How White Terrorism Isn’t Terrorism

If a white person blows up Nashville, does it make a sound?

The whitewashing of terrorism in Nashville is real

If a Muslim bombed Nashville that’d be terrorism, and the entire Muslim community would blamed. Because it was a white man, however, media pulls out the thesaurus. Terrorism is black and white, except when it’s white. This racism around the word ‘terrorism’ has been getting brown people killed for decades, but now chickens have come home to roost. Now it’s killing you.

The contortions of your press to call Nashville anything but terrorism would be hilarious, were it not so dire. American ‘terrorism’ propaganda, laundered through its press, has killed over 1 million people killed and displaced over 37 million. The spectre of brown terrorism is the wind beneath your drones.

The real air cover comes from your media. The word ‘terrorism’ makes it OK to torture, abduct, murder and occupy people because terrorism is so scary. People in Idaho are so scared of something that will never happen to them that they must see blood in Yemen, and the media keeps them scared. If one Muslim does anything it’s everywhere, and it’s on all Muslims. It’s one thing, done by one people, and never isolated events. ‘Terrorism’ dehumanizes Muslims, and you can see it in the vast rhetorical leaps the press is taking to humanize the Nashville bomber. Because he’s one of them.

What we’re seeing here is that terrorism isn’t really a word at all. It’s a weapon of war. It’s the central propaganda piece of white power, used to label all violence besides their own. Of course a white man can’t be a terrorist. The word might be right, but the man is white, therefore it’s wrong.

“The Waste Land”

The first step in covering white terrorism is to put everything in passive voice. That’s one thing George Orwell missed in 1984. You don’t even need to censor words. Just use more words and mix up their order.

Not the complete lack of a subject in this Guardian piece, and most pieces covering white terror. Bombs blow things up by themselves. People mysteriously ‘suffer’ injuries. All of the facts are here — a suicide bomber set off an explosion, injuring people — but the story is completely obscured. Because the terrorist appeared to be white, they just made the subject completely disappear.

For some reason the Guardian even puts the word ‘bomb’ in quotes because, I dunno, was it a white bomb? Maybe it was economically disadvantaged or something, and not like the other bombs. There’s a whole tree of racism, root and branch, connected to this bullshit article. As T.S. Eliot said.

“What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow
Out of this stony rubbish?”

Do not go gentle into that good white

Stupid headline rewritten by Ayman Mohideen

The New York Times headline writer has really outdone themselves on Nashville. Here they’ve written a literal elegy for a suicide bomber.

“A quiet life, a thunderous death, and a nightmare that shook Nashville. “

WTF are they talking about? Did Elvis’s cat explode after eating too much peanut butter and jelly? Oh no, it was a terrorist attack. Who knew.

If the suicide bomber were brown he’d already be made into a monster, as the Times just made up in Caliphate. Op-Eds blaming the entire community would be freely flowing. Instead we get an Ode To The Complicated Suicide Bomber, because he’s white.

With their disgraced Caliphate podcaste the Times broadcast stories about a fake terrorist, but faced with a real one they can’t even use the word. They’ve exhumed Dylan Thomas instead.

Rage, rage against the dying of the white.

Terrorism isn’t word

As you can see, the word terrorism isn’t a word, it’s a weapon. To use the word ‘correctly’ would go against its purpose as a weapon, which is to point it towards your enemies. The West has been caught in a two-minute hate against Muslims, now going on two decades.

White people love to print scary stories about scary foreigners, but never themselves. Terrorism is why they commit violence, but never what they do. The broader story is that they’re the good guys, and pesky facts need to get in line. War becomes peace-keeping, freedom becomes occupation, ignorance becomes strength.

Brown people are dehumanized and only white violence has complexity, or else the white subjects simply disappear. Bombs just explode. City blocks just level themselves. The white community never needs to examine themselves. They just soothe themselves with synonyms and look away.

The facts may be wrong but the story is right. Us good, them bad. Nobody cares if the drums of war are out of tune. They just need to beat on, relentlessly.

Why White Terrorism Isn’t Terrorism

That’s why white terrorism isn’t terrorism. It’s the same reason that white corruption isn’t corruption, and why white coups aren’t coups. Because that wouldn’t make sense. Because white people are good, they do good, they’re the only thing standing between the world and terrible bad. So corruption becomes ‘norm breaking’, coups become a joke, and terrorism becomes a random ‘intentional act’ like in Nashville.

They say that news is the first draft of history, but this isn’t true. The first draft of history is propaganda.

But let’s be honest here. Not saying the words will not make your problems go away, and your problems are real. Nashville was a terrorist attack, it was just a warning. Do you know the thing about warnings? It’s best to listen to them.

As I have told you, as many people have told you, violence is coming to America. With this attack it has obviously arrived. Someone played a loudspeaker and blew themselves up. How much clearer can a warning get?

Your President and Republicans talking about insurrection, where do you think that leads? All the people carrying guns on your street, don’t you think they have bullets? America has sown the wind, and will reap the whirlwind. Wake up you fools. Wake up from your own toxic mythology and look around. Blood is on the wind.

I Lived Through Violence. It’s Coming To America
When people speak violently and show their guns, believe them