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How Trump Has Been Better For The World

To The World, Trump Has Been An Improvement

At least he never started a war. Except on America

At least he’s destroying his own country

Now Americans know what it feels like to be occupied by America. Abductions on your street, racism, corruption, and stupidity everywhere. And the dying. American Presidents have been killing millions of people for decades. Trump is the first President to kill mostly Americans.

Trump is the only President in living memory to not start a major war, and that’s major. Another term and he’ll kill us all through climate change, but you have to give him this. He hasn’t started a war.

There Will Be Blood

Every US President in living memory has unveiled a new war; like a grand pyramid to human sacrifice. Liberal and conservative media all get around it, as if with enough blood the great god Democracy himself will come down from the sky, to rain votes upon the people. Republican or Democrat, the parties just switch boots, stomping on our very human faces, forever.

This is the one thing that Trump didn’t do.

Trump launched a few missiles, but quickly got bored. War takes planning and logistics, and you have to follow up. Attacking your own country, however, is easy. So he did.

Trump has occupied, corrupted, and decapitated the American state, much like America would to a foreign country. It would all feel very familiar to Iraqis, for example. A bunch of incompetent white boys trying to run a country and failing. Trump’s son-in-law is running the Coalition Provisional Authority, USA. Purging the deep state, which leaves you with a very shallow state indeed.

Thus the violence has come home. The DHS was created after 9/11 as an internal police state, and now it’s beating, abducting, and killing Americans. Jackbooted thugs are abducting and executing people in Oregon, as America has done for decades in the Middle East. Probably the same thugs, using the same equipment. Welcome to Fallujah, Minnesota.

American elections are also being corrupted. This requires a lot of CIA briefings for a foreign country, but corrupting your own elections is much easier. What took a lot of planning in South America merely takes a lot of not planning in America. You can just appoint a few foxes to the henhouse, make a few speeches, and watch the feathers fly.

The result of decapitation is, of course, a headless state, one that cannot manage something basic like public health. Hence the dying. America will easily lose more Americans to COVID-19 than in the Vietnam War, but this time without killing millions of people abroad, or burdening us with your execrable movies about how stressful that was for you. Vietnam, in contrast, has lost just 35 souls to COVID-19. If the Viet Cong had kept going and conquered America, it’d honestly be better for Americans today.

Instead of being being governed by competent communists, America is now run by cult capitalism, where the stock market goes up while lives go down. This is familiar to any colonized country that’s been looted for shareholder gain, but now it’s happening to you. Britain did this to the world. America had the galaxy-brain idea of colonizing themselves.

So now America is looting itself, corrupting its government, and dying for the profit of its elites. It’s all the same playbook as US foreign policy, except Trump is playing it on Americans themselves. And they still support it. I always thought America was a murder-cult, but it seems to be a death cult, full stop. It doesn’t seem to matter who’s in the circus, as long as people die.

No New Wars

This is horrible but, tragically, still better for the world than the status quo. For nearly 20 years, the status quo has been over 1 million dead and 37 million displaced in America’s Terror War. Endless terror, inflicted upon the Muslim, the brown, the helpless, the poor. The US has been exporting its terror tactics to over 80 countries, teaching governments how to pointlessly murder and torture just like them.

America has never stopped killing since World War II, with less and less reason. By Bush it was just killing for killings sake, using 9/11 to murder Muslims for sport. Obama continued this, it seemed endless. Now, under Trump, the wars have at least stopped multiplying. Under Trump, America is just killing itself.

As Malcolm X said when Kennedy got shot, “being an old farm boy myself, chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad; they’ve always made me glad.”

Donald Trump is the worst thing to ever happen to America, but — in a way — he’s an improvement for the world. He never started a war with us. For once, the war is on you.