If It’s Free Speech, Why Is It So Expensive?

The Sunday Leader, where I used to work. This was actually a relatively free press in that it made no money, the Editor got shot, and it was shut down shortly

As Kanye buys Parler and Elon buys Twitter, as Jeff bought the Washington Post, and as the NYTimes has been owned by one family for generations, as the ‘free press’ is bought and sold by billionaires, you have to ask the question that’s not fit to print? If we have a free press, why is it so fucking expensive?

It’s easy to forget that media is a commodity, no different from sausages or bombs. I’ve worked in a newspaper and walked past the whirring assembly line, it was an enormous, expensive, machine, fed with rolls of expensive paper and ink. The trucks line up, distribution goes out, it’s an industrial operation. It’s a business.

Media is a business of huge machines and massive payrolls. It’s very capital-intensive. It’s very capitalist. Not only do you have to pay to play, the game itself is all about the money. The media is quite brazenly and openly bought and paid for by big business. Corporations literally put their names and logos all over the thing. It’s called advertising. The media openly publishes press releases from the CIA or whoever, effectively privatizing propaganda.

As any rapper would tell you, it’s all about the money. Media pretends it’s following every lead, but all you have to do is follow the money. There is no free press. It’s all bought and paid for. And that’s very troubling.

Real Free Speech