I Am Not Your Minority

White people are the minority. We are the world

‘Minorities’ everywhere. Even in the past

I am not your minority. Brown people, black people, Asians, we outnumber white people by the billions. We are in fact the majority, and y’all need to get used to it.

You might think I’m a brown writer in a white world, but this ignores the fact the THE WORLD is not white at all. There are nearly 2 billion people that look like me. It’s a wonder that you’re not seeing more. There’s a sense that I’m a minority perspective on your world, and I’m not. I’m just from the world.

What you are seeing is a much bigger majority culture poking into your provincial world, and you call us minorities. Lol no.

We are not minorities. We are the world. This might take a minute to get used to, but it’s coming more and more. As Aladdin could tell you, it’s a whole new world. A new fantastic point of view. No one to tell us “no”, or where to go. Or say we’re only dreaming.

Now you’re in a whole new world with me.

The world by population. Who’s the majority?

A World Of Minorities

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio I definitely felt like a minority. When I went to the public pool I felt like you could see my brown body from space. My old school has now gone from 99% white to, well, a bit more Asian. But it’s more than that. It’s more than just accommodating a few people into your world. The world has grown up around you, and grown closer.

Places that were shitholes have come up. The west has fallen in a shithole. COVID-19 came and accelerated everything. Within 20 years, the wealthiest 20% will be mostly Asian. The United Kingdom won’t exist. The ‘United’ States is looking dicey. Things change.

The very idea of a minority is based on a power relationship, but that power relationship is changing. The western world has shat itself on COVID (among other things) and everyone else is rising fast. We’re looking at a multi-polar world, where majority/minority perspectives make less sense. Everyone will be a minority. White people most of all.

Even whiteness will, inshallah, disappear. I don’t mean that white people need to disappear, they can just be French and Bulgarian or whatever. Sri Lankans and Pakistanis aren’t using brownness to gang up on Myanmar. Whiteness isn’t a food or coherent culture, it’s just acting better than everyone else and stealing our shit. Whiteness is white supremacy and that shit needs to go.

None of this will happen because white people concede supremacy. It just won’t be there. They’ll be another minority among many, God willing.

The global economy is healing, white people were the virus

Progression To The Mean

This isn’t something new. It’s a return to the old, after the traumatic blip of colonialism.White people went on centuries-long bender of violence and pollution and are about to end the world. The transition can’t happen soon enough.

Asia is not randomly rising out of nowhere. Asia was riding pretty high until Europe sacked it. Westerners view themselves as civilizing a backwards world, but they actually raped wealthier, more sustainable, and ultimately more civilized civilizations.

Wealth was in India and China for centuries (where the population was) and is returning to Asia again (where the population is). Non-Hispanic white people are maybe 15% of the world. As violently as they smashed and grabbed everything, they simply don’t have the numbers to hold it for long. White people are nowhere near the biggest population, they’re just the biggest dicks, which gives them the appearance of a majority.

With the return to Asia, the actual majority becomes the perceived majority again. Meanwhile most of the youth will be in Africa, giving that region a chance to lead again. The idea of the world will be back where it belongs. In the world.

This is the world we live in, and the broader force behind seeing black people in Bridgerton. This isn’t some random victory for minority representation, it’s actually the majority world, poking into your narrow view. We’re not the minorities. You’re the minority. Get used to it.