolism. This is Democracy™ and it's completely indefensible. Indeed, it's completely offensive. Just look at all the killing in its name. This is no way of life. It's just lying and dying. Democracy™, RIP, we hardly knew ye.