Immigrants Are The Children Rich Countries Forgot To Have


Immigrants Are The Children Rich Countries Forgot To Have

Western countries are aging. They need immigration

Dead people don’t pay taxes. Gravestones at Wolvendaal Church, Kotehana

‘Developed’ populations are also aging populations. They desperately need more working age people to preserve their social benefits. Racists and nationalists in those countries, however, believe that immigrants are coming to take their benefits away. This fundamentally misunderstands how an economy works.

Old people take benefits. Young people pay for them. Western populations are old. Immigrants are young. You can see how it works, or how it would work if racism didn’t make everybody stupid.

Map 1: People By Age

This is really a story of two maps. This is a map of which populations will be old in 2050:

Map 2: People By How Much They Are Hated

And below is the map of world’s shittiest passports, with the dark being bad because obviously. I’m using passports as a proxy for immigration controls because they’re connected and I don’t want to look for another map.

As you can see if you scroll up and down enough, the places with the most young people also have the least powerful passports. Immigration controls might as well be a wall between the old and the young, which is exactly the place you’d want a door.

Immigrants are the children rich people forgot to have. It’s like those fairy tales where an old couple is praying for a child, except in this case they drowned Thumbelina because she was Muslim.

Let’s take Europe. In the map below, the most ‘fertile’ places in Europe just have replacement fertility. That is, economically speaking, the best they can hope for is standing still. On the whole the region is shrinking. What this means, paradoxically, is more racist old assholes and less young working people to pay for their benefits.

For millions of years, the solution to this sort of resource imbalance has been for people (or apes or whatever) to move. And lucky Europe has a nearby region with a growing labor force (Africa) that would be happy to help. Unfortunately, Europe is also racist and would rather go fuck itself.

Even America, which is not ageing as fast, also seems determined to fuck itself America because Hispanic immigrants might vote Democrat.

Overall what we have is a determined effort by ignorant nationalists to fight economics, as well as human decency. This has a tragic human cost for immigrants, but it also has a tragic cost for these countries. Immigrants tend to be younger and they work hard. They pay taxes and take less benefits and even cause less crime than ‘natives’. Out of spite, ‘developed’ countries are crippling their own future along with the futures of hard-working immigrants.

Today we have a real battle between racism and nationalism on one side and decency, human rights and hard economics on the other. For the immigrants as well as the host countries, open borders needs to win.


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